June 17 2012

Follow Me on the Twitters! And on the Instagrams!

Hey! I found out I suck at Tweeting when on the road but follow me on the Instagrams… I’m better at posting pics! Like this! Look at these here Oreo Cows…

Look for me at oddtodd7 on the Instagrams…

Follow me up if wanna or just show up here to see if I can actually tweeter twee twang…


ok twye!


Anonymous says:

Well this post sucks almost as bad as all the other ones.

Anonymous says:

As predictable as the sun rising, loser boy heads to OddTodd.com to bitch and moan about the place as if anyone gives a rat’s ass what he thinks about the speed or quality of OddTodd updates. Some people may think he could spend his time bettering himself but I disagree. I believe this mental midget has peaked. This is the best he will ever be. He should serve as an example as to what true stupidity looks like.

tOdd, keep with your priorities. Family #1. Paying gigs #2. Figuring out what the fuzz in your belly button is made out of #6015. Making free stuff for a whiny douchebag #6019.

Anonmousy says:

As predictable as the moon rising, Anonymous heads to OddTodd.com to bitch and moan about another Anonymous’s bitching and moaning about the place as if anyone gives a rat’s ass what either of them think about the speed or quality of OddTodd updates. Some people may think they could spend their time bettering themselves but I disagree. I believe these mental midgets have peaked. This is the best they will ever be. They should serve as examples as to what true stupidity looks like.

Anonymous says:

As predictable as the tides, Anonmousy heads to OddTodd.com a couple days late to practice some copy/pasting as if anyone wants to read the same shit that’s already here re-posted several days later. Some people think Anonmousy can’t help it. They say he has a head filled with rancid pudding. I tend to agree. A slug crawling across a keyboard could make a more intelligent post.

Aderpaderp says:

As derp a derp Anonymous derp a derp derp derp a derp. Derp a derp derp derp a derp derp derp a derp. Derpderp derp a derp. Derp a derp Anonymous derp a derp derp. Derp a derp rancid derp a derp. Derp a derp derp. a slug derp a derp derp derp a derp derp derp derp.

Odd Todd says:

Yeah! FU anonymous person! And thanks very much other anonymous person!

Odd Todd Fan says:

In the words of Eric Cartman: “Screw you guys! I’m going home.”

Lanelle Devlin says:

Thanks for highlighting the article on Living Frugal in your “Daily Good News”! One of my Frugal In Kitsap fans let me know that you linked to the article featuring my website: http://www.frugalinkitsap.com

I am trying to help as many folks as possible in these tough times.

Lanelle Devlin

unfoot says:

oddtodd fans are a bunch of AWESOME PEOPLE who are loved and appreciated! I used to enjoy this website and now do more than ever!!!

Anonymous says:

So what does that say about you, the dipshit that heads right back here time after time. You make an effort to come back to a site you don’t like, read a post you don’t like and then make a comment about how much you dislike the place, the posts, the comments and the people. Who is the whiny little bitch in this picture?

unfoot says:

I am the whiney bitch you are the awesome person. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Wait a minute. Ok I guess I apologize or something and stuff.

Anonymous says:

I’m assuming all the childish posts you made on the front page board is your attempt at an apology. Pathetic.

Anonymous says:

Whiskey is awesome.

Anonymous says:

I just checked MY name on that baby name thing- I was 8th the year I was born, now like 127th!!! Fuck!!! I’m way behind “Jaxon”! What the FUCK is a “Jaxon”?!?!? Sounds like a brand you would find at the auto-parts store.

Anonymous says:

I think you are lying. Anonmousy isn’t on the list. Either is slack-jawed pudding head.

Tomatoes says:

They don’t go in the refrigerator since the invention of the refrigerator.

Tomotoes says:

Todd needs to do more drugs; lets kick this tweeting into overgear.

Hand-Turkay guy says:

This site is officially dead, moved to twitter. I wish you all the best Todd, and love what you have done here, but if you’ve moved on then move on. Please don’t string people along, you’ve been working on secret stuff for far too long. Start a new site that doesn’t have the expectations this one does and put your old stuff in the archives. You’re not unemployed anymore, it’s time to pass the torch. All the best!

Anonymous says:

There is so much horseshit in that last post I can still smell the hay. If you are moving on you just move on. You don’t need to announce it with all the drama. Nobody here knows you and nobody cares if you ever come back.

No, you are not moving on. You are just whining because Todd won’t do things by your rules. Todd isn’t your little monkey that jumps when you tell it to and you don’t like that.

If you have expectations about this site you have created them yourself. Todd is infamous for slackery to begin with and now that Todd is busy with work and a life that doesn’t involve you, your expectations are completely out of line. The notion that he should start a new site just because you aren’t happy with his updates is asinine. And pass the torch? To whom? To the next guy named Todd that is odd and unemployed and waiting to start a blog but can’t get the domain. Really?

