April 26 2011

Restaurant Judging Judgery

So in NYC now they have this new restaurant health inspection grading system. I guess health inspectors show up surprise style and poke around in a kitchen and decide how gross the place is and give it letter grade. Almost all places get an A or a B. There’s also this thing called ‘Grade Pending’ and for a while I assumed it meant that the place wasn’t inspected or the health department hadn’t issued a grade yet or something.

I’m a little squeemish when it comes to disgustingness all over my food so I’ve been avoiding places that got a B– but still going to restaurants or delis or whatever with ‘Grade Pending’ (assuming they were ok). Getting the grade of ‘B’ might not seem too bad– but some of the grossest looking places around proudly sport an A so I feel like if you get a B it’s just disrespectful to the customers. It’s like, it doesn’t seem that hard to get an A when the grimy chinese take out place down the street that’s open 24 hours and has a dude in a back with his shirt off got an A.

Anyway, recently I found out that the harmless ‘Grade Pending’ isn’t harmless at all. It means that the restaurant DEFINITELY got a B or the rare C! And they’re protesting the grade. Cleaning up a bit and asking them to come back or whatever. Grade Pending is likely more disgusting than a B. By the way, I took a photo recently of a rare C. They’re hard to come by…

(It’s kinda funny that they have to display it like all proud front and center or whatever).

Anyway, I feel like the ‘Grade Pending’ is misleading. The other night I walked past a fancy restaurant with ‘Grade Pending’ and the people were inside eating like steak stored at improper temperature sprinkled with rat droppings and I was like, ‘Don’t you know what Grade Pending means?! You can be eating in a restaurant that got a C! C for Disgusting!’

ok bye!

PS. If you have a gross restaurant story please feel free to post one below or read some gross stories people sent in here if you wanna.


cb1 says:

in King County (Seattle) you can go on the public health website and get the full review, including the areas where points got deducted, for every eatery in town.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


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JV says:

In college, our cafeteria was so gross that they routinely found cockroaches in the salad, and very early in the morning you could see one or two mice running about the place. Gross.

naisy says:

love the movie road trip where the skinny kid sends back his french toast and the guy drops in down his pants and licks it and shit and then gives it back. lol makes ya wonder how many places really do that! haha

the REAL weeze says:


Ew. says:

More than you think. I never waited tables, but hung with a lot of people that did while I was in college. Here’re some tips, and I’m not kidding: 1) don’t piss off your waiter, and 2) NEVER send it back, especially if the place is really busy. Stop and get a burger on the way home or something. Trust me.

klobster says:

I worked restuarants for 12 years and never saw one instance of someone fucking with someones food. I heard my fair share of asshole customer stories, too. I’m pretty sure that 95% of those types of stories are made up to make the worker look like he got one over the prick.

My Butt Here says:

If your too lazy to prepare your own food then you really are taking your chances no matter where you go.

Anonymous says:


Lorelei says:

First off, Todd- I hope you’ll delete the comments posted by ‘Anonymous’ or whoever else has some sort of dysfunctional 7th-grade boner for Mr. Deng…

Secondly, I agree (for the most part) with Ew; while it’s never cool to piss off your waiter, it’s REALLY not cool to be served by one who treats your party like shit. I’ve been on both sides of the table, so to speak, and have learned to respect the poo outta hard-working waitstaff (know em when i see em), and shamelessly call out poor attitude and incompetence (know it when i see it). Have some balls, y’all!

In closing… when I was in highschool one of our pals had a job in a pastry shop, and would invite us to walk over after school to visit her while she worked and ‘buy’ a couple cookies or something (read: secret sneaky bag FREE!)
One afternoon 3 of us went, and while our working friend was busy chatting away and stuffing a paper bag with colaczkes and donuts, I felt like we were being watched. Looking up and around the near empty shop for security cameras (and finding none), my gaze fell instead on a row of mock wedding and anniversary cakes, upon which stood a host of The. Largest. Cockroaches. I have ever seen.
They were just hanging out, lording it over their territory…
… did i ever eat any of them free cookies? HellsNO!

Not Lorelei says:

I’m Lorelei and I’m a groovy chick! I hope you dont censor the post because I love free speech. It could offend nobody. I got an A+!.

Guest says:

It’s funny how many `tards think free speech means they can say whatever you want where ever you want without consequences. Free speech only applies to the US government and not to a private site like this one. Todd can censor anyone here for any reason at all. Don’t like it? Hit the fucking road.

Dr. No says:

Seeing things on the internet like this Mr. Deng retard makes me lose hope in humanity. What the hell is wrong with you? No. Really. I’ll get you help.

Krankor says:

Many years ago, we used to go to a Mexican restaurant run by this really old Mexican guy. He was the owner and the cook. This place was pretty run down and most of the kitchen was actually visible from the dining room. A couple of times I looked up and mice were running around in the light fixture above our table. He had a “perpetual” chili pot that apparently had been going for decades without being washed. He just continued to add more ingredients.

He wore a clean white short sleeved shirt and a neck tie. The tie had obviously never been unknotted and never been cleaned – it looked stiff. Once day, he had a new tie on and we all figured that the old one must have snapped off and fallen into the chili pot. Once in a while, if the pot was getting low, you would get a “crispy critter” from the bottom of the pot. Who knows how many years it had been cooking away in the bottom of the pot? These were highly prized by customers.

He would get closed down by the health board at least once a year and would reopen a week or two later.

Amazingly, the place was always packed! His food was SO GOOD. It was the best Mexican food I had ever tasted and we couldn’t resist.


Yellowdog says:

MANY years ago my family stopped by an all-you-can-eat Mexican place named “Trini’s.” The food was okay, but being a teenager, I didn’t really have that discerning of a palate, and enjoyed the quantity over quality.

Later that evening, the entire family – every one of us – took turns having explosive diarrhea. Our 2 bathrooms were mighty busy.

Goodness knows what combination of health code violations at Trini’s led to this. We never went back, and the restaurant closed within 6 months.

rich_roast says:

I suspect the reason they display the C grade all proud is because they are made to.

me says:

I worked in a restaurant last summer, and the grossest thing I saw was a waiter taking a fry off of a customer’s plate before he took it to their table. NBD.

test says:


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