August 15 2010

Hey Happy Monday! Couple Things!

I saw Expendables over the weekend! (Totally had to boycott F Scott Fitzpilgrim..)

I typed up a review for it HERE if you wanna read it up!


Also, my site was hacked a few weeks ago and things went weird. Now is listed in google as “Order Generic Propecia Online. Canadian Pharmacy, Secure and Anonymous. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Amazing weekend!” which I’m really psyched about. My web guy says it’ll clear up soon when google refreshes or whatever.


(Btw Mr. Skin bought when I wasn’t looking I guess 🙁 NSFWish…)

Anyway, if there’s anything buggy going on here (hacker wise or otherwise)– please post below…

Hope y’all had a good weekend and stuff!


weeze says:


Z says:

I really did not need to know about the thing. That site is repulsive.

Anyway, I haven’t noticed any bugs about your site. And if I were to receive a Walmart Card I would throw it out because Walmart is evil in almost every way imagineable.

Love, Z

Jackass says:

Mr skin is repulsive???? Walmart is evil???? Your a freakin nut job for sure.

Concerned Parent says:

I agree with Z. Why does tODD need to bring attention to that smut on this just because the web sight address is similiar? Why promote porn here?????!

Concerned Pervert says:

Ummm… how about considering it a WARNING to be careful when you type, lest you end up there accidentally?!?!?!? We know you would NEVER click on something like that, especially when “surfing the websights” with your underage kids.

Sheesh… some people…

Jackass says:

How is Mr. Skin porn….All they do is tell you where nudity is in movies….they don’t make the movies….Let me know and I’ll point you to all the Free porn you could ever want. Show you something to really worry about.

JV says:

The Expendables was a pretty good action flick. I’d wish Bruce Willis and Arnold were in there a bit more, but whatever. Have a good time! (Oh and I haven’t noticed any ‘bugs’ on this end).

Anonymous says:

I don’t think he was promoting it as much as he was warning us to be careful typing the URL. (What did you expect when he described it as NSFWish?)

Anonymous says:

As Concerned Pervert stated, I’m extra careful when typing the URL for tOdd’s site. I’m happy for you tOdd that your webmaster has figured out the hacking problem.

As for smut, whatever happened to that project you were working on back in May:

Hey! I’m working on a thing (long story) but I need animated (or vintage) clips that have anything to do with sex. They can be dirty or whatever but funny is better.

As you surf the net or your brain and you think of something funny you saw once– will you post a link to it here?


Stoner McDope says:

Wait… ummm…. there’s porn on the internet?


Jason says:

What?? Why you boycotting Scott Pilgrim? It’s easily the best movie of the year BY FAR! Go see it! It’s great!

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