August 02 2010

The Disappointing Little Socks

So for a while now I’ve been short on little white ankle socks. The kind of socks that make it look like you’re not wearing socks. I’ve been missing them more often lately because I’ve finally abandoned wearing Crocs. (Sorry Croc people. I just can’t do it anymore. I bumped into a chick recently that I hadn’t seen in a while and I felt like I was ‘busted’ and embarrassed wearing Crocs. I’m sorry, crocpeople…)

But I did pick up a pair of summer shoes that I really like!! To replace my crocs!

Check em out!

Cool, right? Plus, they have the one quality that I loved about my Crocs! No laces! So no bending down to put on! And stuff!

Anyway, these shoes really need the little white socks because if I don’t wear socks in these shoes my feet end up smelling like Doritos. And for a couple months now I’ve been really low on little white socks. I have maybe 2 pairs. I keep meaning to buy a new pack of little socks and then I keep forgetting. And I go out sockless. And get Dorito feet. (Or it might be BBQ Frito feet…)

Whatever. Recently, I decided to put this ridiculous problem to rest and I bought a pack of 12 little socks online somewhere. I get them in the mail the other day and rip open the pack. They looked perfect! I tried them on. They felt good on my feet! So I threw the packaging and everything in the garbage…

Handsome pair of socks, right?

I got a dozen of em too!

But when I took my new little socks on their maiden voyage with my blue shoes– something wernt right! Look at this! They’re like too big or something! Makes my coolio shoes worse than crocs!

I can’t tell if maybe they’re just oversized or what! (I think I ordered size 13 which is my foot size). Why are they all up on my ankle that way!? All riding up off my feet or whatever! I’m supposed to look like I have no socks on! I can’t walk around in socks like this dorking that hard! Can I? Is it? Maybe they’re not wrong? They seem wrong. I dunno!

I think my feet look better like this!

And I’m extra pissed extra because I thought my sock problems was solved– and meanwhile it’s totally unsolved AND I got a dozen pair of these questionable goonie socks clogging up my underwear drawer!!

ok bye!


Chrissie says:

Sorry Todd, but those are totally girl socks. All that’s missing is the pom-pom at the heel.

Crumbles says:

I bent down to tie my laces annnnnd WHAM

randi says:

just slide them down a little bit so they are more hidden!

Stoner McDope says:

“…my feet end up smelling like Doritos”

And this is bad why???

the REAL weeze says:


the REAL wooze says:


CaptainBob says:

Todd, get gold bond foot powder. Keeps your feet from sweating, smelling, and sliding around. Its not an old man dork thing to do. All the fancy trendy business types know you don’t wear socks in your shoes in the summer. You foot powder it. Feels great. I’d look into it.

Todd (not tOdd) says:

Screw crocks, I said that on your last post about how cool you thought they were T man. These things were designed for kids to wear them to the pool and suddenly adults were wearing them to work. The only reason these things were popular is it cost some kid in China 14 cents to make them and they can sell for 20 bucks easy. (quote from last post, look it up).

With my future hat on again, lemme say the whole “i’m wearing socks but you can’t see them” thing is over. I don’t think we’ll be wearing those knee high things with the colored stripe like your football coach still does. But who cares if you can see your socks. Guys run around with 3 foot of boxers showing and I can’t show an inch of sock?

krankor says:

who gives a shit about youre stupid shoes those blue ones are gay anyway

Shoe Police says:

Agreed Krankor, the shoes are gay.

They have “Swab My Deck” written all over them…

I’m just saying…

Concerned Pirate says:

Arrr, matey!

Rectal Ranger says:

Tis gives new meaning to the word poop deck…


Z says:

I don’t think the socks look so bad. Wear them until you come up with the next solution (which you probably won’t) and just enjoy healthy feet!


Lovebird Lisa says:

I agree with Z. From the pictures, I think your feet actually look better with the socks anyway!

Mr Bill says:

try cutting the ankle parts off with scissors?

Frankly says:

It’s not the socks that are the problem! !

WTF?!?!?! says:

Don’t wear those dorky socks. Use them to stuff the holes in the pockets of your cargo shorts. Win-win.

Anybody else notice we’ve seen pictures of shorts and socks, but nothing from the neck up? Anybody know what Todd looks like? Does he really look like the cartoon Todd?!?!?!?

