November 10 2010

Random Emails To Read! Today!

Here’s some emails people done sent in– if you wanna read some:


Hey todd,

Since you are always misplacing your wallet and keys and stuff you should check this thing out:

They sell different versions like one that goes in your wallet and one on your keychain. Its sort of like a wireless phone pager button except one device can locate all the other ones too so they are all like the ‘base’ unit. You could also put em on remote controls and stuff.



so in the entirety of my teenage years i never ate meat. didnt try to “be” vegan, just didnt like the taste. but when i had no other choice than to live with my boyfriend at age 18 i didnt have much of a choice anymore. either eat meat or starve (his family owned a butcher shop) BUT i thought that i was at least doing good for the animals….until i saw this! so do u really thing u are vegan now todd? lol please post this link or pic on ur website, it really shows ALOT. thanks so much!

~ Renee ~

Todd, You probably have already thought of this…If you put your videos and games on the iPhone as apps, you would be a millionaire. I have been reading up on Objective-C – the language that iPhone apps are written in. If I could see the code that you use, I would try to do it for you and you can pay me what you think I’m worth. Anyway, it’s just an idea or a thought.



Dear Mr. Rosenberg: Saw you speak today at the CUNY symposium. I’m a producer at CUNY TV assigned to our new science magazine show. Would very much like to tape an interview with you, perhaps at your home or office. We’d talk about your work and roll in a few of your science clips. May we speak about this on the phone? Thanks.

Good luck with the movie script, tOdd! I can wait a loooong time for tunes if I know this is in the works for you.

Hey Todd,

This is a reminder about your Comical Radio interview this Friday, Nov. 12 from 1:15 – 2 p.m. We are still located at 55 Lexington Ave, 24th and Lexington. Just check in with security when you arrive and an intern will be there to take you to the studio. Could we have your number again in case there are any issues?

Thanks! Looking forward to having you back.


Hi Todd,

I left kind of a less-than encouraging comment on your site and I’ve
been feeling awful about it. You’re like the most consistently nice guy
I’ve ever known to exist, and I’m truly happy for you plus way looking
forward to the movie.

My comment (I always post as “Jane”) was something like “not a comedy?
don’t write sentimental junk.” But I’ve seen your news cartoons and you
are totally good at writing non-comedy. I know you’ll do well. And I
don’t want to be the one to jinx you!

I think I was feeling a little jealous of your awesomeness when I wrote
that, but also still smarting from that weird fiction thing you posted
without explanation. About the sea or something. Lots of people loved
it, but for me — I’m a creative writing major — it was too much like
the drug trip fiction my fellow students foist on me and then other
fellow students (who are on drugs as well) tell me is so profound
because “it’s good not to know what it means.”

So hey, if you ever feel like posting an explanation of that
bizarreness, I would super appreciate it. If not, no worries — just
know that I’m rooting for you and of course, still want to marry you.

In all seriousness, you’re a fantastic writer and cartoonist. You make
the world a better place in lots and lots of ways. Keep at it, we’re
lucky to have you.

Happy filmmaking

hi Todd,

I was looking on the internet for the Richard Bey show “biker women vs prissy women” and your page came up. I was also on that same show and my friend was the one with the tattoos and bike that you had mentioned, lol I don’t know how long ago you wrote that article or if you ever found the tape of the show, but I thought if you were interested, I have a VHS tape of the show. I just don’t know how to get it onto the internet, lol but if you would like to make a copy of it, you are more than welcome 🙂

Hey todd,

I know you liked HL2 so I was wondering if you would like HL2: Episode 1, which is like the first (single player) ‘expansion’ to the game. Theres also Episode 2.

I can give it to you for free on your steam account if you dont already have it cause I got it as like a ‘gift’ thing. Let me know if you are interested. I think you just gotta like gimme your steam username or whatever and I can send it to you, but i’d only recommend it if you liked the single player storyline of HL2 (which was like way good).
If you hate zombies in your zombie movie, but love asses, this is the movie for you!


Loved you since 2001 when my recently laid-off buddy (who actually dressed-up as AquaMan one year) turned me on to your stuff. I always laughed my ass off watching your toons, so I just decided to check back in after several years. Lo and behold, I\’m happy to see you\’re thriving! Nice! You deserve it man, good for you! ~Dan


the REAL weeze says:


tainted says:

todd likes ME best by putting my email first! har

Ginger says:

Thank you for your support Todd. I know you were an Obama supporter, but let’s face it; look at where we are now. I’m the only solution to get this country back on track. Plus if you help me, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get some boobs in your face.


Concerned Pervert says:

You had me at “boobs”, Ginger!

Concerned Pervert says:

Also, thanks to Jason of the B- movies for the great “Zombiez” review. I actually want to see it now just to check out the ass on the actress, who, by the way, has some WARNING WARNING WARNING FOR CONCERNED PARENT DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE SURFING THIS “WEB-SIGHT” WITH YOUR UNDERAGE DAUGHTER- there, are you happy?- racy modelling pictures online if you care to look which of course I did.

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