March 25 2010

Thursday’s Random Emails

If you wanna read some emails people sent in and stuff they’re all here. If you wanna send me an email or have any suggestions comments about the new site– please write me here

(btw help: my ‘favicon’ is appearing on every page except my homepage. any favicon experts out there can help? )



Hiya tOdd,

Some people have created a raffle for a Florida golfcourse Townhouse and a Mercedes (tickets are $50.00 each).

This is to raise money for the cost of a guy’s double lung transplant not covered by insurance. He’s a dad. The deadline for this is March 31st.

Here’s a link to their website with lots of FAQs answered:

They have a clip of Bonnie Hunt talking about this on her show.


Hey Todd – do you think I could maybe advertise my Etsy store on your new site? The link is and it’s photography prints and cards.

Let me know.


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 15:23:18 -0700
Subject: Fw: Harry and Bess . . .

I am sure you don’t want to get into this area but I have to put this down so I can Vent a little.and don’t know any one else that I can do my venting.

I just this email below and its just a little bit of info about one of our former Presidents, and I thought about Hillary Clinton, putting $40 million of HER own money into her campaign. So I did a little checking.

Do you realize that the average pay of our congressional leaders is between $149,000 and $197,000 a year? And they get a pay raise every year, this year it was 2.2 and 4.2 percent depending on their position and tenure Now comes the venting even if they only spend one term in office they still get a retirement pay almost equal to what they were getting while in office the main difference is they don’t get all the monetary benifits as they did while in office.

Ok so here it goes,,, How does someone who only gets $157,000 annual pay (Hillary) acquire, $40 million in such a short time? Also I am retired Army, my pension is $1400. a month for 20 years service. Keep in mind those in congress Are not required to or probably would not enter into a battle field if told too. Our annual cost of living raise was denied based on the last 3 months of the economy growth and since it stayed level for the last 3 months we did not get a cost of living raise. for 2010 But they still voted them selves a raise, WHY?

Any way this is getting very long and I could go on for ever , you know how politics are.

But I would like for you to read this attached and see if it makes you think about this country and those who are running it

I would like some kind of reply if possible.

Thank You

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 21:16:25 +0000

Dear Odd Todd,

Just thought I would have a quick look at some of the pages of our new friends. Thanks for the add.

I already love you because you are a fan of TNG. It’s my guilty pleasure….

Love your cartoons too.

Vicki x


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 08:05:38 -0700
Subject: “ “, Failure notice?

Hi tOdd!

I have been trying to send something to “” and I keep getting sent back a failure notice. Just wondering if anyone else has been having a problem or if my emails actually went through. I wanted to send in an animation sample and other things for the Help Wanted section. : )

Good Luck with the new studios- and stuff!

(email now fixed!)

Subject: Interview with Comical Radio
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 17:02:44 -0700

Hi Todd,

My name is ——- and I work for Comical Radio, a radio show broadcasted on WBMB 87.9 FM in New York City. Comical Radio is in its sixth year, and we have interviewed many personalities in the entertainment world including George Carlin, Chris Rock, and Paul Giamatti. Even though our focus is on comedy, we love to bring in guests who would pique the interest of our audience, which is composed of college students and younger people. We are very interested in interviewing you for one of our shows.

We think this would be great for you since you appeal to our demographic audience. Our show has thousands of listeners tuning in live, and 20,000 people download our podcast weekly. In addition to your popularity among our listenership, the hosts are huge fans of your blog.

You can reach me at (410) 375—– or the email listed above,———— To learn more about Comical Radio, feel free to visit our website at

Thank you so much, and I hope to hear from you soon.




Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:59:27 -0400
Subject: B Movie Meatloaf: Paranormal Entity

I got to pick the theme for Strictly Splatter’s every other month review thing “B Movie Meatloaf”. The theme I picked was movies by The Asylum and this is my review of “Paranormal Entity”:



Hey Todd,

It’s been awhile but I thought I would check back in. Last time we talked (a year ago) you were pretty slammed with projects. Hoping I might be able to catch you and things have slowed down. I still want to do a cartoon video and we have a new campaign to build a soccer field in Honduras right now which it would be perfect for. What’s your schedule like these days?

Trevor Slavick


weeze says:

suck it fake weeze, I’m first here too!

Anonymous says:

i liv you

Anonymous says:

Todd, your favicon “cookie2.ico” appears to be missing from the server. There is a “favicon.ico” available, but your pages do not refer to that. And you’re probably seeing a cached favicon on your other pages–it’s not really coming from your server.

Hope this helps!

first says:


Weeze Historian says:

How did you become the Weeze?

the REAL weeze says:


Weeze Historian says:

Sources say your brain is too small to process information. I don’t think you are even human.

KOOOL says:

HAYeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..T o d d ! ! ? Where do you find your Daily T V ! STUFF ? now

KOOOL says:

P . S . — Do you do a Daily scan thing any more ????

deng says:

where have i been ?

Anonymous says:

These weeze people need to go the way of gunfever….

Office Worker says:

We can just ignore them, but they always find their way back here.

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