December 06 2010

Holiday Stuff + Ripoff Story

Hey! Wanna contribute some stuff for the holidays! Type up and send in a Santa story! Whatever Santa story you got! Send in picture of your pet holiday-ed out all miserable style! I’ll post em up here! Also there’s lots of NEW products in the Cafe Press store! Including ornaments and iPhone stuff and travel mugs and stuff! Buy something up if you wanna!

Here’s the link to the STORE!

(Btw I’m so pissed right now! I’ve been linking to a coff-ay cup page and selling mugs as per usual– problem is the site I’ve been linking to for MONTHS has been some friggin scammer site that set up a coffay cup sales page with my coffay image! Not sure how I got the stupid link! I did something lazy I’m sure but all of a sudden I was like, “Why don’t I sell mugs anymore!?” I finds out I probably have been selling them! For some scammer! Yay Monday!

Here’s my cafepress site 🙁 if you wanna buy something… or something.


Ex-Santa says:

Was a department store Santa once when an ex-GF came in- with her kids. Because I was in costume they never knew.

And she never realized my “Ho-Ho-Ho!!!” was directed right at her the whole time.

Nicol says:

I know it’s wrong to laugh, but that Ex-Santa story was a well needed laugh.

Ex-Santa says:

Nah, it’s OK to laugh, Nicol. I got over it. I can laugh about it too now. The only one NOT laughing is the ex. Cause she never knew.

R N says:

It sucks that the scammer got the better of you Todd. Good thing you caught on.

bark says:

That sucks about the scammer. Santa is gonna leave some reindeer sh!t in his/her stocking. Probably get something for the kids of your site. They don’t understand what you’re saying (too young to get the humor concept) but they like your artwork. Adios.

Mike says:

yea; i bought a mug last month. It never came in. i forgot that i ordered one.

So i placed in my 2nd order. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

0MissElizabeth0 says:

Hi Todd !
Are you gonna make a YouTube ?
You should , and upload all your cartoons to your channel .. I’m sure you could really benefit from the Partner Program !

-loved your cartoons since 2000

0MissElizabeth0 says:

actually I think it was 2002 .. cuz I was visiting my sister Susana + her husband, and THEY showed me your cartoons for the 1st time.

flowy dress waitress says:

That is an AWESOME idea! Also I kinda wish secretly Todd had a now-and-again vlog…

tainted says:

………….one time, at band camp..

Anonymous says:

Please, tainted, no more gay “trombone” stories.

KOOOL says:

O Keeee…ToDD ! chill out ! WE are here for you ! 😀 ..take your time doing stuff! 😀

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