July 14 2010

Thursday’s Random Emails! (pets, movay reviews, links!)

Hey! I know I’ve been slacking on mov-ay reviews this summer but it’s been sort of a weak batch of films. This weekend though I’m all over Incepticon! And stuff! But in Thursday’s Random emails we have a couple guest mov-ay reviews and other stuff to read if you wanna read some other stuff! Starting with this stuff and stuff!
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Subject: converse sneaks
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 11:55:42 -0400

tOdd–thanks for turning me on to my new, incredibly awesome (and totally COOL) Converse sneaks!!! I just ordered a pair and can hardly wait until they arrive. I’m a teacher, and man, are my kids gonna be jealous!

Rock on!!


To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Subject: Wednesday’s pets
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 22:22:14 -0500

Hey tOdd, I have new babies and sooo want to share.

This is Peanut, My newest cat. I recently had him fixed but can not bring myself to just call him pea.
And this is Blu, a husky mix I think, and he’s crazy. So loving but I think he’s not to bright. He brings me home the yuckiest things, and just loves to roll in them. He ends up stinking so bad and then insists on sitting in my lap when I get home, just jumps in the car like he’s gonna drive himself somewhere.
I just love their eyes, they both just make you want to stare back and give em a smooch. Tell Rosco blu says hey. Peanut doesn’t care of coarse, he is after all a cat.

yOur daily fan


Hey Bud,

I wrote a book about unemployment while I was laid off. I was too
lazy to try to get it published, so I just put it online on a free

“Pogey” is a Canadian term for unemployment insurance.

I have a Facebook page for the book too.


Do what you want with it. It would be cool if you could put a link
to it for Canadian fans of yours. My U.I. just ran out a while
ago. Luckily I found a chick I could move in with. WHEW!

She’s totally cool. I’m thinking about making an addendum to the
book, because there’s a fine line you gotta walk if you’re
unemployed and living off your old lady.

Love your stuff, man. The original Odd Todd youtube video REALLY
struck home for me.


In solidarity,
Graham Wilson

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 22:31:25 -0500
Subject: Sunday’s Kisses
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

So, my first kiss was in 9th grade with my first “real” boyfriend, let’s call him Stan. I’d had other boyfriends before Stan but they were just those “Let’s hold hands in the hallways and nothing else” boyfriends.

Stan and I started dating when we were both 15, but he was a grade ahead of me. We were both super shy and awkward at first, so for the first couple weeks I was glad he hadn’t tried to kiss me. After that, I wanted him to! All my friends kissed their boyfriends right off the bat, so I was wondering what his dealio was, if I was gross or if I had a moustache or needed to floss or whatev. He would give me a kiss on the cheek here or there, but no where near the lips.

Anyways, we had started dating in December, and it wasn’t til almost two months later on Valentine’s day that he finally kissed me. I had a feeling he would on Valentine’s day so I made sure my lips were well glossed and my breath was fresh and junk. That evening we had spaghetti and meatballs, made by my mom (who makes the best spaghetti ever, with homemade meatballs). And I made one of those Jello brand cheescakes from a box. If you’ve never made a Jello cheesecake, you wouldn’t know this, but they don’t set up real firm like normal cheesecake. They’re just a little thicker than pudding. So after we had our spaghet and meatballs, Stan and I went into the kitchen to dish us up some cheesecake. Like a total dork, I flipped it upside down right out of the pan on to the floor, where it left a horrible stain on the white carpet (who friggen puts white carpet in a kitchen anyway?), which can still be seen today. So I was totally flustered and embarassed which just made the whole anticipation-of-the-possibility-of-my-first-kiss situation even more awkward. So we went downstairs in the rec room/living room, and popped in a movie. Just as it was about to start, he leaned in and FINALLY kissed me! GAH!

And it was so awkward.

It started out as a couple of slow lingering pecks, but quickly turned in to the most awkward makeout session ever. He like, basically only sucked on my lips? There was really no tounge involved on that first night of kisses, just a lot of lip sucking…? The whole time I was thinking “Oh my God, this is my first kiss! ….Where’s the tounge action? This isn’t how they do it in the movies, I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be using his tounge. Should I try using my tounge? Oh dear, I’m not sure I’m doing this right…” Which would go in a giant cycle in my head.

