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Roscoe Facts

Roscoe weighs 41.5lbs (March 8, 2007)

Roscoe has the mutant toe called a polydactyl toe

Roscoe is totally terrified of the vacuum

I eat lots of apples. Roscoe eats lots of apple cores.

Roscoe can never have canned dog food. Upsets stomach.

Sometimes I chew up carrots and spit 'em into Roscoe's food

Roscoe likes to be chased. Doesn't like chasing.

Roscoe makes a high pitched noise when he yawns

Roscoe likes Snausages

Roscoe has no magazine subscriptions

If I blow in Roscoe's face, he will drop whatever is in his mouth

Roscoe sits in the passenger seat like a person

Roscoe likes shredded cheese in his food.

Roscoe likes bellyrubs but only in the morning

Roscoe likes treats that are fish flavoured

Roscoe spazzes out mental when soaking wet

Roscoe likes eggs

Roscoe is a good watchdog but would be a bad guard dog

Roscoe likes watching TV shows about reptiles

Roscoe howls like once a month

All canned dog food gives Roscoe diarrhea

Roscoe is a bed hog. He sleeps on his back a lot.

Roscoe wags while dreaming sometimes

Roscoe almost got beat up by a cat once

Roscoe sometimes greets other dogs by pouncing