Nita says:

Dude – wash the freakin socks. They might shrink just an itty bit. If not, just scrunch em down inside the shoes and get over it.

yea or nay says:

Perhaps a better question might have been to simply ask: Yea or Nay on the shoes, the shoes and the socks, or the ability to see said socks. While we’re at it: Ever been to a Shake Shack there in NY? I hear it’s the place to go with or without socks.

yea or nay says:

Almost forgot: size 13… Not a single comment about that? You’d think that this group would have been all over that nugget with some witty snippets. Anybody? Hello?

WTF?!?!?! says:

Old news- we’ve all already seen his wang on Roscoecam AND in the cartoons.

bird says:

The shoes are kinda gay, but given a choice, I prefer looking at them with the socks. Definitely a step up from the crocs, though. Good ideas to wash/shrink the socks, or just scrunch ’em down some. I’m also a big fan of Gold Bond foot powder–you won’t be sorry if you try it.

Anonymous says:

How do your feet stay in those shoes with no laces? Socks or not?

jo says:

love the new chooz tOdd. Yay for Croc-dumping too.

I see those socks all the time for guys and my daughter wears them too. I have a feeling maybe the sock size could be a bit big tOdd. When my daughter wears hers, you don’t see any ‘sock peekage’. Slight edge maybe at best but no ankle creepage going on.

Paid Campaign says:


It’s time to bring the sexy back for America!

Millenia says:

Wash the socks a couple of times and they wil shrink to shoe height. Cotton shrinks!

Pink says:

Personally, I like the shoes. πŸ™‚

Josh says:

Hmmmm, is this the site were they give away free burritos???

Sock it to ya' says:

Walgreen’s. Three pairs ankle socks: $2.00.
Cheap but not horrible. Give ’em a try.

preacher says:

… do not worry about your life, what you will eat (or drink), or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?

Trust in God and you will have nothing to worry about. You will be content with whatever you have.

GOD says:

STFU preacher!

WTF?!?!?! says:

You boys play nice now.

Jason says:

Ok, a few things:
1. I don’t see anything wrong with the socks or the shoes. Ignore all those idiots up above saying shit about them.
2. Why are you ordering socks online? You live in New York! Everything is there! Just walk down the street to some store that I’m sure sells them. Plus you probably paid for shipping. Kind of a weird thing to do, Todd.
3. I never understood the “don’t show sock” thing, why is showing ankles such a hot thing? Why is showing sock a big deal? I don’t get it.

MsM says:

I like the shoes, but you are right, the socks look strange.Wash them and put in a zip lock back outside your apartment building, and let someone steal them.

g says:

i like the shoes, looks like something i would wear.

you ordered socks online, wtf? go to a store, buy some hanes. they have the tiny no show ones like you are looking for, but they also have one that is one cut between that and ankle, they are perfect and i wear them every day. they also have a thinner top so that your feet don’t get so hot.

but yeah if those are the same socks in both photos you have the wrong size, a sock with no cuff should not go up your ankle. they only came in size 13, what is that? socks are usually in a range, like 10-13?

Goats says:

I live next to it. It is over-rated and totally for tourist sheep.

yea or nay says:
August 2, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Perhaps a better question might have been to simply ask: Yea or Nay on the shoes, the shoes and the socks, or the ability to see said socks. While we’re at it: Ever been to a Shake Shack there in NY? I hear it’s the place to go with or without socks.

Anonymous says:

Get the Nike dri-fit ones. They are the perfect height.

JJ in Venice says:

I gotta second the Gold Bond powder thing. I wear out a pair of converse all-star laceless every summer and never wear socks. Gold Bond up! No stink!

Anonymous says:

Roll the socks up. Stick them stragically in your shorts. Impress the ladies. Everybody happy.

Jane says:

–Shoes are great.
–Socks look weird.
–You bought the right type of socks (those kind aren’t meant to show) so I guess you’re right that they’re too big.
–Try scrunching. Make sure the heel seams are in the right place; that should work.
–Try shrinking. If it doesn’t work, donate them and go buy some at a shop.
–I think socks usually come marked “11 to 13” so it’s weird that you got to pick a size 13. Sock size isn’t always the same as your shoe size — they are usually a range. Go to a store and look at the package.

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