The kisses eventually involved some tounges, and got a lot less awkward and a lot more enjoyable, thank goodness! We ended up dating a little over three years.

Then I started dating my current boyfriend, John, who kisses a thousand times better! And I thought Stan was a good kisser! PFFT! On a scale of 1-10, Stan’s kisses were maybe a 3, and John’s are a 11!

Thanks for letting me share!

To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Subject: 2 movay reviews
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 14:27:49 -0400

Hey Todd…we love you lots. My Girlfriend pointed you out to me a couple years ago and I’ve become a regular ever since (she already was). You’ve seen pictures of our pets and published them: Blue the Bassett Hound and Walter the Black Cat.

anyway; here are 2 guest mov-ay reviews…I’ll be seeing the new one: Inception ASAP; so if you don’t get to it I’ll send that too.

Take care;
Mike A.


Yes; Yes I know a lot of people think Tom Cruise is crazy; seems to have become a scientology-nut to many people. And jumping around on Oprah’s scenery on her TV show; and the leaked interview about scientology didn’t help. But then he turned out a few good roles: that German WWII one was all-serious-like; which showed he could still act. And the made-up; pudgy bald producer we saw in Tropic Thunder was great too. And since he didn’t take himself too seriously dressed in the pudge-suit, he seems to be getting a bit of his mojo back.

All that being said; his collaboration with Cameron Diaz in KNIGHT & Day is great….the film should be seen by you before it’s gone from the big-screen. If it’s still in theatres now; my best advice is to see it there.

The movie; if you haven’t seen the trailers, throws some sort of spy-guy on the run (Cruise) together with a beautiful but non-spy type Blonde lady (Diaz). It’s loaded with action; some laughs, some smart tricks and clues, and somehow combines action and tension with fun. It’s got international locations; some “keep you guessing” twists and turns to make you wonder if Tom’s character is good or bad or maybe just crazy and thinks he’s a good guy.
All in all; I liked it a lot. Although entirely a different storyline; it reminded me of the “experience” of the original DieHard 20-plus years ago. Fun; blockbuster effects; and likable characters. Just good and entertaining. It was way better than Mr & Mrs Smith with Brad & Angelinia a few years ago. As impossible and fun as an action adventure like this can be, Knight & Day is (in my opinion) more believable and realistic than that earlier film.

Walking out another guy couldn’t stop talking about how great it was….so did some other friends who saw it. And I think their joy came from it being “UNEXPECTEDLY” good….not just better than you thought it may be from the commercials/trailers; but better than most movies being made in the same vein today ( ie Ashton Kutcher’s KILLERS). It’s a grown-up; fun; action adventure ride that will leave you smiling. Probably best if you’re over 30; probably perfect if you’re over 40. I’d have to say it’s “adult-smart” in it’s wittiness.

I’ve seen A-team; and Iron Man 2, and Robin Hood….and this was better than all of them.

Three good things about the movie:
1 despite the trailer; it all does make sense in the end…and the locations are even more beautiful than in the trailer
2 Tom Cruise gives all the stuff you like: the action of Mission Impossible; the gonads of Top Gun; and the nice guy from Jerry Maguire.
3 It’s fun when Cameron Diaz’s Character starts to have some gumption and fight back

Three bad things:
1 some characters seem “tacked-on” later…an older couple you’ll meet (no I didn’t spoil anything)
2 Tom Cruise’s baggage—despite how great the movie is; I caught myself occassionally thinking how crazy he’s acted in real life
3 the poor ad campaign/posters….the movie posters only show generic letters for the title and the shape of two ambiguous people ( the Knight and Day characaters)….it will lead to an undeservedly short run in theatres. I read somewhere that any photos that Cameron liked for the poster were unacceptable to Tom didn’t….and vice versa. So their huge egos are to blame for the lousy poster.

Rating: 4 cookies (& a glass of milk!)

Finally a “re-boot” that is gold. This takes you right back to the first classic; iconic jungle-alien monster-Arnold testosterone fest. It’s as if all the lame sequels (Predators fight Alien monsters, Pradators fight Freddy & Jason etc etc) never happened. This is like a re-make of the first; but it’s actually more of an update meant to follow the first (the Arnie-classic is mentioned in here by one of the characters).

