This isn't thievery, it's probably just something that's a bit
unethical.  We switched to broadband phone (voip) a few years back,
after getting thoroughly fed up with Qwest and their crappy service,
stupid pricing, and nasty attitudes.  Unlimited long distance and so
forth has been awesome! We're also paying about five bucks less per
month than the average customer, because at the time we made the switch,
my spouse worked for a big-box electronics type retail place, and his
employer had some sort of deal with this particular broadband phone
company.  He got a discount on the hardware, too.  Unknown to the voip
company, though, he was laid off a few months after we made the phone
switchover.  We're still getting the employee discount every month
(about five bucks off), and we're certainly not going to tell them!


Hi Todd!
First got to say I absolutely love your site. Anway I have a thief story that is kind of funny now that I look back on it. When I was around 5 or 6 years old I used to play with these girls in the apartment building that I grew up with. Well needless to say they showed me how to steal. Being kids we always stole candy and we either did it from the little candy shop they had at the complex or the AMPM that was around the corner.
Well one day my Dad, my Brother (who is 3 years older then me) and I went to AMPM. While I was there I of course snagged some candy (which happened to be some bazooka gum) I decided to be a good sister and steal some for my brother also. So my brother and I got in the car while our Dad was putting gas in the car. I lean over to my brother and go "Hey guess what I got you some candy from the store" My brother promptly takes the candy and then proceeds to yell "Dad Jess just stole some candy" (all the while with a smirk on his face) So my Dad forces me to return the candy with tears on my face. I was pretty mad at the time but I look back at it now and realized I probably deserved it as I used to torment my poor brother, like beating him up. Well anyway thats just one of my many child stealin stories.
Thanks for the awesome sight!


OK, here is my theving story that happened not so long ago that lasted about 4 years!
I Was working for A VERY big computer company and when I had started they had just started bringing in the Pentium 3 and 4 laptops in and the employies would have to turn in there old laptops. (High end Pentium 1 to high end pentium 2 and a few pentium 3's) now the reciving department all they had to do was transfer the user data accross to the new laptop and after the laptops would be sent to be destroyed (It didnt make it there though) yes... I Stole them every single one I could lol for 3 weeks i was nabbing a laptop a day! when I got home i would boot it up checked what i had nabbed (if the laptop was better than my one i would use *that was also stolen* i would keep that one and put my hard disk in the new one) and i would format the laptop install windows 2000 and sell the laptop on for like 20-30 :) Bonus! I Must have nabbed like 40 or more laptops some was left in old storage rooms some was supposed to make it to the crusher. on top of that I also capitalised on there stupid employees! 80% of them would send there mobile phones to other offices by regualr post! and put them in envalopes you could tell it was a mobile phone. yet again you can imagine what happened. i stole sooo many nokia's and sony erricsons and sold most of them off too LOL I must have stolen over 100 Phones :O some was very xpensive (esp at the time i.e. nokia 9300 communicator) and even an XDA pocket PC / Phone (which i still have to this day... shame it broke and wont take charge anymore :( ). I even stole 2 projectors and sold them off for 150 each complete with 3 extra bulbs as they was not used anymore and not on company record! and lastly I stole there corp CD key for Windows XP Pro.
There you go My Story!
Mr. Techy!
There you go tOdd lol.... Im a bad bad man!
Keep up the cool work!



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