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This is Jones, the thanksgiving turkey we tried to consume when we Canadians
had thanksgiving last month. Apparently he thought we were having him over
for thanksgiving dinner and not having him FOR thanksgiving dinner. When
Grandpa took the first bite, Jones was so shocked and offended at us he
stormed out of the house yelling curse words and vowing to seek revenge on

Now Grandpa is in jail for assault charges on Jones and the rest of us are
curently on trail, as Jones is enforcing some good samaritan law that says
we did nothing to help Jones when he was 'assaulted' nor did we prevent it
from happening. Its not looking good for us because Jones found one hell of
a lawyer and the Judge seems to be a sympathetic vegetarian.

So, as you can see its been a very unhappy thanksgiving for me. And let my
plight be a warning for those of you about to have thanksgiving to maybe
consider a nice salad this year or maybe some KD instead of the traditional