September 06 2016

Thursday’s Random Emails

Subject: Underpants.
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 21:03:06 -0400

Just read your humorous post about being humiliated for having your underpants showing when you were in grade school. It brought back memories for me except I was in first year University and I had just started tucking my shirt inside my underpants and sometimes if I was wearing them high a few inches of the underpants would show at the top of my pants. You can imagine the humiliation on pledge night at a fraternity when someone pointed out quite loudly to all present that my underpants were showing. I ended up having to drop my pants in front of maybe 30 guys, who thought it was hilarious, before I was able to get away. Of course I wasn’t accepted in the frat. Five years later I am still tucking my shirt in my underpants and more often than not the waisband ( and sometimes more) is showing,but I am cool with it.

Thanks for bringing back a memory.

Mike”underpants still showing”K

Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 20:38:45 +0100
Subject: Can we be considered for a mention?

Russ and I do a free web show called ‘The Born In The 70s Show’ which is at

Any chance we can get a mention?

We were written about by The Sun newspaper here in the UK this week…

We love your site by the way!

Subject: FW: Conan O’Brien Live From Universal Studios…
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 00:43:25 -0700

Saw Conan’s Legally Prohibited To Be Funny On TV Tour (or something like that)
tonight at Universal Studios Amphitheater…



The envelope and note on the 3×5 card came, but no magnet! Not your fault, the side of the envelope was cut open razor-style. Methinks I smell postal shennanigans. The note is good enough for me.

Just and FYI. No need to send another one. Thank you!



Thank you so much for the sketches and magnet! When my wife saw the letter, she said, “Who do we know in New York?” She was completely surprised when she opened the envelope and found all the goodies. She laughed and laughed, and immediately hung the sketches in a place of honor (fridge). They look great, and we are both pleased as punch to have some original tOdd artwork.

Thanks again!

My client has a site called They create funny stories like the onion. Can you give them a shout out or add there stories to your links cause its seems like a good fit for your site.


Hi tOdd…
thank you SO much for the little note. Sadly, as you guessed correctly the magnet didn’t make it thru the US postal service. Was it only happening to Canadian addresses…maybe they think magnets are some sort of weapon and confiscated it???
Anyway the thought was much appreciated, and actually I like my own little doodle almost more than the magnet 🙂
Say hi to Roscoe and you are welcome in Toronto anytime!!! We’ll show you a good time if you ever want to come for a visit!

(and good choice on the iPhone they are the BEST!!! I Love it!!)
Sent from my iPhone
hi OddtOdd….
I’ve been a fan of your site for quite a few years now, maybe since ’03 (wow is that possible?), and was watching as you got Roscoe as a puppy. I’d always had a dog as a kid, but was the kind of dog that more or less stayed outside all the time. Then, you’re in NYC with a dog in an apartment, and you seemed to be rocking it, being the responsible owner, etc etc…even the webcam.

When I saw your April Fool’s page (which took me a LONG time to realize the day) I had this sense of, “Wow, this guy who I felt was straight up living in Brooklyn taking care of this gorgeous animal…..just pulls a full on city slicker move and DUMPS his dog on a friggin farm???”. Until I realized your “joke” later on I had this real sense of being duped, that you were just another ruthless, ignorant, and insensitive city dweller who sees dogs/pets as disposable. NOT funny!!! I believed it!!

I’m glad to see that it’s not true but somehow at the same time, and luckily I have been reading your blog for long enough I feel like I know where you’re coming from, I still somehow feel a little betrayed.
I’ll still read your site though…your pics of the week and most of all your Mov-ay reviews keep me coming back. You should write those for a magazine or something.

I’ve never written in before, and felt your apology was meaningful. If you’d like to send me a magnet, you may send it to the following address…..

Ms Jamie
Hey Todd,

Hope all is well with you.

L-Magazine has asked Animation Block Party to do a “best of NYC”
showcase as part of their annual Northside Festival and we wanted to include
an Odd Todd film if you’re interested?

Please give a heads up with your thoughts.

Thank you,

Casey Safron
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 14:26:09 -0700
Subject: Venice Beach Freakshow

Hi Todd,

What are your hours of operation?




Sh!tForBra!ns says:

“Underpants Still Showing” is still better than “Pants On The Ground”.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

You know, I was the first person to post and I thought that it would be some huge thrill or rush. Not really.

So why does that weeze guy act like he won the Lottery every time he posts (even though he’s never first)?

Can somebody explain that to me? I don’t understand stuff like that, but I have, well, sh!t for bra!ns…

"underpants still showing" says:

s for brains loved your comment. Never looked at it that way before.

Goats says:

Who the heck tucks their shirt into their underpants at any age????? Who taught you guys to do that>???? WIERD!

"underpants still showing" says:

When I was in college a lot of guys tucked their shirts in their underpants. I just tried it a few times, liked it,got used to having them showing and have been wearing them that way since.

Anonymous says:

A friendly warning to “underpants still showing”:

You may be “cool with it,” but the people in your life who have to look at “a few inches” of your underwear sticking out of your pants and know that your wiener and bumhole are touching your shirt instead of your undies are most likely not. The undies are the designated poopie-germ-touchers, not the shirt. Just a heads up…

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

ARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Doesn’t EVERYBODY know this by now?!?!?!?

I guess not.

Goats says:

And for those people who insisted todd send you apology letters for his april fools day prank—shame shame SHAME ON YOU! Get a life–and a sense of humor! You better donate to the tip jar! Bigtime!!!!

R N says:

I’m sorry but I have to agree with Goats – who tucks their shirt in their underpants? Yeah. Weird. When I read Todd’s April Fools prank, I believed it until I read the comments, but I wasn’t freaking out because of it. Some people need to chill out.

Whuck? says:

For the love of Pete. Stop tucking anything into your underpants except Mr. Willie Johnson. The rest is just bizarre. You’ll be more comfortable after day 2 or 3 of this and will never look back. Except to read these comments again. Mr. Johnson will even thank you.

Justin says:

Prior to the 1960’s many guys wore underpants which buttoned at the waistband, rather than elastic, and had to keep them up with braces. This meant you had to tuck your shirt inside your drawers. I know because my Grandad used this method,and consequently my Dad, myself and my sons have all followed suit. The advantages are obvious, even though elastic means the braces have become redundant. You can easily adjust your package without having undo and drop your pants, and in winter its is much warmer to have both your shirt and vest tucked in tightly. The only downside is that occasionally your underpants may be visible above the waist of your jeans, but only if someone is looking hard, and many ladies quite like to see a saucy flash of underwear – much better than these lads who sag.

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