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Hey Odd Todd,
Your site is great and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with it may I make a suggestion?  How about asking people to submit stories about good stuff like, hitting the game winning home run in the 6th grade or just something really cool they did or saw?  Hope you don't mind the suggestion.  Anyway, here's a story for Saturday Strange.  Not my best story but I'm a story submiting virgin so I thought I keep it short.-Like most virgins!! HAHAHA  Have a great weekend and pet Roscoe for me!! 
I used to work at a Toys R Us in El Paso, Texas about 10 years ago and there was supposed to be a ghost named Emily that haunted the warehouse there.  I don’t remember the details but somehow she died in a mezzanine area just inside the warehouse years before I got there.  There have been reports that people have seen full body apparitions although no one ever reported any while I was there.  While I was there we would always see stuff out of the corners of our eyes but I was always unsure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me since I knew the story of Emily.  That is until one day I was working with another guy and something silently jumped from the top of one rack to the other.  When this happened I looked at my coworker and said “Did you see that?” and he said “Something jumped from one rack to  the other above us.”  We kept on working but seeing how I didn’t tell him what I saw it appears that there is definitely more to it than just my imagination.  Yes, not the best story but interesting.


Hello Todd! 

Thanks for such a fun website.

I always joke about predicting the future in my dreams, but I never believed it until now.  Every February my college holds a Valentine’s day dance with hip-hop, salsa and swing dancing.  This February I didn’t go, since I’m a girlfriendless weenie.  I even forgot what day the dance was on.

The night before the dance I had this dream where my buddy Jared was cutting a slick rug with another friend, Carmen.  She looked great in a white dress, (I didn’t recognize the dress and figured my brain must have made it up just for the dream) and Jared had a black suit with a gold tie.  I got a bit of a look at the room too, the lighting, and the big speakers playing the music.

I forgot the dream next morning until I met Jared at chapel. “Hey Tobin!” he says, “Last night I asked Carmen to the Valentine’s dance!” 

Ok, I thought, just a weird coincidence.

But that evening really weirded me out.  I was hanging around outside the dorm and Jared walked past me to go pick Carmen up, in the black suit and gold tie from the dream.  I had never seen these clothes before, except in my dream.  I told him about it later, and the photos he had (more or less precisely) confirmed my prediction about the style of Carmen’s dress, as well as the layout of the room.

So, a dream about a dance I didn’t remember, about a couple I didn’t know would be there, wearing clothes I didn’t know they had---yeah.  As far as I know, Jared hasn’t pursued this particular relationship, but he asked me, in case I have any more dreams where he’s paired up with a specific girl, to let him know right away…

Maybe I could use this talent to get some quick monay.

Catch you later,

Tobin D


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