September 07 2010

Three Things I Liked This Week!

Here’s three things that I liked this week:

1. Nivea Cool Body Wash

For years I’ve been using Old Spice Sport for my shower soap– but ever since that Old Spice guy started making me feel bad about myself I’ve been looking to switch it up. (I guess it’s possible that in the long run that ad campaign (as funny as it is) might be backfiring. I don’t make the connection between “Look at your man… Now look at me…” and have the end result of me feeling “good”…

So I’ve dabbled here and there with some other soaps. I refuse to buy Dove for Men because I think Dove is always for girls even if it says ‘For Men’ on it. I tried some seemingly ‘gender neutral’ stuff like Aveeno or whatever but they still seem to fall on the girl side of the soap world. And I won’t go as far over as Axe because… um… I’m not an Axe guy.

Anyway, recently I tried this Nivea Cool and I really like it! It’s my new soap! It’s refreshing and clean and I think it smells good– and the product doesn’t make me feel bad about not being on a motorcycle horse or whatever. And it’s called ‘Cool’ which automatically makes me ‘cool’.



2. Stonyfield Farm BaNilla Yogurt

I’ve been eating yogurt with berries and granola or whatever ever since my body told me I can’t eat Fruity Pebbles non-stop anymore. I used to get the Fage yogurt– but to be honest I was never crazy about it. It seemed pricey and sour. Like extra sour or whatever. But recently I started getting Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt which I liked more.

But the other day I accidentally bought Banilla flavored. I didn’t realize it until I opened it up and it was all gross yellow colored. I almost barfed. I thought the vanilla had gone totally bad all the way through. But then I looked at the label and saw it was banana and vanilla flavored. I was like, ‘Gross! I got the wrong kind!’ Then I realized I like both banana AND vanilla. And I ate it and I liked it and now it’s my new favorite yogurt. So there’s that.


3. Apple Slicer from IKEA

Soon it will be apple season and I’m psyched! Once the ‘good’ apples come out I seriously probably eat a couple dozen a week. I don’t like biting into apples I like slicing them up. It’s been my way for years. But recently I was in IKEA and I saw one of these apple slicer things. I’d never used one before. Not sure how common they are or what but I decided to buy one. It was like $5.00 I think.

I kind of assumed with most ‘kitchen gadgets’– there would be something ‘wrong’ with it and it would end up in a drawer forever. Like bad peelers or whatever. But these apple slicer things are pretty friggin awesome! (Am I the last person on earth to use one? I dunno…) It’s fun too! There’s something satisfying about slicing up an apple with one push and making it look all blooming oniony and stuff!

It also works well with other fruits too– like “Asian Pears”. Which I ate a bunch of the other day and I also like. It doesn’t work with blueberries though.

ok bye!


the REAL weeze says:


Crumbles says:

I started to respond to weeze annndWHAM ZZZzzzzzzzzz z zz z z ……….

SW says:

My problem with those apple cutter thingies is that they won’t handle big apples. And of course I won’t figure out the apple is too big until I slam the cutter down and the damn thing wedges halfway! Suxors! But yeah, those things are pretty cool as long as your apple fits properly.

klobster says:

Did you figure out how to use the loofa scrubby thing yet, TOdd? or are you still rubbing the liquid on your body?

-DJ- says:

1. Seriously Todd, just use a bar of Ivory or Dial like real men. It’s way cheaper too.

2. If you gotta eat yogurt, mix the Fruity Pebbles right in!! Dannon (or maybe it’s Yoplait) even sells it that way!

3. Dude, you’re as old as me. You’ve really never used an apple slicer before?? My Grandmother had one from the 20’s. I always thought that was one of those things EVERYONE had in the utensil drawer.

Jenna in Jerz says:

I love love LOVED Banilla yogurt. I can’t eat it anymore because I went vegan. πŸ™‚ Its my own fault, but it still stinks. Banilla yogurt popsicles are pretty good too.

WTF!?!??!?!?! says:

I guess you want to preserve those wild herds of banilla animals. Mmmmmmm… tastes like chicken!

