August 20 2010

Going Away Monday Morning-Tuesday Night!


I’m going away with my family Monday and Tuesday and I’ll be back Tuesday night. So site update delay til Wednesday!

This weekend had a good time running around with a nephew (even though I have an ear infection and had to take him to a drug store to get meds and the highlight may have been us running the wrong way up and down the escalators up down up down up down until the pills were ready). And we saw ‘Dinner with Schmucks’ (which had gonorrhea and clitoris in it which was awkward). I’ll try to motivate to type a review for it later but twas meh.

I did get this email from someone the next day (all in good fun)– but I confirmed with my nephew that it was indeed the case.
Subject: Movay
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 23:34:27 -0400

Your nephew kept kicking my seat through half the movie:)


We apologized and I’ll be sending off a coff-ay cup. Apparently my new shoes were the giveaway…

Anyway, I know I’ve been slacking a little here but there are coolio top secret announcements (finally) and updates coming soon with stuff so I’ll be posting good newsy things as soon as I’m allowed to and stuff.

And if you’d like to read a *Guest Mov-ay Review* there’s one after the jump for Piranha 3D from Mike Anthony! Thanks Mike!

Piranha 3D

Rating 3 cookays for 3D fun

We rushed to see Piranha 3D and we were excited, as 3D can be a great fun. Sometimes it’s a visual adventure regardless of the story or the reality level: and this movie is a perfect example.

It’s a simple story; lake full of people; having a blast; and we all know there’s nothing to be afraid of in the water anymore, right? Wrong!! If a lake bottom opens up to release pre-historic killer fish (no spolier here; you see this in the first seconds) you are in a soup of hot; red, bloody water!!

Lots of great actors here; having fun with a fun movie (yes, I know how many times I’m using the word “fun”; it’s just how I see this film). The movie perfectly balances good ol’ 3D shots; with the shock and tension that pays a great tribute to the original JAWS. You even get to see one of JAWS’ stars do a great cameo.

It’s over-the-top and uses 3D to emphasize other numbers: like the 36-24-36 variety. Or maybe I should say they 36-Double-D variety to be even more clear. They deliver attack after attack and you don’t have much downtime in between. In my theatre; lots of people jumped at the right places and laughed at the right places.

Character development is minimal; but having well known actors all play equally “small roles” as part of an ensemble-cast seems to work with a horror film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

You need to have some funny bone in you to enjoy this and be willing to say “forget plot; just throw a scary campire story at me”. And the movie short run time is just right too; to get you out before the 3D becomes tiring and you start craving a real plot. This is one of those rare movies that doesn’t need plot and character development to have a good time.

3 good things about this movie:

1. Wonderful tribute to Jaws; including a Jaws cameo.
2. Elisabeth Shue is still gorgeous despite wall-to-wall females in bikinis to compete with
3. Great attacks/surprises: I mean if a school of piranha are all working together you can never know what’s going to come out of the water:…watch for the girl para-sailing behind a boat; dipping in and out of the water…what do you think is gonna happen?!

3 bad things about this movie:

1.Paying extra for 3D
2.A piranha bites off a male organ and the visual that will hit you where it hurts—this was the only time I thought they made a mistake…
3.Not sure if i just got used to it, or they toned it down, but the last “third” of the film didn’t even seem all that 3D to me.


Coolio! Full site update on Wednesday with photos and stuff! Photos like this!

Good vibes to y’all!



litro says:


WTF?!?!?!?!? says:

Where can I buy some crack?

Anonymous says:

maybe someone put a keylogger on your puter and thats how they got the password

Medusa says:

Still sorry your having pesky peeps bugging you, And still sorry I added a link to last post you deleted.
Didn’t think it was an issue, won’t do that again.
Some one is picking on you thats all. Bet it’s that butt licker weeze.
That’s why we all want you to ban him for life.
But again could it be some one who knows you, and thinks it’s funny to link you on google to the dumbest crap.
Kinda wonder what’s next cause it is funny in a predicktable kind o’ way.

Jbone says:

Todd, er….. are you ever going to do another cartoon?

Sorry you were hacked again. Perhaps entertaining the hackers with new cartoons will keep them off the site.

Alex says:

It could be the little comment thing on the bottom of the webpage. Someone putting something in there that somehow replaces the contents of the page with spam when google looks at it.
Third party ads can screw stuff up too, but doesn’t look like you have any of those really (like doubleclick and stuff like that).
Or there’s some flaw in the blog software you use for the main page, something spammers are exploiting somehow.
If you look at the “cached” version of the page, it shows what google saw when it indexed the website

WTF?!?!?!?!? says:

I catagorically state that I, WTF?!?!?!?, had nothing to do with this. Ask The Shadow.

naisy says:

mr dengs been mia for a while now, i think its all a secret ploy to steal ur website and mess with u!! hes evil…i know it!

Angry Guy says:

Good theory. Maybe it’s Mr. Hyabusa from Japan using his hacking skills against Todd for being mocked and called Mr. Bukkake Who Lives in His Mom’s Basement. Someone needs to teach that turd a lesson.

Todd I love your site. I’ve been coming here for years. You need to track the people that are doing this and SUE THEIR ASS!!!

NashvilleBill says:

So…how much does the levitra cost? And please include the price for shipping…

Jackass says:

Get me some of that Levitra or some crack you slack ass bastard. You got monkey pants with swamp ass…get your shit together

The Shadow says:

Hmmmm. There is a lot of evil in the heart of this hacker. Could this person be one of Mr. Bakkake’s fans? Todd I know you will find justice.

Amy says:

Hey Todd – are you sure you have the most recent version of WordPress (and current versions of your plugins as well)?

Mep Fan says:

Will updating WordPress prevent Todd’s hacked situation?

Gary says:

Apparently it recognized the keyword LAID in your site description…

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