April 01 2010

Roscoe’s New Start (Posted on April Fools)

So anyway, for the past few months I’ve noticed something about Roscoe. He seems to be most happy in nature. Open fields. Open grass. And freedom. I’ve been making an effort to get him out of town once a week or so– so he can run free. I can’t help noticing that his energy goes way up when he’s outside. I’ve wondered if being cooped up in this small apartment staring at me stare at a computer is ‘good’ for him.

Also recently, I’ve been more busy than ever so I have to admit I’ve been neglecting Roscoe a little. Lately I feel rushed in the morning so we just do a spin around the block so he can do his business– but not the long dog park runs as often. And (being honest) I’ve been grumpy about the responsibility– especially with all the rain.

Soon it all started to become obvious to me. If I truly love this dog (and I do) maybe the best thing for him is to live in a place where he’s seemingly not so bored. A healthier place. So last week, on a recommendation from a friend, I drove up to talk with the Putnam Humane Society regarding the possibility of finding a new home for Roscoe. Most of the people who adopt dogs from the Putnam Humane Society live in rural areas with alot of land. The awesome people of the PHS said if I wanted to put Roscoe up for adoption they would screen out any potential candidates who did not have adequate land for a dog of Roscoe’s energy.

And yesterday, I decided that this new path was the best thing for me and more importantly… for Roscoe. And outdoor dog with an outdoor spirit deserves more attention than I can provide. And deserves more grass and nature than I can provide. And although it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made (if not the hardest decision) I decided to allow Putnam Humane Society to find a new home for Roscoe.

Here is a LINK on their website where you can see Roscoe awaiting his new future. I honestly feel relieved that I’ve done the right thing for a very energetic dog… and for myself. Some of you might judge me but if you look in your heart– I hope you’ll see that this is the RIGHT thing for him… and for me.

ok bye!

PS. Sorry if this bummed you out a little– but you’re looking for something to cheer you up today– you might wanna look at one of these


Pab says:

April fools right? 😐

Anonymous says:

OMG good one Todd. I got so fooled.

weeze says:


Anonymous says:


Colonel Kurtz says:

The date on the post is march 31st. Cmon Todd, a little early aren’t ya?

Jeff says:

Man…not supposed to make jokes about dogs man…people love them more than their own kids!

Anonymous says:

You aren’t getting rid of your dog for real are you? Seriously that is one nasty April Fool’s Joke.

Anonymous says:

Tay-F Ugger – Love, Flugger

Nicol says:

I knew today was April Fools, but I didn’t even think about until I read the comments section. You fooled me this year.

Anonymous says:

Tiddle scared me! Mister best dog ever.

Bleh says:

Yeah, not a very funny April Fools joke this year.

Blah says:

This has me in tears. Please tell us you are joking! You would never get rid of Roscoe.

If this is a joke fuck you because it is not funny!

Blah says:

That being said and if it is true. (((((Todd)))))

Lee says:

Aww…I’m not a dog fan, but I can absolutely feel your sadness. The wife wants a dog, and I see the way my son loves dogs when we go to other peoples’ houses. Kinda wish I could have gotten him from ya now!

Cheer up OT!

WTF!?!?!?! says:

WTF?!?!? I’m not laughing. And I didn’t see Todd saying anywhere it’s an AF Joke.

WTF!?!?!?! says:

Oh, and weeze, STFU.

Null says:

Well, I woke up this AM and thought, What will Todd do for April Fool’s? Can’t be too obvious as he’s kind of “done” that. Figured this had to be it.

t$ says:

Sort of had my mouth open for a minute, and then promptly realized this would NEVER EVER EVER happen. So… must be an April Fool’s Joke 😛

Happy holiday to you Todd

burnsie says:

Nice one… totally fooled until the comments…

Danielle - Audrey, Beau and Clyde's mom says:

Todd you totally had me fooled for a second, but I was like I can’t believe he would give up Roscoe. This just isn’t right. And of course I have been coming to this site for years, I should have known it was April Fools! Good Job on that one. Give Roscoe some extra lovin!

Anonymous says:

Nice! I love how the link you post looks exactly like the real Putnam Humane Society website. (look at the url everyone)
Awesome job, had me going there for sure.

Annegret says:

Gawd, I HATE April Fools.

Goats says:

Bastard! You got me for like 30 seconds! Then I realized how could I guy with nothing but time on his hands ditch his best pal…..and looked at the calendar….kind of a good one. A little sick and twisted though.

poop says:

good one! you had me fooled til about half way through… then I thought there is no way you could be that cold hearted

oddtodd7 says:

Cmon april foolsy! Sorry if i upset anyone today:-)

Anonymous says:

Read your post. Was shocked. Took my dog for a walk. Told him, don’t worry, I won’t Roscoe you. Planned my response to you: “Dude you sent Roscoe to a FARM!!!!”
Thought about the dogs of my youth who went to a FARM!!!!

