January 27 2012

The Freedom to Throw Away “Still Good” Food

Sometimes we cook. Sometimes we order take out. In either case, we sometimes have a difference of opinion on when its time to throw stuff away. Sometimes the gf will keep stuff in the fridge that I know will never be eaten ever. Never. But she has a hard time just chucking stuff out as long as it’s “still good”.

As far as I’m concerned if I know for a fact that I’m not going to ever eat ‘those old grapes’ or ‘the leftover pad thai’ in the next day or so– if I know it’s not ever never getting ate up– why can’t I just throw it away right then and there? Why does it have to sit in the fridge and slowly go bad until it’s grossified and actually qualifies as garbage?

This especially goes for stupid fresh spices which are like always sold in bulk like friggin Costco size or something. Does anyone need a whole bonsai tree worth of dill? Or parsley!? Why so much!?

Before you get on my case about donating the food to a homeless person or something– think about what that would usually involve. Me going out on the street with a half-eaten thing of pad thai (or old grapes, or big shrub of basil), looking around for a homeless person, and then offering him or her the rest of my half eaten dinner, old fruit or fresh cut spices… etc..

Also, if I buy a bunch of fresh apples and there’s one sad lonely apple still hanging out in the back of the fridge. That sad apple goes in the garbage!! Even if it’s “still good”. Why should I eat an old sad apple when I just bought a bushel of fresh apples? For spite? To show I’m a good person who doesn’t waste? I should sit there munching through some mealy apple while staring at good fresh apples?! Screw that.

And another thing! How long are cold cuts good for before they’re bad? Like if you have a thing of sliced turkey in the fridge– when is it over for the turkey? I say three or four days… but gf says it’s good for over a week? I don’t trust my sense of smell. I want dates dammit!

And another thing! This goes for frozen stuff too! If I have some frozen pizza uneaten in my freezer for over six months– chances are I ain’t never ever eating that froze burnt pizza! So right in the garbage! Boom! Same goes for old frozen anything! Isn’t six months enough time to have a half-pint of tundra-ed ice cream before calling it quits on it!!?

It’s not still good!!

ok bye!!


Lorelei says:

Oooo… the compromises of cohabiting. I tell you what I do: icky sad apples/ produce, stale bread and things of that sort I channel my inner hippie, chop up into little squirrel and birdie bite-sizes, put em in a bag, and take to a park where I scatter them in little pig-slop piles. To me, it makes more sense than hungry little guys ransacking garbage bins for crappy-ass cheetos and making a mess. As far as coldcuts and deli stuff, it really depends on how much air it is exposed to with the opening & closing. Turkey in my fridge WILL last about a week after opening, but I always take a sniff or check for a dubious slime-coating, should one start making an appearance. You say your sense o’ smell isn’t up to par, so have the GF take a whiff for you. That’s fruckin teamwork! Lastly, if you have the type of freezer action going on at your place which will burn your stuff (mine has Nazi-Gasket grip so things tend to last alot longer than 10 months!) , I say between the two of youse, do a freezer clearance and defrosting so you can start out freshlike. Good luck!

Anonymous says:


BigT says:

You mam, are insane.

Sincerely, BigT

Lightbulb says:

Three day rule applies for all leftovers. After three days throw it away. Anything else if it smells/looks bad don’t use it.

Anonymous says:

3 or 4 days on lunch meat.

Frozen stuff depends on the freezer. The one in your kitchen, maybe 6 months if it is prepackaged or meat that you took it out of the syrofoam/plastic wrap it came in and put it in butcher paper or a freezer bag. But you and I both know you didn’t and won’t do that. If you have a stand alone freezer (for people that don’t live in shoebox sized apartments in New York) you can get a year easily.

I heard a comedian sum up leftovers best. He said leftovers make you feel good twice. The first time is when you save them. You feel good for not wasting food. The second time you feel good is when you throw them out. You feel good because you are saving your life.

Yellowdog says:

Produce you know isn’t going to be eaten? Chuck it.

Meat, on the other hand… Look, a living creature gave its life so we can have our sliced turkey, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken stir fry, etc. Eat it! Use it! Don’t LET it get to that “questionable” stage.

Angry Man says:

You sound like an asshole, tODD

dishpan says:

now there is the pot calling the kettle black!

