August 12 2011

Three Things I Think

1. It’s dawned on my that I gotta step up my game. Not my game with cartooning or updating the site more often (that too of course). But my video “game”. I realize that if I don’t learn how to properly work a controller with two joysticks and tons of buttons– I’ll be out of the game. I have skills mind you. I’m still great on PC with keyboard and mouse — but if I’m going to continue to have any game gamery in the future I have to stop denying that the double joystick controller with buttons everywhere doesn’t need to be mastered.

The last few times I played a game with my nephews it was Call of Duty– I was told ‘I sucked’. Sucked! I could barely play. I couldn’t focus on learning the game because I couldn’t even figure out how to balance myself. Or shoot straight.

I’ve prided myself in the past on being able to keep playing video games and lord knows I’m waiting for Dead Island on PC bigtime. But if I don’t wanna seem all outdated on my gaming, I gotta simply sit down and practice double joystick real console. Hard. Or walk away. (Break the wrist. Walk away).

2. I don’t like it when people leave the little plastic film on their electronic devices! That protective peel-off plastic when you buy a new something something. New phone. Or it covers the radio in new cars. New thing with a screen on it. They’re usually covered in a protective peel-off film. Temporarily on there to keep it new. Some people never peel it off!

I think that thing has such a nice clean satisfying peel-off! WTF! It feel good to peel! It’s like a dream sticker! So how could it be that I’ll sometimes see someone with a new phone with the film still on and it’s all filthy and half peeling off?? Certainly if you’re that concerned about protection– there’s other things to buy! Plus, how can you resist not peeling it off?? All day every day! With that little rippy tab just wiggiling its butt at you non-stop?? It’s gotta go! Peel! Please peel it off!


3. I found a really coolio practical joke thing. They’re kinda new (I think). I sent a bunch up to my nephews at sleepaway camp and they went over big. They’re called the ‘Bomb Bag’. It’s like a poprocks size packet but inside you break the capsules and then some illegal chinese chemical situation goes down in the bag and it slowly starts to swell up. After a bit (30 seconds or whtvr) the thing goes BOOM! (way loud!) So you can quietly drop it somewhere and walk away and wait it out. (office trash can or whatever… then BOOM!) Total loud! Total fun!

Funnest new practical joke thingee I’ve seen in a while.

Here’s a video of a Bomb Bag prank:

Them three things I thought about today! ok bye!



the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


moomatz says:

m e h

Anonymous says:


Anon says:

F–k video games make some more cartoons and find that horse mr. dent

Vato70x7 says:

I’ve been out of my game game for years. I just watch my kid play Black Ops anymore. He is a freakin certified killer on that damn game! Don’t even bother coming into his game.

Nate says:

1 – Remember the good ol’ days when you had ONE joystick and it had ONE button. They were built terrible and would last ONE week.

2 – No kidding. That film is for protection during assembly and shipping, not normal use. Peel it off, plastic film hoarders.

3 – That sounds awesome for your responsible immature adults but you know it is going to get banned after idiots start putting them in subways and airports, shutting them down for hours at a time.

$R$N says:

1. Practice Todd with the current FPS games and you’ll step up your game in no time.

2. Agree with you 100%.

3. Cool, but yeah I can see that getting out-of-hand.

Bob in Peru says:

I hate to admit it but I agree with Weeze. Todd, I think you pulled a ligament in your head on this post.

Guest says:

By your own admission you read Weeze comments which means you are most likely the one with the pulled brain ligament. With such a severe lack of judgement on your part, you probably aren’t one to talk about the quality of tOdd’s posts.

tainted says:

before you mentioned how satisfying that peel off thing was i was thinking, “man, those are so god damn satisfying.”..its because you know theres like no dust underneath. untouched by human hands. but on the other side of the spectrum, some people dont like it because they KNOW its been untouched and by ripping off the plastic you are exposing it to outside germy air and fingerprints. and a separate protector just isnt the same because theres no way you can revert fully to the factory sealed freshness.

also, i think a keyboard and a mouse is always gonna dominate. i suck also at games like call of duty – i cant even move with the stupid controller right. but the advantage is that consoles are always changing. they gotta get used to a new controller, while pc users are already set. screw consoles anyway, pc gaming rules.

i wonder what would happen if you popped that bag..and then flushed it down the toilet? or popped it and put it in one of those drive-thru pneumatic air tubes at the bank lol

cb1 says:

that bomb prank SUKCED! i was expecting potato chips flying everywhere! nothing happened! might as well just blow into a paper bag and smack it! bigger bomb!

Guest says:

What a douche bag. If your age no longer contains “teen”, stop wearing your hat backwards. Grow up and stop dressing like you mow lawns for a living. I can’t imagine what sort of goober would actually subscribe to his videos.

flowy dress waitress says:

ummmm i’m 30 and i’m a woman and I figured the xbox out in 2011 (i wish i had gotten the PS3 tho. i got peer pressured by my bro in law).
i’m pretty sure you can figure it out, TODD, if you just sit the fuck down with a game you are psyched about and no kids to pressure you into doing things faster or better.

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