Hey Ya'll-

I just got back from the Today Show so I figure I'll tell ya about it. I woke up later than I wanted to so I was like rushing around and I had issues on what to wear and all that. Anyway NBC sent a frickin car for me which was totally cool and I went from Brooklyn into midtown. There was a bottle of water and a newspaper in the back of the car and I took both.

I go into the studio and they sit me down in the 'green room' which was like 20 below zero. The people at NBC were all really nice for reals and there was a plate of vegetables and stuff. I didn't eat anything because I felt like I was gonna throwup. So I'm sitting there watching the show and they show a clip and Katie Couric was like talking about it and I was like Katie Couric is talking about my cartoon! So frickin weird.

Then they bring me into hair and makeup (in my case- just makeup). And they put powder on my face and on top of my head. Then I went back in the green room again and sat there freezing and tried to act not nervous.

Then Martin Short came in and I got to shake his hand. I told him his show was funny. And I did watch it last week and it really actually was- so I felt good about that cause I didn't lie to his face. I saw Al Roker in the hall and he was yelling at some intern about how his coffee had too much sugar and poured it on the floor right in front of her and then told her to clean it up. Just kidding he was really nice. Exactly like the guy on the tv.

Then I got brought into the studio and they sat me down in the chair and they put a mike on me. That's when I started to freak. Anne Curry came over and sat down and started going thru her notes and asking me a few things. Her shirt was unbuttoned one too many and I saw her bra for a split-second.

30 seconds! They guy yells and I realize I had to pee and tried to put that out of my head. Then they start running the cartoon and I'm like whoa. Then we start talking and I felt ok and tried to block out the fact that I was on the TV live and all that. At one point I switched over crossing my legs and kicked Anne Curry in the shin.

So then it all went by really fast and I was ushered out and brought to a car to take me home which was totally cool and here I am. The traffic probably is going way up so thanks to Peak for coming thru again as always.

That was that with that. Thanks to NBC too.


Watch it here