Jim M says:

I bet the fungi and bacteria don’t think that food’s wasted.

the REAL weeze says:


e says:

Shouldn’t the gf now be called the “f”?

Anonymous says:

I’m gonna need pics of the gf’s boobs to decide.

Legion of Doom says:

Throw out all opened and unsealed food once a week. That jar of mayonaise has been in there too long too. Get a new one.

Anonymous says:

Really? You throw away mayonnaise after a week?

Crumbles says:

I just ate some old Pad Thai from the back of my fridge. No probleeeeWHAM

Legion of Doom says:

No No No on the mayonaise, condiments are sealed, it’s just a good idea to tell todd since his mayonaise is probably 6 months old. Now quit dithering me with your incessant pestering. I do have a Destructacon Ray to build.

Nicol says:

My mom doesn’t throw out stuff fast enough. Last week she gave me a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables. It was full of ice crystals and freezer burn. It said February 2011 on it.

Anonymous says:

Gonna need pics of your mom to decide.

Bob in Peru says:

Taste Test..& Eyeball Test…..It’s either very old meat or very good cheese.

Melissa Kowalski says:

I LOVE it! I just threw away a ziplock bag of frozen, then thawed veggie samosa stuffing that was sitting in the fridge for a week. I smelled it; it was still good. But I thought, “When will I feel like making dough and deep frying them? Oh wait, I don’t know if I have enough oil anyway.”

ANgry MAn says:

The above comment is not fom the real ANgry Man

earp says:

Most important part is to prevent the introduction of bacteria to food. Use a clean spoon, never having touched your fingers or mouth with the part of the spoon that goes into the sour cream, for example. Do not touch the lunch meat you are not going to immediately eat. Seal it back up firmly. Don’t keep the mayo out while you eat your sandwich; put it back right away. Don’t pee in the orange juice.

Anonymous says:

Mythbusters did a test on your claims earp and found it made no difference. There is already enough bacteria on the food naturally to make it go bad. No reason to be all paranoid about your food.

Angry Man? Fake Angry Man? Who really cares? Nobody that is who!

Anonymous says:

I’ve read what causes things like mayo to go bad is when you leave little bits of bread in there after you spread some on your sandwich.

Duh Huh says:

I think what causes mayonaise to go bad is that it is made from eggs and oil. Really would you want to eat eggs that have been sitting that long. eeeeeewwwwww. I would think maybe a two month limit on that jar. Just get a smaller jar or make your own. done and done.

Beaj says:

@Duh Huh- Commercial mayo is homogenized and much more stable than homemade. The eggs are also tested to be salmonella-free before use. It’s still good for many months after opening. It’s even safe unrefrigerated, but far less appetizing. If you practice basic food safety, cleanliness, etc, you’re mayo in the fridge is perfectly fine.

Beyonce says:

your gf sounds BRILLIANT! …and resourceful…and lovely

Todd in Ohio says:

Did someone get engaged?

Anonymous says:


Jenna In Jerz says:

I think the key to solving this would to be NOT to put stuff in the fridge that you’re not going to eat in the first place. Throwing away extra is wasteful. Not having extra is much easier — not to mention kind to the evironment & your wallet too. Just toss stuff into the freezer if you know you’re not going to eat it right away…like the Pad Thai. The day always comes where you don’t want to cook, and don’t have much cash to buy something, and tahdah, you’ve got a pre-cooken meal waiting in the freezer.

Rusty Trombone says:

Shut up Snooki!

Bonaroo says:

Speaking of the GF, does she not like movies. Man Todd you havent been to a movie in a while, I saw the new poll and voted for The Grey. Pretty good movie. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was good too!! I guess you got out of the habit. I’m just sayin!

earp says:

Sorry everyone! According to some anonymous jackoff, go right ahead and put your drool covered spoon in the mayo and sour cream, and finger the hell out of the lunchmeat; after all mythbusters did a TV show :p Oh and feel free to pee in the OJ; anonymous jackoff said so!

earp says:

Sorry everyone! According to some anonymous jackoff, go right ahead and be paranoid that everything you touch and taste will spawn into giant clusters of disease; after all the consumer packaged goods industry is banking on it :p Oh and feel free to continue living your life fat, dumb and ignorant; anonymous earp said so!

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