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Little Mookie Tyrone the turkey

One sunny morning, Little Mookie Tyron the turkey noticed he was
different from the other turkeys. He still ate the same scratch and
other turkey food.

He still liked playing duck, duck, gobble. He even lived in the same
barn as all the other turkeys.

But all the other turkeys were brown and tan, and Little Mookie Tyrone
was pink, orange, green, and blue.

Lots of the turkeys wouldn't play with Little Mookie Tyrone because he
was different. Little Mookie Tyrone was sad so he decided to talk to
Farmer Scott about his problem. Farmer Scott came in the next day to
feed the other turkeys. When it was Little Mookie Tyrone's turn to eat,
Farmer Scott was shocked! Little Mookie Tyrone didn't just eat, but he
sang and danced!

Farmer Scott was so happy he told Little Mookie Tyrone he could be
leader in duck, duck, gobble from now on! Little Mookie Tyrone was very
happy. All the brown and tan turkeys looked up to him now. They played
duck, duck, gobble and Farmer Scott enjoyed his dancing singing turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The End.