July 07 2010

Three Quickie Annoying Things!!

#1. Off-Duty Cabs

The other day I was walking around with a friend and she brought up a good point. Here tis.

Cabs have three settings. These three:


But in the daytime when it’s bright out it’s hard sometimes to see which lights are on. Is the center light on? Or is it the two Off Duty lights? You can see easily if the cab is ‘Busy’ (aka passenger inside) with no lights on– that’s no problem.

So here’s the question: Why do I friggin care if a cab is ‘Off Duty’? As far as I’m concerned– you’re either picking me up or you’re not. Why not just have light ON or light OFF? I don’t need to know your schedule! Off-duty On-Duty? It’s not my business! Are you stopping for me or ain’t-cha? Light on says YES! Light off says NO! Let’s fix that!


#2. The Phone “1”

Are we still dialing a “1” before we make a phonecall ever or not? Is dialing “1” done? Or just sometimes or what? I think there needs to be some formal announcement because I still have a half-habit of dialing “1” before making any phonecall– even though I think dialing “1” is now officially over. Just let me know one way or another, phone people! I know it works either way but if dialing a “1” is never necessary let’s make that official so I can throw it on the “http://” pile. This of all the time I waste dialing a stupid “1” if it’s not necessary! Those fractions of a second add up to seconds!!

Thank you!

#3. DVR Problemos

Two things about DVR’s.

First… Hey A&E jerks! Get a clue when it comes to Intervention! Don’t run the friggin show one minute over like an a-hole– when in that precious one minute over you tell us if the person gets clean or not! Keep your friggin shows in your timeslots! No spillage! Yes, I know I can set my DVD to record extra minutes but you can’t rely on that sh-t! You can’t even rely on the DVR to record it in the first place! Or it records it 10x over! Get it together! Don’t put the responsibility on me to dig in on the crap wonked DVR specific programming confusion! Record new show til it’s over! Boom done!

Also is nobody going to talk about the ‘under the radar’ problem that DVRs are choking on the friggin HD or something because for me every other recorded show turns out all skippy and freezy! Are we just gonna ignore this? It isn’t just me! Everyone I talk to has the issue with the skippy and the freezy! I want my skippy and freezy fixed! Chop chop! Do you think we don’t notice?!

ok that’s it bye!

PS. Btw that lego picture is from this cute book here. I found that image in google images but might as well give the book props like decent web person. I’ve seen it before and it’s super smart and cute.


ali says:

I can’t resist. FIRST bitches.

ali says:

I can’t resist. FIRST bitches. ha

the REAL weeze says:


the REAL weeze says:

Just figured I’d give you all a #4 annoyance to be anoyyeddd at!!!!!!! BBBBIIIIIYYTTTTTCCCCCCCCHHHHEEEEESSSS !!!!!!!!!!

Amy says:

What happened to the Yankees post?!!?!

Anonymous says:

Too many negative comments, probably. WTF is a nutcase. Yeah, I said it.

WTF?!?!?!?! says:

Yeah, that’s me. The one who dares to question the wisdom of the guy who goes off-topic by bringing up his fears of being “spit on by rabid tea-party goers”, then accuses me of being “rabid” when questioned, followed by a good old round of “tea-bagging” insults when he can’t back up anything he says.

In other words, typical liberal behavior. Based on your comment, you know exactly what I mean, Mr. Anonymouse.

Nicol says:

I still have the small tv with the built in VHS player at the bottom. I do have a real tv in my room, but no fancy flatscreen or even Tivo or DVR. I am so behind in freakin’ everything.

R N says:

I bought a DVD Recorder back in 2004 as a Christmas gift for my father. It was a Chinese brand. The device still works, but now whenever I try to record a show, it skips. It’s the same problem you are having tOdd. Would I be having the same issue if I bought a Sony instead?

oddtodd7 says:

Wasn’t that. Just the person who invited me is fortunate to get those tickets– and people in the office know he went with me (including the boss etc) and asked for me not to half-bash it publicly etc…

Jane says:

Dial 1 from landlines (necessary). Dialing 1 is not necessary from cell phones.

Anonymous says:

WTF?!?!?!?! says: July 7, 2010 at 11:46 amYeah, that’s me. The one who dares to question the wisdom of the guy who goes off-topic by bringing up his fears of being “spit on by rabid tea-party goers”, then accuses me of being “rabid” when questioned, followed by a good old round of “tea-bagging” insults when he can’t back up anything he says.
In other words, typical liberal behavior. Based on your comment, you know exactly what I mean, Mr. Anonymouse

I’m crazy..crazy for feeling, so lonely! I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so bluuueeee.

WTF?!?!?!?! says:

…and there ya go.

Travis says:

Intervention is one depressing show.

Anonymous says:

It’s not just DVRs – not sure if you’ve experienced the FABULOUS digital conversion of cable in your area yet – but when you do, you’ll get the joy of paying $100/mo for skippy/freezy shows on EVERY channel. Oh, and they take away several channels (it’s not our fault, it’s the conversion!) and then try to upsell you to the more expensive box so you can get what you were already paying for in the first place. And they couldn’t care less if you complain. I hate it.

DirectTV, I hear you suck, but you can’t possibly be as bad as Comcast. I’m so switching.

KelBel says:

Todd- the 1 is the United States ‘International Telecommunications Union’ code or Country code. Each country has one for international phone calls. For instance, Afghanistan? ITU code 93. Boo-ya Todd. Good vibes as always!


Z says:

I like dialing “1”.

iLLBiLL says:

Have a Time-Warner Cable DVR, and the freezing has gotten better since we bugged them a bunch of times, they finally fixed the connection on the pole, as for the 1 minute over, yea that blows, but we set the DVR to record 5 mun past the “normal” end time.

Z says:

How hard it is to be a public figure and speak the truth, eh tOdd???

skine says:

I grew up in the 716 area code (later 585), and my father worked in 315. Our house and his work were close enough to be local (and thus toll free), but it was only free if you dialed 1-315-***-**** instead of 315-***-****.

That’s about the only point I ever saw in dialing the 1 first, though.


G says:

not a fan of the dialing 1. I often don’t do it, and then I’ll get that damn message telling me to dial 1 first. I don’t really see why I should have to dial it. And when people list phone numbers, they don’t list 1 in front of it but then yet it still needs it… I don’t remember always have to dial one back in the day.

Anonymous says:

get a better dvr. TiVO > all cable co. dvrs

SW says:

i second the tivo reco. it’s totally worth the $$$. and it will cost you a bunch more than the cable co. but you won’t regret it.

Whheezer says:

My vuvzela wants to kill your mother?!

Ren says:

Yup – the 1 is for the country code. And as pointed out, if you have to dial into another area code. I have to dial it on my cell as well … so it’s not just a landline thing.

We take it for granted when we see ads with phone numbers – and it has become silent. But that’s just because … how often are you really watching a French infomercial and need to dial in, now?!

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