June 22 2010

Random Emails Today! Wanna read some?

Several things that annoy the hell outta me:

1. People who feel the need to come to a full ten second stop before they make a turn into a restaurant, mall or other business and almost cause an accident because of it. I mean seriously do you lack the confidence to steer your vehicle in a different direction while it is still moving? Are you unsure of where you are supposed to pull in? Are you trying to decide if you want to stop there? If so, please for everyone’s sake, stop driving!

2. People who do not have their payment method ready after already standing in line at the store. You already knew when you entered the store how you were going to pay for your purchases. Now you are going to make everyone behind you wait while you decide or find your form of payment. Lets not pretend here, everyone knows what card or corner of their wallet holds the dough. Have it ready or get out of line until you do. Which leads me to my next gripe…

3. Those who insist on talking on their cellphone while completing a purchase. Here is another case of lack of planning. Conclude your call, THEN go to the register, counter whatever. I don’t care what so and so said to Suzie, don’t care where you are going to party tonight, I don’t want to hear about your last bowel movement. Get off the damn phone give the person who is trying to wait on you some respect and complete your purchase. Answer their questions, pay for your stuff and get the hell outta the way. Thank you.

OK that’s better.

Hope all is well Todd.:-)
-Miss Sara

Hi Todd,
I thought you might want to see what happened to me at work the other day:


Well, it wasn’t just another typical boring flight! Best to you and Roscoe! Hope things are going well. You getting ready to retire? Let me know if you’re ever in Florida. We’ll do dinner.

All the best,

Patricia Sund
Free Lance Writer
Web Log: “Parrot Nation”


Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 16:14:39 -0700
Subject: FOOT’s!
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

It’s a longshot, but the worst that can happen is…nothing!

New page, needing some traffic to get indexed with google. Lists of things, nothing adult or pornographic, of course, but similar to a blog without the comments.

Let ME be a foot and I’ll link the hell out of your page! It’s gonna rock!


A.Robert L


To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Subject: First Kiss
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 18:59:33 -0400

Dear Odd Todd,

None of these stories is as embarassing as my first kiss!

My first kiss was at a movie theater with a whole bunch of friends around us. We were waiting around for our rides to come, I was 14, he was15, so we couldn’t drive. My boyfriend came over and hugged me when he saw his dad and he started walking out when all of my girl-friends started to make fun of me. All his guy-friends were like, “DO IT ALREADY”. Totally embarassing, I know. So they all walked outside to give us ‘privacy’. He sort of cornered me and leaned in, I freaked out and said, “Jake, I can’t!” Being the sweetest first boyfriend a girl could have he said, “It’s alright, let’s try again.” So, my first kiss happened, but it wasnt’t square on his lips. We laughed and he goes, “Here, let’s count.” So he counted to three and we went for it, laughed, and went to our respective rides home. Yeah.

For the rest of school that month people kept counting to 3 around me..

(more First Kisses to read here!)


Dear Todd,

On behalf of this year’s mtp! reading committee I would like to thank you for your submission to CHERRY PICKING ’11. We had an overwhelming response to this year’s Turning Points, and were thrilled to receive so many first rate scripts.

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with this year’s CHERRY PICKING reading committee, a group of writers, actors, producers, and directors. The evening was full of insightful and thorough conversation (and sometimes debate) about each submission. Year after year, I am grateful for the time taken to give each play the benefit of a lengthy, thoughtful discussion. I was humbled to be in their company and hear the proceedings toward their final line up of plays.

I am happy to report that your script has been chosen for this year’s event! Nicole informed us that you might want to make some edits. Feel free to do so, just send A FINAL SCRIPT BY JUNE 30TH.

Your play will now be cast, rehearsed and featured in a night of readings. Be sure to see the dates/details below. In the meantime, spread the word, invite friends. You will be receiving a pdf invite to email, post, and share. Be sure your guests make reservations- the space is VERY limited. And get ready for this annual fun-filled event.

Thank you again for your time and your courage! We look forward to working with you.

Clare Mottola


P.S. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!


Hiya tOdd,

People with your blood type react well to eating meat. In that I equate fish with meat. I’m happy for you and so I’m nervous of influencing you by what I’m about to say because I love that you can see a difference. That’s very important. But I need to tell you because I care about you and want you to make an informed choice. So here goes.

I learned most of this from Dr. Oz. In my opinion, the reason fish oil tablets are on sale now (everywhere, by the way: CostCo, GNC, ect.) is because they are finding that it’s toxic to take them. There is a lot of mercury in the little fishies’ livers and when we take the oil of what they’ve eaten, then we absorb what they’ve absorbed. I believe mercury is bad because it’s been linked to brain dysfunction in later life (Alzheimer’s). This is different than just eating the fish (though some are better than others on the mercury content), because the oil is concentrated.

Dr. Oz said that a better choice (or a non-mercury choice, anyway) is to instead take flax seed oil tablets, though this isn’t a complete set of Omega-3s, as fish oil is (I think it has to be a “Omega-3s combo” tablet for flax seed to be a complete set). But I don’t really understand the thing of it being “complete” or “incomplete.” Anyway, for what it’s worth, now ya know.


This Friday – Animation Block Party will announce it’s official summer

We received 518 entries in 2010 and will be showing just over 90 films
this July 30th through August 1st at the seventh annual Animation Block

The 2010 ABP festival prize jury is Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew, Rachel
Simon of World Leaders Entertainment, Dave Schlafman of CloudKid and Ramin
Zahed of Animation Magazine.

Also, this Friday, ABP will be hosting a special “Best of NYC Animation”
showcase at L-Magazine’s Northside Festival.


ABP’s “Best of NYC” screening starts at 8pm only at indieScreen on Kent
Ave and South 2nd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the post-screening will
feature a Q&A with participating animators, Odd Todd, Lisa LaBracio, Aaron
Hughes, Dan Meth and Emily Hubley.

Howdy Todd. Heres one.

Once a dude held me down by laying across my belly, couldnt move, he was huge, like 6’5″ 270 & beat my balls with a tv remote, I was in just basketball shorts, freeballin. LIKE 50 TIMES I thought my balls were going to fall off for a few days LOL.

All the Guys at my work are always suprise sucker punchin me, hard.
Once as I was sitting on the corner of my friends bed he dropped the fat end of a baseball bat right on my balls.

Another friend hucked a softball at me, layed back on the couch, THUMP! RIGHT in the nuts.

Haha having big low hanging balls can be dangerous


HiYA Todd!!!

Love your work, as always. I have typed up a Guest Movie review for
Prince of Persia
, and posted it on the Movie Chat forum. Please feel
free to move it to the Guest review page if you feel it is good enough.

Best of luck with all that is happening, especially the movie

Give Roscoe a pat for me,


Angry Man


WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Epic fail if that’s supposed to be spam.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Annnd POOF just like that it’s gone.

Nella says:

1.) Amen Miss Sara, AMEN!!!

2.) WTF is going on with your message board, OT?

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

The spam is back.

Anonymous says:

Super dupe dave

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Why god allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

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