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Hey Todd!
I was wondering, what ever happened to Saturday Screwups? LOL anyway, I have another  story for you. This is just kinda weird, it's not going to make you pee in your pants from terror or anything.
I should start by saying that I used to work as a receptionist in one of the dorms at my school, so I would have to sit behind a desk all night and sign people into the building.
I'm in this television writing class and our assignment was to pitch a new one hour drama, write the treatment for the pilot and the eight-episode story arc. I chose to make my show about campus security, so I wrote all these episodes. In one of them, a bunch of kids get stuck in an elevator, and in another one, the dorm burns down, etc...
So, a couple of weeks later, it starts. First, my friend and I get stuck in an elevator (ok, that happens a lot around here; it happened to me in the beginning of last semester and I think I even wrote to you about it) BUT, a week later, Friday night comes and I'm working again. The dorm gets real quiet. The cadet I'm working with says that when it gets too quiet, that means something's going to happen. I tell him that's B.S. Of course, about an hour later, the fire alarm goes off. But it's not like that happens all the time; in fact, this is apparently the first time that has happened in this dorm! So now I'm thinking, like, okay, whatever I write comes true. Weird. I told my friend and he asked if I could write that he wins a million dollars. I told him only if he shares it with me.


Well, a lot of my personal saturday strange experiences happen on the communter trains that I take to New York sometimes (I live in Providence, Rhode Island) Anyway, I have netflix and when I was on one of these trains I had Dazed and Confused as well as Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels at my house.
I was walking to one of those little bathrooms to take a piss when I saw some guy on his computer watching Lock, stock and two smoking barrles. Considering that people rarely watch DVDs on the commuter train it was pretty fucking weird, but I though nothing of it. Then I was coming back from my piss and I saw some other guy watching Dazed and Confused on HIS computer. Then I was pretty freaked out due to the fact that both those movies were at my house right now, it was also weird cause the guy watching Dazed and Confused was a really old dude with white hair and stuff. So I thought that maybe he was Richard Linklater, the guy who directed it. But whatever...

The next weird thing that happened to me on the old commuter train happened about two weeks ago. I was reading The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, by Tom Wolfe. I was sitting there when I noticed some other dude reading Bonfire of the Vanities, by the same author. Pretty weird shit, I know.

P.S. watch the movie BRICK for your movie review, it's out only in NY and LA


Hello Todd,

  I had the weirdest dream last night so I decided to email you. I dreamt that you came to my house and you were really mean to my talk...uh it was weird to say the least. Then I got mad at you and you said you didn't realize that it was mean for you to treat dogs that way. It was strange...really strange. Thought I'd tell you. Bye Bye for now :)



I used to live in a pretty big apartment above a taxidermy when I was 18, which was creepy enough lots of bloody deer hides and stuff out back. One day my boyfriend and I were at a dollar store and he just had to buy a bouncy ball out of the quarter machine. We walked to our apartment and he bounced it on the street over the building. I was like WOW didn't know they bounced that high. In the summer I went out to the back deck to clean it up and rearrange the furniture when I moved a bag to find none other than the bouncy ball. It was half pink half yellow it was the same one. Our building is backed by another building so I thought it was weird that the ball must've bounced off that building and onto our deck. Strange happenings but oh well kinda cool so I brought it inside to show my boyfriend. We kept it in there for a while. I at some point took a chunk out of it with my nail before we lost it for a loooong time. It finally popped back up and we would find it in the oddest of places (shoes, candles, ashtrays, etc) without either of us touching it. A friend came over and we explained how this ball keeps moving around all weird like. He called it the evil ball and took it down to the river (right across the street) and chucked it in. We watched him do it. So months later we had bought new furniture for the living room as I pulled out and old recliner from the corner and here was the SAME bouncy ball (had the peice picked out and everything) not only that but right next to it was what I like to call the mother bouncy ball. It was the same color but like twice the size! I couldn't believe it and called my boyfriend over and we both sat there amazed (a total WTF moment). We called the friend who chucked it in the river and he came over in disbelief. No we had never bought another bouncy ball nor a BIG mother one at that it just appeared. All three of us took it to a bonfire to try to finally destroy the evil haunted bouncy balls and it must've worked because we never saw either one again.


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