May 19 2010 Toon! Miranda Rights… and You!

Here’s a toon telling you all about how the Miranda Rights got their name and stuff!

Watch it and learn stuff about Miranda history stuff kinda sorta etc…


wooze says:

weeze, you have the right to remain silent.

I’d strongly suggest you do just that. Or grow a brain and say something else besides “FIIIRRRSSTTT BBBIIITTTCHEs I”MMM GAYYY!!!”

Valerie says:

Didn’t they make a T.V. movie about this guy, starring Henry Fonda?

Gerry S says:

Keep up the good work Todd.

Anonymous says:

time for some new characters!

frank rizzo says:

oh i get it you want to read miranda rights to osama bin laden, typical obama.

Anon says:

What about Osama? Did he make a camero?

Anonymous says:

Add a red dot of a pistol laser pointer in the openening flashlight scene.

oddtodd7 says:

Ooh that would have been a really coolio call..

frank rizzo says:

add a flash bang and a dead dog and kids and you are right on. oops wrong house sorry grandma.

welcome to the new world order.

ALON says:

Loved Ernesto saying “no es bueno”!

potato says:

A+++++ Great toon. Highly recommend. Would watch another toon again.

Is gonna keep having you do these, Todd? Hopefully so. It’s a great series, and some of your best funniness too.

R N says:

I’m in agreement with potato. I believe your contract with TIME will be renewed. I loved it at the end when the announcer guy got the last word.

You peeed your bed!

10 out of 10!

Jackass says:

That was pretty damn good Todd. Not sure why some of these tards turned this into an Obama Osama rant but there was lots of lead paint window sills back in the day soo…

PS…Gov’t sucks sucks sucks and is getting worse….vote’em all out.

Enjoy the tune tards….no need to hate humor.

Anonymous says:

A lettuce knife? Really?

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