January 17 2012

The Blind Offer

So anyway the other day I was in the Post Office and I saw a blind woman coming my way. She was wearing sunglasses and walking with a cane all tap-tap-tappy. I noticed that someone held the door open for her but then she was on her own with her cane heading into a disaster of a post office that can be confusing for friggin sighted people.

Anyway, I felt that I should approach this woman and offer to help her through the post office– but I still can’t decide if that’s intrusive or not.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge with stuff like that. It doesn’t seem to be a hard rule that sighted people need to always help blind people– and maybe that’s for the best because if everybody felt compelled to approach blind people at every stop and ask if they can help— it would probably become way annoying for the blind person.

Does it invade on personal space or question the sense of independence? Does offering help depend on picking up on some level of distress or confusion? Or is it perfectly acceptable to access their limitation and butt in to be like a good samaritan at all times?

I guess it’s not right to categorize all blind people into a certain single attitude — but there should be some hard social rules on stuff like this maybe.

I think I’d better understand if offering help is acceptable or not if I better understood how blind people to get through their day. Like if a blind person walks into a post office, are they completely reliant on other people asking them if they need help? How do they shop at the drug store? Do they ask the first person they pass by to get pointed in the right direction? Or do they just know?

I’m sure this probably a huge overthink. For the most part, blind people seem to do just find on their own. (Except this dude who I wrote about a while ago) but if I just knew what was really right I’d feel less guilty and neglectful every time I see a blind person tap tap tap away from me — off to amazingly find their own way in the dark…

ok bye!

PS Something went koo koo with yesterdays post. Working on figuring it out and fixings..


Stove says:

Best not to offer unless someone asks. Most likely not their first rodeo.

Anonymous says:

Why would you assume they went blind at a rodeo?!?

Arwen says:

You could just ask. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” Done and done.

Bag Pipes says:

Worst thing you could do is ask if they need help. Most would be offended and I’m sure blind peeps go to rodeos too.

Microwave oven says:

Screw you Stove! Your just jealous.

Dishwasher says:

Oh dear there at it again. Another mess I’ll have to clean up. Dammit!

Refrigerator says:

Just Cool it!

Toilet says:

I’m sicka all of your crap!

Concerned Pervert says:

The most fun thing about blind people is that you can masturbate right in front of them.

Area Rug says:

Well I just get walked over all the time.

Lamp says:

That’s fucking bright!

Dead Man in a Hole says:

Nothing, he’s a dead man in a hole, what did you think he’d say? Really.

Bath Tub says:

I want you inside me!

Outlet says:


Dildo says:

Shove it

Laptop says:

I finished the internet. Done and done.

Buffalo Bill says:

I’d do me.

Nicol says:

Their seeing eye dogs wear signs, maybe they should wear one too. Just thinking out loud.

Z says:

This place never ceased to amuse me.

ZZZZZ.... says:

The fact that you’re talking in the past tense means that it now HAS ceased to amuse you.

Or are you just stupid?

ZZZZZZZZZZ........ says:

Wrong. He is talking in the past tense but his statement does not imply anything about what he thinks about the site today. This place could have never ceased to amuse him and at the same time continue to amuse him this very moment. I can’t imagine how but that is irrelevant. Sure it would have been simpler to just say that the site never ceases to amaze him but maybe he likes to keep his past and present declarations neat and tidy. Bottom line is you are probably the stupid one. Sorry.

Zorgon says:

You didn’t tell us what happened to the lady? Did she get through okay?! That would help us get our bearings on whether it’s acceptable or not!

Todd, your stories are turning less “slice of life” and more “overly self-conscious guy”. We want to know about the world around you, not just the stuff that’s going on inside your head!

Thanks for the great blog,

Crumbles says:

I thought I was going blind once. Everything got all dark annnnWHAM

jtt says:

um….is it just me or does the drawing of the blind woman look a lot like OT’s drawing of his gf? Coincidence? 😉

You bring up a good point, tOdd. I think I would’ve not said anything either. I figure if they needed help, they would have asked a friend along…..maybe??? Or at least ask for help.

Also, I couldn’t imagine anyone getting upset with you if you went up and said “boy it’s really crowded in here today. I don’t want to be presumptuous but if you need any assistance, I’m happy to help”.

my 2 cents…..

tap-tap-tappy says says:

tappy tappy tapity tap tap tappy!

Jane says:

I met a blind guy at a party once and asked him out for a date. He rejected me. A month or so later while I was on a disastrous first date with a complete dweeb, I saw him with some gorgeous chick. We were all attending the same event. I was super embarrassed until I finally realized that I was totally invisible. Getting to have invisible superpowers for just that one night made me so happy that all the humiliation was worth it.

Concerned Citizen says:

You might want to cut back on your medication….or double it.

Quaang says:

Always double it.

asshole says:

Trip her! Then everyone can have a good laugh

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