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This is my submission, the Prostiturkey. We’ll call her “Amber.” Always a liberated chick, “Amber” started her career in sex-work as a call-girl back in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. She’s worked in massage parlors, strip-clubs and a few brothels outside of Las Vegas. She’s traveled the world in the company of famous and powerful men, and now she works in De Wallen, Amsterdam, plying her trade for curious tourists and the odd local or two. Competition is stiff, two doors down there is a goose who goes by the name of “Sunny” who does a triple act with a couple of ganders she knows, and on the other side of the street there’s “Gillian,” a harbor seal who advertises her ability to hold her breath for 20 minutes at a time. With things as they are, our prostiturkey decided to diversify, bringing her private proclivities into her work and, for the last five years, has served the BDSM poultry-lovers crowd, doing incredibly dirty (and fun) things with gravy and serving forks.