May 01 2012

Random Emails Recent!

Here’s some emails that came in recently for your looking ats if you wants:

Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 15:46:59 -0400
Subject: What’s Happening? 🙂


What’s up buddy! So… I’ve been waiting to read a new What’s Happening for a while now. I know, I know, you’re doing the Twitter thing right now, which is super super cool. I follow you and it’s awesome all. At first all my friends laughed at me ’cause they couldn’t believe I was STILL a fan after all these years… it didn’t take too long for them to start following you too. You are a true original.

But between you and I, I’ve been reading What’s Happening since back when you were considering maybe getting a hermit crab as a pet, since you couldn’t get a dog. Your blog got me through college, getting married, being depressed, unemployment, my eventual employment… I LOVE everything you write!

So if it’s a sign you’re waiting for to decide whether or not to keep writing stuff for the little folk like me, here it is:
My heart literally swells up with happiness when I get to read a new entry in What’s Happening (and that includes the pictures for the week). There isn’t a single other Website that I love as much AND that I have been consistently visiting for 10 years.

So there.

Also, congratulations on the script and the other things! I hadn’t noticed the OddTodd Studios before! So happy for you!


Hello Oddtodd, I found your site by googling \”optometry is a scam.\” I think you are definitely on to something there though almost nobody else has begun to figure it out, least of all optometrists. They test your eyes in worst case scenario, lights out. Then get your dependent on corrective lenses that force your eyes to adjust and get weaker. The assumption is that our eyes don\’t work right and this is genetic. But this is all environmental. The human body and all its parts are designed to work correctly if treated right. I meant to write more about this on my blog but I was glad to see you started it for me. Also read \”Relearning to See\” by Quackenbush (yeah, I know) who details all of this, along with a way to make our eyes healthy again. I too am a sufferer from accursed glasses that foisted upon me too as a kid. Let\’s get the word out and stop this scourge. Rich

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 00:35:23 -0500
Subject: another Todd based fan club

Long story short, please join us on facebook, Cult of Todd!

Long story,
My friends and I were all gathered around a table to do our weekly RPG
fun time. One of the players wanted to try the original Warhammer RPG,
and we went along with it for fun. He ran a campaign straight from the
book. The original books were written in German and translated into
English, with little effort to adjust grammar or text. needless to say
the campaign was funny, comical to be exact. When the referee was
boring us we decided to keep the comedy alive by any means possible.
Eventually we became overly observative with names and places, since
they all sounded German, we made Nazi jokes whenever a new name arose.

During the fifth session (yes we played this for 5 weeks), a new
character was introduced into the storyboard by the name of Lord Byron
Gerhard, the “ToddMaster”! Everyone around the table commented,
“That’s odd!” Which in turn reminded me of your sight So
from there I had envisioned your character, decked out in beerplate
armor riding an automated lazyboy. Needless to say the other players
followed suit and we created a Cult of Todd in the game. The Cult
pursued a life of extreme entitlement, to which we created the 23
virtues of Todd, the ultimate answer to life and happiness by the Book
of Todd. We abandoned the game because the Game Master said we ruined
the texture of fantasy roleplay with modern comedy. The next day I
created the Cult of Todd on Facebook, a group to which I would like to
unite all of humanity with by the 23 Virtues… So far I have 82

We have made you an Honorary member, known as Todd the Odd. Please
Read the 23 Virtues to be Todd in your rite:

The Cult of Todd

The 23 Virtues of Todd
Read these fellow Todd and ye shall prosper!
1. Only Todd can save you
2. We are Todd.
3. You are not Todd.
4. Only Todd can make you Todd.
5. Todd is better than OMG.
6. Todd is not better than Kitteh.
7. Todd can rebuke all insults, just call upon C.o.T. rule#7.
8. Todd gets free toast. With everything.
9. Todd will not leave Todd behind.
10. Todd makes Ramen taste better.
11. You are still not Todd.
12. You cannot stand in front of Todd in line.
13. Todd does not like #14
14. Todd tastes like Rootbeer.
15. Todd has Game.
16. Todd will always win. If he doesn’t he will always have ten more
points than Not Todd.
17. Todd helps only Todd.
18. Seek ye Todd; it’s fun.
19. Todd knows all the rulz of the internets.
20. Todd is above all internets rulz.
21. Todd’s computer is positron, it’s the best.
22. Todd always gets some.
23. You are now Todd.