You got me hook, line and sinker. Good one OT.


Anonymous says:


Refflection says:

I have to agree, that’s a joke in bad taste tOdd. We know he’s your life partner and isn’t going anywhere :p

Anonymous says:

Good one! Roscoe rules!

vcents says:

Man, this is April Fool’s caper is going over like a turd in a punchbowl.

I will admit that this year’s effort was a bit weak, though.

Rae says:

Oh, Todd! You really got me this year!! I first read this at about 6:00 this morning (just woke up). The date NEVER entered my mind. Good one! (And I’m so glad it’s just a joke. My heart was aching for you and Roscoe!)

Anonymous says:

“Can you see the rabbits, Roscoe? Can you see the rabbits, buddy?” *BLAM!*

Anonymous says:

OMG I got a little teary-eyed thinking that Roscoe was gone – good one, Todd


Zorgon says:

Oh my god! I was so sad! This is the first time I’ve been fooled by a prank of yours, and it was a super bummer. Oh man….you got me good!

Viper says:

Goddammit, OddTodd!! Back in 2001, I went to your site and it said it was down and being investigated for mp3 copyright infringement. I freaked out and with a cold sweat, quickly went to my own site where I had a few mp3 files. I seriously thought you were in trouble and I might also have my site torn down.

This morning, I SPECIFICALLY walked right to my computer the first thing this morning and checked your site to see if you did any April Fooly stuff. Even with that specific mission, I started reading this and didn’t think anything was up (“Maybe he’s grown up now and doesn’t do it anymore…”). I was bummed. It wasn’t until I saw the URL of the humane society site did I realize, you got me again.

I must be a complete idiot or you are a complete genius. Probably both.

Rock on, OddTodd.

(BTW, I retired from the Marine Corps after 22 years last October and haven’t been able to find a job since. How ironic that your cartoons are now what I’m living.)

patio piazza says:

not so good one Odd Todd! i was about to call you Odd Turd! Thought maybe the new girlfriend didn’t get along all that well with Roscoe, and you were wimping out and would regret it forever. Anyway, thought it was a mean joke, and would’ve rather seen Roscoe play a joke on you!! Hey Roscoe — go poop in Todd’s shoes OK!!

Anonymous says:

Not funny. Very, very sad.

lana says:

you almost got me on this one.

mk says:

oh man! didn’t make the april fools connection until i read the comments…

Goats says:

The more I think about it, the more I think that on 4/1, you can only joke about people dying (or giving away Roscoe) with good friends! LOL Not your entire audience! But ultimately, it was a good one nonetheless….no holds barred with OT!!!!!!!! That’s cool!

flowy dress waitress says:

i haven’t visited the site in two months and i am honestly shocked! but you know what’S best for roscoe and i hope everything turns out for the best. much love xoxox

LJ says:

I’m sad for you, but I think you made the right decision. Make sure you get visiting rights.

oddtodd7 says:


oddtodd7 says:

Doh 🙁

Anonymous says:

No fair Todd…and I am fooled every year! This year was really upsetting about my favorite dog!

jcinla says:

I had to go through Putnam’s alpabetical list of adoptable dogs just to make sure this was an April Fools!
Roscoe isn’t on the list, so now I can breathe again!

jcinla says:

p.s. I need some Roscoe Cam !!!!!!

lost weight diets says:

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This is Red Five - I'm Going In says:

Yeah. I had a knot in my stomach after reading you were giving Roscoe away. He’s your best friend and you love him very much. Then I started reading the comments and realized that you were screwing with us. Well played Todd. But I have to agree with what others have been saying; you went a little too far with this “prank”. You played with people’s hearts.

Chey says:

Nice one Todd. xD I knew there was no way this could be real, you wouldn’t give up your best buddy.

oddtodd7 says:

Anybody who was upset today… Please check back tomorrow. I’ll make it up to you.

This is Red Five - I'm Going In says:

I’m not upset. I was just a little rattled while reading your post Todd.

katie says:

Oh Todd, amazing job with the humane society site. I thought it was a joke, but when I saw Roscoe’s pic you had me. Until I came back to check the comments just now, lol.

Robin says:

OMG — Todd you TOTALLY got me. I was thinking WTF — I forwarded the page to Ann and Scott and said that we could scratch you off our list of friends and how stunned I was that you would ever consider giving Roscoe away, blah, blah, blah. Whew!!! Holy shit, that was a good one! Much better than Google being Topeka.
Ok. you can still be our friend 🙂
xoxoxo and congrats on totally pulling one over on me — hardly anyone can. Love you!!!!

