February 01 2014

Roscoe done tore his ACL… Look at that chicken leg w/ pompom! (He's aok on the mend…)

from Instagram
Roscoe done tore his ACL... Look at that chicken leg w/ pompom! (He's aok on the mend...)


Anonymous says:

My dog did the same thing last year. It was so sad to see her like that. Best wishes and good vibes to Roscoe for a quick recovery!

Dr. Bob says:

Hope he gets well and feels better soon.

Goats says:

WTF???? How did he do that????

d.w. says:

Hugs to you Roscoe – I know how a torn ACL is. XOXOXO

escort tel-aviv says:

Great article . Will definitely copy it to my site.Thanks.

theresa says:

awww…poor guy.
Hope you heal quick, Roscoe!

Stanford Book Shop says:

I wish Roscoe a fast and thorough recovery!

Canzite says:

wow…..you only have 7 comments….I really figured someone as COOL as YOU would have more…

Canzite says:

yo poor doggie btw…

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