Thank you,
Todd the Master

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:31:09 -0700
Subject: People Posing with Hitler

Hey Todd,

I crafted a bit of an internet oddity collection here and thought you might be interested. After seeing the Hitler was figure online I set out to catalog pictures of people posing with the wax figures of Adolf Hitler at Madam Tussauds. I was curious as to how people interact with the world’s worst person ever. Turns out people really will pose for just about anything at a tourist attraction. And yes, more than one of them is doing the Heil Hitler.

Hope you like. 🙂



Subject: Dear Roscoe’s schedule message652.html
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 13:36:37 +0800

Hi Todd,

Loved your Dog Jealousy post with your Man/Dog Comparison table.

I read it long ago and have always remembered it.

Can i post i on a blog i have just started for my corgi : , with the heading Dog Jealousy by OddTodd and due links to your website?

thanks for your time!


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 15:44:23 -0400
Subject: Banner

Hi Todd,

New banner!

(maker of Handmade Robot Sculptures Sometimes Jiggly Wiggly Always Awesome)


Hi Todd,
There was water in our bathroom floor again.
Do you notice any water upstairs? It must have happened earlier today in the same area. Please check around.


I love your style! I’ve just spent quite a bit of time watching your videos. I hope you get as much joy making these as I do watching them. I don’t need it, but if the sound effect from the cloud in “How much does a hurricane weigh” is available for public consumption, I would love to have it. I’m sure I can find something silly to do with it around the house.


Aboveground Animation is a video and animation series that seeks to popularize haunting, euphoric and fantastical images through its screenings and events held before a live congregation of excitable viewers. Now, Aboveground Animation launches its interactive website, which exhibits and streams work featured in Aboveground Animation showcases. The unearthly worlds, materialized in these animations and videos are built by men and women of different backgrounds, ages, concentrations and politics to make for a cathartic body of work. also receives submissions which opens a gateway for animators and video artists to participate by sending their own work for consideration for inclusion on the site. wishes to propagate and endorse the labor and rewards of artists who produce moving images that terrify, uplift and enlighten.

Upcoming dates, events and artist information, psychotic androgyns, sexy puppets, digitally enhanced landscapes, and crippled miniatures are now available to view online at Aboveground Animation screenings have toured galleries throughout the States since 2008 and have been featured on NYC Cable Access and in online publications.

Featured artists in past and upcoming showcases: Sheychelle Allah and Rhett LaRue, Monira Al Qadiri, Hugo Arcier, Robert Bittenbender, Cecilia Bonilla, Cody Critcheloe, Kathleen Daniel, Bruno Dicolla, Barry Doupe, Ryan Doherty and Chris Letson, Erin Dunn, Steve Emmons, Lauren Gregory, Ryan Whittier Hale, Actually Huizenga, Emanuele Kabu, Justin Kelly, Clara Kim, Amy Lockhart, Leigha Mason, Rosa Menkman, Krystof Pesek, Jacolby Satterwhite, Seth Scriver , Lale Westvind, Xavier Valentine.

Organized by Casey Jane Ellison

What, Todd, no April Fools? An all time low! Come on man, where’s the bringing Roscoe to the shelter? Cheesey scam website? Tooooodddddddd, don’t abandon usssss

Hi Todd,

Last December you were kind enough to feature my holiday cartoon “The Pitch” on your site, once again really appreciate that! I’ve just released a sequel called “The Focus Group,” about Easter and Passover, and I thought you might want to check it out and perhaps share with your readers. The link is here:

Either way, good vibes to you this spring! Love your site.

Hi Todd. I’ve been thinking. On your website, there are pages with your old P.O. Box address. With the exception of the Daily Letters section, I’ve found 16 pages with the old address. I am willing to get those pages changed for you $1 a pages. This amounts to $16 (or $15 if you want to round it off). Payment can be done with PayPap.m. Are you interested?

– Renais




Chip the Monk says:

That cult of todd email has to be one of the coolest things I have ever read…and I read Perez Hilton’s blog daily.

Chip the Monk says:

The cult of Todd is awesome. I’d say coolest. Awesome and cool. As are you. You’re the coolest, Todd. I worship you and this website..

The “retrain your eyes” nonsense has long been proven to be BS.

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