Basically a bunch of the world’s deadliest types (soldiers, mercenaries, japanese mafia, crazed killers etc) end up being dropped in a jungle. Where they are and what’s going on is all part of the fun of them realizing the Predators are looking to hunt (this is not a spoiler; it is simply the premise of every predator movie).

The characters are interesting (some more then others) especially a nerdy; non-athletic Doctor played by Topher Grace. Why is he dropped in there with all the other hardcore tough-targets? Will his medical skills come in handy? Also; Laurence Fishburn is in it; but probably not what you’re expecting from him.

Overall; this is fun as fun to watch as it would be terrifying to experience in real life. So; it lives up to the feel and adrenalin of the original. If you like the first Predator; see it. If you liked the crappy sequels that have been made over the years; see it and see what those lesser films SHOULD have been.

Three good things about this movie:
1 It’s true to the original without boring you. For example: the Psycho remake in the 90’s that was just an exact duplicate with new actors…so exact a copy of the original that you know every single thing that is coming. They DON’T do that here.
2 one cast choice in particular: Adrien Brody is surprisingly acceptable as an action-hero type.
3 the other cast choices in general: Topher Grace and Laurence Fisburn both deliver; and it’s so nice to see a female character in action films that can kick ass with the boys

Three Bad things:
1 the end of the Fishburn segment left me unimpressed
2 how come the guys without guns (the Doctor and a Criminal for example) don’t grab all the guns left by the people being killed?
3 The dialogue is a little stiff or b-movie cheesy (watch for the very last line of the film for an example) but the rest of the action carries it.

Rating: 4 cookies for fans of the genre; 3 cookies for everyone else.


Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 15:36:40 -0700
Subject: Mon-ay, Mov-ays, and TV
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

Hey Todd,

Been a big fan of your site for years.

I’ve debated bugging you with an email about my company, but I figure it can’t hurt.

Are you using any particular provider for hosting the site, flash, movies, etc?

My company, BandCon, is a major provider of network infrastructure and content delivery services to companies all across the web. We’ve worked with Myspace, Weather Channel, Neulion (streams sporting events online), etc etc etc..

We cover just about every service (IP, Transport, CDN, Colo, etc.). Any contracts set to expire soon? I’d be thrilled to work with ya-

thats it!

BandCon | www.bandcon.com

Is your original “Laid Off” video on YouTube or another site where I can embed it into a blog entry?



(Just put it up here)

Hey, t0dd:

Something tells me you’ll appreciate the writing in this one…
Diary of an Unemployed Class of ’10 Philosophy Major in New York City, Part 3 – The Awl


I am not entirely sure what networking is, and I’m not sure anyone else is either. I am somewhat sure that I am not doing it. I’ve been given the gist of it.

Michael P


Preacher says:

God is love. I love God.

the real real real weeze says:

first bitches im too tired today for capitals or punctuation was up all night playing with my mamas vuvuzela

Whheezer says:

vuvuzela is love…especially the weez’s mama.

Get the Vote Out says:

Vote for Ginger in 2012!

oddtodd7 says:


John "Freakin' " Kennedy says:

With her beauty and boobs, and my brains behind the scenes, how can she miss?

Sincerely freakin’ yours,
John “Freakin’ ” Kennedy
“GINGER IN 2012” Headquarters and
The Oval Office

Anny says:

Todd? You know today is Wednesday, not Thursday… right?

tOdd Administrative Assistant says:

Anny, tOdd knows. My guess is that he wants to get Thursday Emails out a day early.

Z says:

Happy Bastille Day everyone!

Crumbles says:

I’m all in favor of a show where you drop different air conditioners off of 5-story buildings onto weeze while he goes FIRST BIT.. WHAMMM

Jane says:

“can not bring myself to just call him pea.”

Best. Line. Ever.

ConscienceUA says:

it was very interesting to read.
I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Anonymous says:

If you’re referring to the Pogey Manifesto, it’s free for anyone to use, quote, print, pirate or anything else. I don’t have a Twitter account because my life is relatively boring and no one wants to hear what I had for lunch.

Now how do I put my name on this? I don’t know. Oh well.

-Graham 🙂

Medusa says:

Thanks Jane! He won’t answer to that anyway, it is so beneath him.

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