The bottom line is don’t go away mad. Just go away. Quit posting your whining drama here and just leave.

OT Fan#1 says:

This shit never gets old. This is why I love Oddtodd.com!

NYPD says:

We searched the car still can’t find the cocaine. Two kilos it’s gotta be at his house. Keep him distracted while we search it. If not there he’ll mess up, keep following him.

Kojak says:

What’s going on here?, Huh! Just shake him down and smack him around a bit. That weasel will give up the goods. Gotta use ya knuckles. That’s how you get things done sally boys.

Anonymous says:

They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer.

Drukqzr says:

You’re getting better at this twitter thing Todd…

Goats says:

This no what’s happening thing is getting lame! BOO! I miss the old OT!

moomatz says:

I’m getting tired of no new OT material for almost 3 years. Been here since 2000, and would like SOMETHING. All for watching ABC blurbs, and stuff, but….

Anonymous says:

So you are saying that even though there have been no updates for 3 years, you still keep coming back looking for some. Slightly retarded don’t you think? There is the whole entire internet world out there and you keep hanging on to one that is basically shut down? You need to spend less time worrying about tOdd and more time worrying about what a waste your life has become.

moomatz says:

I know there are other things. Just saying I would love to see more material. My life has not become a waste. Such a personal statement from one who knows not of what I have done. Again, I state I have been a die hard fan for over a decade. It’s like waiting for the next Led Zeppelin album, or next Star Wars film, or even the Yankees next season. Just anxious for some new cool stuff. That’s what real fans do.

oddtodd7 says:

Sit tight a little longer pls. Am just working on stuff that’ll be extra coolio 🙂

Anonymous says:

There will be a new Led Zeppelin album or Star Wars film before Todd puts out his extra coolio whatever.

moomatz says:

Todd said to sit tight for extra coolio stuff, and I will. Years ago, he said this site will ALWAYS be here. And it has. I shall take his word, for he ALWAYS delivers. I’m just impatient for greatness…

Anonymous says:

He said the SITE will always be here, not that he was going to stop phoning it in. He always delivers? You on drugs? #9! Mildly entertaining? Yes. Greatness? Not even close.

moomatz says:

Not on drugs. And yes he always delivers. If you do not see or note the greatness when he does deliver, do yourself a favor and and go somewhere to troll. If you do not like his stuff, get off this post and troll a more appropriate landing post. Like, ” dumass.com”, or “selfabsorbed.dik”, or even better, “presumptuousasswhistle.kok”. There…

Anonymous says:

If you aren’t on drugs you must be developmentally delayed of whatever the PC term of the day is for retarded. There is and never has been any greatness here. It is mildly amusing for a good 60-90 seconds a day.

Interesting thing on those domain names you suggested. I looked into them and what do you know – they are already owned by you. You seem to be squatting on several other domains like butthurt.com, cryinglikealittlegirl.net and commaabusers.org. For anyone out there still looking, dumbass.com can still be picked up thanks to moomatz’s poor spelling.

PS – When I read your posts I can’t help but imagine you sound like Sloth from Goonies. 20 seconds of mildly amusing entertainment right there.

moomatz says:

Yawn. Change your diaper. Take a nap. Replace your tampon. Whatever, I have no time for this, I have kids, a job, and get laid. Good luck.

Anonymous says:

You had time to post five whining comments despite your oh so busy life. Some of those posts were crying about no new content to waste even more of your precious time. Instead of the faux boredom, which we all know is the universal sign for butthurt, learn how to manage your time better. Lots of us have kids, a job and get laid. It’s just that the rest of us don’t turn into sniveling little babies over it.

Your post reminds me to spend some extra time with my kids to make sure they know the difference between a comma and a period and when to use each.

Douchedetector says:

Um this anonymous guy seems to be a little and the douche tip. Sounds like the ‘moomatz’ guy was not complaining or whining or being a baby. Just was hoping to see some new content. So, on his behalf, Anonymous, go fuck yourself. Lose 300 pounds, and get your face out of the online porn industry. I know you will answer with something that might seem smart and over analyzed, seemingly pertinent, and presumptuously NOT even what the subject was about. Good luck with your latte’s and microwave burritos. I.E, your only friends.

Anonymous says:

You could have just kept using moomatz. It’s not like it isn’t obvious or anything.

Anonymous says:

PS – finish your statement. My latte’s what?

Your extreme overuse of the comma is hilarious!

Douchedetector says:

You , are, a, poopie,,,,,,,!!!

Goats says:

This sucks dude….not a real whats happening in months! WTF! I’m losing hope!

Dustin says:

Damnit Todd! Now I need to get a twitter account……

Anonymous says:

R.I.P. MCA!!!!!

Honest Truth says:

Todd, don’t believe the haters.

I believe in you. You will amaze us in the future, but it’s important to take care of yourself.

I’m happy that you found someone who will love you forever.

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