KOOOL says:

I would rather see a little A F J TOON today ! …..Then a F U up joke about your dog ! Roscoe is 1 of the reasons why I come HERE !!!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

That is so not funny. I had to put my dog down 6 months ago and I’m still crying over my loss. I’ve always liked your sight because I was just as nutty over my dog as you seemed to be about Roscoe.

Anonymous says:

You had me going Todd. Good one

Rina says:

Touché Todd Touché! You had me going too! Then I saw the link to the Humane Society page you used with Roscoe’s pic on it and I knew that it was an April Fool’s Joke :p

Roscoe’s too cute and sweet to give away <3

Ali says:

OMG – I was just thinking that your success had certainly gotten to your head — that you aren’t the Todd that started this site. I was actually really annoyed. Ha. You are the first one to fool me today, Odd Tood, you rule. BTW – the Putnam site looks amazing.

Anonymous says:

I didn’t like this . . . please let us know what Roscoe thought of this and let us know he is okay.

anonymous says:

Wow! You got me totally. Totally. I clicked on the link at the bottom and then was like, oh! But I kept going back and fourth with whether or not it was really real! Good job. Man!

J.J. says:

Well done, sir! I come to your site every year to laugh at your April Fool’s joke. . . this year you totally got me.

Anonymous says:

this is neither fun nor funny

anonymous says:

Wow! You TOTALLY got me. Totally. I thought it couldn’t be true and then fell for the pic on the site. Man!
Good one.

Horrible Ed says:

I like to chew pussy lips so the surprised girl screams in agony! Chewy!

Skippygrrl says:

Jeez, you’re really good. I was totally not judging you, thinking how hard it much have been…you are VERY good at April Fools.

Brandon says:

Very good April Fools Joke.

Some people can’t take a joke. I care about dogs. I just put my 16 year old beagle down 6 months ago. It really hurt. She meant the world to me. But I still can laugh at your April Fools joke.

I was thinking at first. Wow – Todd is a dumbass. Roscoe loves HIM first, not the freedom. Todd just doesn’t get it. Then it clicked. April 1. Todd is pulling a joke over on us. Funny. It has nothing to do with MY dog or MY situation. It was Todd’s world, and it’s funny.

Don’t let others who can’t see humor get you down. I was hurt when I put my dog down, but that’s in the past (still hurts), but that’s MY life. I can see the humor in this, and this was the best April fools joke I’ve seen today. I still want that iPad arcade machine on think geek though! And the google talk-to-animals iPhone app 🙂

Mortal Thought says:

Todd please hire someone or talk to an IT geek person on editing the comments from the Weeze and Gunfever.

Gunfever must have the mentality of a 14 year-old. You are nothing but a loser that wants attention. Get lost!

Fuck off Weeze says:

Die weeze Die!

Anonymous says:

You made me cry, Todd! I completely forgot it was April 1 and I bought it all the way until I clicked on the comments section! You really had me going… so um, good one?


Get Out!!

Travisty says:

Ugh. I’ve been coming here for 6 or so years, and yet lately it seems all I see are site updates that don’t do anything to improve the layout or make content easier to navigate, no new cartoons except what happens to be on ABC Midnight News Minute or whatever, and a promise to go see a movie sometime this month if movies don’t suck anymore and if you aren’t too busy running off to your parents house. Then you talk about getting rid of your dog like any other obnoxious prick would do and somehow it’s a “joke”. Here’s a joke – you have completely jumped the shark and I would rather read Richard Jeni’s bio on findadeath than listen to you cry about your inability to get anything done on your now-shitty website aside from bullshit cosmetic updates that make it worse.

Anonymous says:

That’s it, I’m not going online on April Fools day anymore.

anonymous says:

Jeese, Travisty. Next time, tell us how you REALLY feel. . .

AudioAddict says:

Hey man – I think it’s high time you pulled a Kraemer and got yourself an intern so you can find the time to actually create some April Fools toons rather than fuck with people all seriousnessly. You can totally find some NYU kid to work for free. I’ve been a loyal follower since I got shit-canned back in 2003 and I think you need to get back to those roots. I know you need mon-nay and all, but you ain’t gonna get none if your followers think you’re a douche.

Anonymous says:

So what the whole website is fake?? The whole putnam website?

Red Five says:

Wow “Travisty” is angry as anything. “AudioAddict” does have a point. Hire an intern or better yet a Co-op student (Co-operative Education). Just so you know co-op is what is offered to Canadian high school, college and university students to offer work experience in a particular industry. In your case Todd, it would be Film & Animation. It’s volunteer work all and all.

Think and consider about that.


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