Anonymous says:

Jenna – be clear: it’s not that you can’t eat the yogurt. It’s that you actively choose not to eat it because you’re vegan. I’m sick and tired of people saying ‘oh, I can’t eat that…’ Baloney sandwiches (ah, see what I did?). It’s a flat out choice. It’s not like homosexuality. It’s not like being black. You weren’t born vegan. And even if you were, it’s not that you cannot. It’s that you choose not. This, I can respect.

Crumbles says:

I was going to ask how eating yogurt violated vegan laws, but then I realized it was dairy. Then I realized I didn’t give aaaaWHAM

bd says:

A giant apple slicer for pizza or cake would be cool.

Tatoo Girl says:

*swik swik* I’ll cut you. I mean your pizza.

johnny5 says:

sometimes i put yogurt on my weiner and go to the dog park.
try it.

Travis says:

I saw some guy at the dog park getting arrested this morning.

Don says:

Todd, body wash sucks….Use a bar of soap.

suzie says:

i love banana and vanilla. can’t wait to buy some!!

Medusa says:

Banilla yogurt is great, and I like a guy who smells good!
But an apple slicer? Only nesessary if you are baking lots of pies. tOdd are you baking pies?

Nella says:

Don’t listen to DJ and Don, body wash is great. My husband uses body wash with a loofa thingy, and trust me, he’s ALL man ;-).

I’m TOTALLY gonna try banilla yogurt, that sounds awesome!

And yes, apple slicers are cool. Lazy, yes, but still cool!

-DJ- says:

I hate to tell you this Nella, but your husband has a boyfriend.

me says:

If it’s not a bar of soap it’s girly soap no matter what it is.

Anonymous says:

Then ‘me’, why don’t you prove it and drink the girly soap? Not so girly anymore, eh?

Jane says:

Um, Todd, er, you alternate Old Spice and Nivea? You couldn’t have picked two better panty-soakers if you’d done your PhD in pheromone substitutes.

I used to love you for your mind, but now I’m through joking about how I want to marry you (never really a “joke” though). From this moment on, I’m just dreaming about us having sex.

oddtodd7 says:

One other thing I liked this week. The movie “MacGruber”…

Off Topic Guy says:

By the way Todd, are you going to have the “Guess the Change in the Jar” Contest this year?

Anonymous says:

One thing I hated when it came out because it was badly put together (except for the beginning) – – MacGruber.

Krankor says:

Real men use Lava soap in the shower. Takes off that dead top layer of skin and leaves your skin ultra-sensative!

JV says:

“I don’t make the connection between β€œLook at your man… Now look at me…” and have the end result of me feeling β€œgood”…”

That made me laugh! I think you’re right. Everyone I know who likes that commercial is a girl. I think it’s common that guys don’t like that it.

Ash-lay says:

1. I am now going to recommend that stuff for my husband. He needs to stop using the bar soap that gets a line of soap scum from the hanger down to the drain. I just needed the right thing to switch him to gel. A hearty thank you.

2. Dang! That yogurt sounds amazing! I had my gallbladder out recently, and now my body doesn’t agree with dairy. It sucks. Hard. I think I miss yogurt the most.

3. I think my Mom brought home the first of those apple slicers in the early 90’s. Sorry, Todd. But they are cool!

Roxane says:

1. I, too, have an apple slicer. It’s called “a knife.” Tossed my apple/pear slicer in the Goodwill a decade ago. But what IS super cool? A PINEAPPLE slicer! $20 at the fancy cooking store, but totally worth it.

2. Old Spice??? Really? The key word is “O.L.D.” Smells like what only an old–and really cheap–guy would wear. Think “Frank Barone.” And the spice? That’s what pumpkin bread is for. Get some Eternity or Cool Water or, well, anything else. Heck, I’d welcome you in plumeria or cucumber-melon over freakin’ Old Spice. Ugh.

ellaone says:

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Mr Bill says:

Liquid soap dude? Really?

sunshine says:


glad to see you are eating healthy and conscious of buying the organic, but putting chemicals ON your body is just as bad putting them in your body. Try checking out some organic body wash! πŸ™‚

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