May 27 2011

Tag Sale Weekend! UPDATE:

So this weekend I’m having my long overdue tag sale! I got a steel drum for sale! I got brand new ice skates (size 13)! I got a WWII Gas Mask! I got two wigs one blonde one red head! I got hundreds of CDs! Some cool! I got books galore!

I have collectors editions of my discontinued line of Odd Todd Greeting Cards (circa 1998)! I have clothing! Old suits! Ties! Shoes! Air filter! Humidifier shaped like a penguin! Bicycle pump! Sodastream machine! Framed prints! Original art!

A ballchair ball! Pots and pans and stuff! I also have old toaster! Old TV set that doesn’t work but looks coolio! Old computer parts! Wires! DVD player that might work!

(if you’re in the neighborhood look for signs around town)

And I also have this Mysterious Box of History… Maybe I should sell it? Links to stuff here and here. (if you change the URL number 1518.html 1519.html etc you’ll see more scans) What’s a whole box of that stuff worth? Anyone know William J. Potter’s family? What’s a lifetime of stuff and letters worth?

I’ve been planning on having a tag sale for years but it’s really happening this weekend! It’s hard to figure out what stuff is actually worth. Like should my pricing on books and CDs vary? Cool or rare CDs REM Murmur $2 and Transvision Vamp $1? Also with books is it the same dealio? Signed Dean Koontz book $2 and 1998 edition of Roger Ebert Movie Reviews $1? I don’t know. Oh I also have sweaters. Lots of those. I’ve decided I just never want to wear a big wool sweater under any circumstances. So all my sweaters are going.

Must clear space out of here! Immediatelyness! Why? Because times are a changin round these parts. The gf is officially moved in to my apartment. šŸ™‚ Yup. Roscoe is getting a roommate as well. A smaller wheaten terrier that looks like a mini Roscoe. So there’s that. 1 to 4. Just like that… umm and stuff?

ok bye!

UPDATE: I made $378.50 yesterday! It was perhaps dopery that I scheduled this on Memorial Day weekend because everyone leaves town and stuff but… Great success! Someone even bought my old size 13 rollerblades for $5! And my VCR/DVD combo player $8! Someone who barely spoke english wanted to buy my air filter thing (I think he thought it was an air conditioner even thought it only weighs like 5lbs. I tried to splain otherwise! But whatver! $6! Lesson learnt! CDs went for a buck a piece same with books. That’s the going rate for CDs and books it seems šŸ™


me says:


Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

Now Iā€™ve seen a lot of bullshit. Angel dust. Switchblades. Sexually perverse photography exibits involving tennis rackets. But this. This is the greatest thing ever.

DB says:

OOhhh look you can copy paste! Fucking Fag

Nicol says:

If I was in town, I would get the greeting cards.

the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:

And so it begins…

Guest says:

How much for just the thumbtacks?

HEY says:

Holy crap I want a greeting card. Bad.

Oh Baby! says:

I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned this- but the size 13 footwear MIGHT explain the new GF.

Lucky Lady!

Hop Sing says:

Nobody else mentioned it because the rest of us do not live with our mind in the gutter surrounded by porn and wads of old Kleenex.

flowy dress waitress says:

too bad the vintage odd todd greeting cards won’t be part of future prizes instead…
i don’t understand… how come you’re selling the gas mask? and the toaster? they are practically characters in the storyline of this website! awww i’mma miss that old junk hanging out in the hall being all useless.

hebba says:

Oh, I’m so happy for Todd and his GF!

Hallmark H8r says:

T0dd we’d totally buy them greeting cards if we knew about em! Get those bad boys up online

STFU says:

Its amazing how no matter how long I stay away from this site when I come back the same losers are still posting the same repetitive moronic bullshit.

stef says:

awwww todd’s gf is moving in! put the gf in a toon, todd!!! I can’t believe you’re selling the old toaster, I thought you were in love with that thing.

Isaac says:

Oh, good. I’ve been in the market for a blue bathrobe, and was wondering if you are planning on having any of those for the sale.

earp says:

No more pre-WW2 toaster; women hate old appliances don’t they! my gf moved in, suddenly my old coffee pot disappeared and was replaced with shiny newness. Well, in her defense, it did shock the shit out of her one morning…

MsM says:

DARN! I wish I knew your greeting cards were for sale. I would have had you send them & paid w/ Paypal.

Ash-lay says:

Yay, Todd! So happy for you!

yellowdog says:

$378.50, nice. That represents a lot of tag sale items. Now donate the rest quickly before it slowly migrates back into the apartment.

Anonymous says:

Congratz and good luck with the GF Todd!

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