August 21 2012

The New Breed of Rubix Kid

So anyway, while I was away this weekend (family getaway out in Montauk) — one of my nephews came up to me with a well worn Rubix Cube with all sides solid. Done. First off, I was surprised to see this relic from the 80’s reappear in present day — but he apparently could solve it too.

I asked him if he finished it himself (something I never did) or took it apart and then snapped the pieces back together in order (something I often did)– he told me to mix it up and give it back to him. I did. Within minutes it was done. Right in my face…

In my day, I remember the few kids here or there that could do Rubix Cube.. One kid, Danny, would be able to do it lickity split– but he could also write Pi to the 100th digit on the blackboard in 4th grade and beat adults at chess. It made sense.

And there were a few others here and there who could do it. Like kids who went to secret classes that were invitation only, kids who wore robot costumes to school on days other than halloween, and kids who liked bugs. But here was my nephew (none of the above) zipping through it.

And then my other nephew came along and told me he could do it too! It was no big deal for him either! He took the Rubix and gave it back to me in checkboard pattern. It was surreal. I still struggle with one stupid side (as a grown up adult person no less!) And both these kids had it locked down easy? They’re both very smart– but that smart?!

It made me wonder if solving Rubix isn’t as big a deal anymore. Like, is it possible ALOT more kids kids can do it now? Half? More? And if so, what changed?

SOoo I’m coming to a scientific conclusion based on no information whatsoever (which ironically also brings back memories of my school days) — either my nephews are standouts OR kids are just way better at puzzles now. They’ve become naturals.

I’m guessing things have changed because of video games. They’ve been doing puzzles in video games since day one. So I’ve determined that their brains have grown smarter puzzle-wise in this new generation. Better wired for puzzicular foresight. There’s gotta be some side effect from growing up on an overdose of games that require problem solving skills from day one, yea?

So it’s safe to assume that generation to generation is going to be smarter and smarter with puzzles at an startling fast rate — which is coolio. I like evolution you can see. But it also means that 50 years from now when this website is– my great grand kids will probably think I’ve gone senile because I can’t finish a “pre-school” Sudoku puzzle…

ok bye!


Louise says:

There’s also the YouTube Tutorial Factor. Anything you want to learn to do is pretty much available on YouTube.

SwoLy-D says:

Yeah, but can kids nowadays figure out the puzzle that is putting down their cell phone or respecting their elders? I don’t think so. We had that.

Louis Armstrong says:

I hear babies cry…… I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more…..than I’ll never know
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world

Guest says:

I think you must have hung out with a bunch of retards. Pretty much everyone I knew could figure out a Rubik’s Cube. They weren’t that hard. Certainly not a sign of genius.

Guest says:

and not being able to finish Sudoku would mean you are dim-witted. If you were calling your grandkids Mep and Elf-up and asking them if they want boobs in the face, that would be senile.

rab says:

i hope our grandkids still want boobs in their face

jarjarspanx says:

u cant do rubix cube liar you never did

Anonymous says:

Youtube man

smokin1011 says:

There was a book titled “The Simple Solution to Rubik’s Cube” that taught you patterns and shortcuts. After reading it, I could solve it in a couple of minutes.

Spizzy WhizzleTooth says:

Yeah, but could any of these kids go back a hundred years and make horseshoes , rig a steam loom or split farsings for a fetchpail? I really fucking doubt it. Not smart enough is what I say. Bunch of tards is all they are. Time for your head pills little ones.

flowy dress waitress says:

kids today have the internet where they can google “how to solve a rubix cube”.

Tim says:

YouTube or not, it takes time to develop the ability to solve a cube cold, without referring to instructions. I’m glad that when most kids are memorizing song lyrics, there’s some willfully geeky kids seriously working on their brains, their grasp of spatial relationships and their understanding of cause and effect. Tomorrow’s software billionaires.

Guest says:

you should have spent more time studying logic. Talk about stretching point A to point Z without any logic or facts.

Anonymous says:

Rubik’s cubes come with a book that tells you how to solve it. It has pretty pictures, too. It just takes a little time, patience, and persistence.

Burke says:

About 50 kids in my junior high school learned how to solve it because there was this teacher (who was awesome) that had rubix cubes in his class. I think the youtube factor is the biggest thing, because I learned how to do the rubix cube down pat 3 days after watching a tutorial.

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