Tom Turk-ay

Tom Turk-ay had a dream, it started out more like a nightmare...
He'd been invited to dinner at Odd tOdd's house, but after being plucked by Mep
and dumped into a pot by Elf UP and shoved rudely into a very hot place by tOdd
he somehow managed in an extreme show of poultry strength unheard of in Turkeydom,
to wrestle open the door and escape screaming.

The dream got better after that...

He was then treated to a most impressive if untraditional Thanksgiving Dinner.  
There were Pringles and Fudge Striped Cook-ays and of course plenty of Coff-ay for all!
Tom was so thankful that he granted tOdd one wish (not many people realize that Turk-ays can grant wishes) 
and magically restored tOdds favorite plate, which was promptly put into use to serve the main course, COOK-AYS!  YUM!

Unfortunately Tom woke up before dessert was served...  

Done by Sarah with a little help from her mom.