February 18 2011

Three Magazine Firings

I’m a subscriber to too many magazines. And I realize today that some of these guys just gotta go.

First to end is Entertainment Weekly. It used to be my favorite magazine but over the past year or so I barely read it. Straight into recycling. I don’t know what purpose it serves anymore. This week I was invited to ‘Meet the New Superman’. Really? The Superman franchise has to recover a bit more from the last fiasco before I’m gonna get ‘psyched’ for a new anon guy playing Superman. Whatever is supposed to be funny in there usually isn’t and I think the layout is a non-focused mess. Flipping thru I see that The ‘Must List ‘ includes the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App and the movie ‘The Eagle’. There’s an article about Chris Brown. And Gaga. No teethy reviews. Awkward questions for Jason Sudekis (What are some of the worst ways your name has been mispronounced?… Awkkkwarrd?) And a report card for Grammy performances. Katy Perry got a C+ (burnnnn) Yawn. Yeah this magazine is donezo.

Also fired is Time Out New York…

Although in theory living in Brooklyn I should wanna keep up to date on all the goings on going on. But each week this week turns out to be an annoying avalanche of subscription cards combined with a reminder of how ‘uncool and uncultured’ I am. I do actually like going out and doing stuff but I can count the amount of times I’ve probably done something based on Time Out on my ears. This week’s cover is the Ultimate Guide to Beer. I really love beer but am I gonna hop on a train to Queens to test out the brew at ‘Sweet Afton’ in Astoria? I also think the layout is cluttered and unfocused. And the truth of it is– although Time Out could be handy sometimes and the reviews are pretty good– when I have a free weekend and am itching to do something. I can just buy this thing. Other than that it’s a weekly reminder of all the stuff I’m not doing because I’m either not cool enough or too lazy.

Us Weekly. The truth is my sister-in-law gave me a subscription to Us Weekly years ago for Hanukkah because whenever I was over the house I’d be like diving into Us Weekly first thing. For years, this thing has been arriving and I kept renewing the subscription because it had a certain cheese factor. Plus, chicks dig Us Weekly (although it being here on subscription probably raised a red flag). But it’s less gossipy now and more about fashion and advertising nail polish and rings or whatever. It’s more Housewives housewivey than cheesy celeb and sometimes I don’t even know who’s on the cover. Leah and Corey? Who the fk? If I seriously don’t know who is on the cover and don’t care. It’s time for the trashola.

But I kinda feel like there might be some hidden magazines I might still want. Like I subscribed to some magazine called Mental Floss that I liked alot but then it just stopped coming and they didn’t harass me so I never re-subscribed. Are there any under the radar magazines worth getting…? Or is the whole thing slowly getting to be whatevery and whatever…

ok bye!



Harper's says:

And their subscriptions are cheap.

chris says:


not sure if there are any good mags or not, but if you are do find a couple you want to subscribe to but the subscription through amazon…usually a good way to save some serious $, and if the magazine ends up being something y9ou don’t read, you don’t feel as guilty b/c you haven’t spent a ton of money

Anonymous says:


Less hear about the lady situation!


Monocle is the best magazine ever. It is sophisticated and for urban professionals. All the ads are for shit I will never afford: private jets, Rolexs, etc… but it is a serious good magazine with lots of provocative articles and great illustrations. Check it out. http://www.monocole.com Or look at Barnes and Noble. It is like 300 pages, costs 10 bucks and weighs some 10 pounds.

And yes, girlfriend story.

Nicol says:

I usually buy outdated magazines from Goodwill. I finally got a subscription to Oprah and Essence last month. I never bought them at the store because I knew it was cheaper to subscribe, but it took me years to subscribe because I didn’t want my name ending up on a bunch of mailing lists for junk mail.

Not realy the wheeze says:

Ummm..i just got two mag subscriptions with coke points…for free!!! That’s all I got…fu I’m not first!

MsM says:

Somebody gave me Spin (Music mag)subscription they got with Coke points. I don’t know who is on the cover, and I don’t read it. The one magazine I really like (Somerset Studio ,an art & crafts mag)I can’t afford, 6 issues a year for $32. So I look through it at Barnes & Noble & try to remember it when I get home. (I can’t).

James says:

It may sound corny…But National Geographic is a winner.

Stephanie says:

I used to get HEEB but it stopped coming. I think they went under, since I paid for the year! If they are still in business, it is GREAT and only like $20 for the year because it’s only 4 issues.

I keep US because it’s pretty cheap…like the poor man’s People. And Leah and Corey are on Teen Mom 2.

R$N says:

I don’t know. At the moment, I can’t afford a magazine subscription. But if I had a choice it would probably be PC Magazine or one related to animation.

Angry Man says:

I agree with James. National Geographic is the only magazine consistantly worth reading cover to cover. Get it now!

Robin says:

I am ditching EW now since Stephen King stopped writing his pop culture column in it. That was the best part of the magazine! Boo… 🙁

cb1 says:

i really didn’t know that people still got magazines, like, at their homes. i thought they just had them at airports and sent them to doctors offices and hair salons.

Beavis says:

Fire ’em ALL!! Fire fire fire!!! Fire is cool

Kyle says:

Todd, try GQ, Maxim, ESPN the mag, and Men’s Health. Your lady will appreciate your attempt to acquire manly knowledge.

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