March 20 2011

Two Moral Questions

So recently I was hit with two moral questiony type situational situations:


I was walking the dog and I decided to call a friend to say hi. The friend was driving in his car with someone. We talked it up for a little bit but then he said he had to go because he was in the car with someone. I was wearing my headset and I sort of waited for him to click off (waited for the beep beep hangup) as I walked along. But he didn’t hang up by accident or whatever.

I could hear him talking load and clear. After like ten seconds this friend said something sorta semi-rude about me. Sorta jokey rude (nothing serious) but still rude. I was kinda like ‘Hey!!!’ Now I’m sorta pissed because he talked behind my back– but I was listening behind his back and feel I lost my rights to be pissed because I was a sneaky eavesdropper. Did I lose my pissed off rights?


I was at a party thing recently and there were pitchers of water on a table along with food and cookies and stuff. I munched on a cookie. And I’m not sure what happened but a chewed piece of cookay fell out of my mouth into the pitcher of ice water. I looked at it floating in there like oops ew — and then some dude came along and poured himself a pitcher of water.

I thought about saying– ‘Ummm hey some food just fell out of my mouth into that– you might not wanna drink it!’… But I was embarrassed to say anything because it would make me feel like a gross slob who can’t control his chewing. When he put the pitcher back down the cookay either dissolved– or was in his glass as a bonus. Was it wrong for me to stay silent about my gross food fumble?

ok bye!


tainted says:

I think the best course of action would have been in the second situation to say something like “hey.. I saw a gross bug land in that thing” and if they still drink it, well obviously they dont care about that type of stuff anyway. Drinking a bug is probably worse then drinking a cookie crumb. Unless you have like mega-ultra-swine-hepatitis-zombie flu. In which case you could have just done a fake “whhoOOOA!! and ‘accidentally’ knocked the whole thing over.

Person who agrees says:

I agree.

Interested says:

Good answer tainted! lol

Truth says:

You’re going to hell for that.

My Butt Here says:

Life is a learning lesson. Peeps talk shit about you because they like you and that what we all do. That water wasn’t exactly clean anyway, probably just the some toilet city water. Next time just hang up the phone and dump the water. Done and done.

Guest says:

People do not talk crap about you because they like you. People have been lying to you.

stef says:

next time you’re talking to your buddy, be all “yo is [douche’s name] cool? cuz I heard somewhere that he didn’t like me much” and see what your buddy says. if your buddy says “yeah he’s cool” and doesn’t let on that douche is a douche, just be like “welllll, I dunno. he seems sketchy. whatev”. then in the second one, you did the right thing. never admit you did something stupid, and if someones like “WTF THERE’S SHIT IN HERE” or “WHO CUT THE CAKE BEFORE THE BIRTHDAY GUY BLEW OUT THE CANDLES?” or “WHO LEFT POO STREAKS IN THE TOILET” just be like “ugh, people are so gross” and play along with everyone else. no reason to admit you were the fool. it’s not gonna get you anywhere good.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

First off Todd, you didn’t lose your right to be pissed off at your friend because he didn’t take the time to disconnect the call. I learned from my mentor that you don’t talk shit about other people. It doesn’t who that person or what their status in society is. In our society (Western society), you don’t do stuff like that. It’s bad manners.

Second, you answered your own question with the pitcher situation. You should of picked up the cookies and ate them away from the table area. You aren’t a child any more Todd, you are a bloody adult! If you made a mistake, own up it. Be a man for christ sake! In that situation, you should of asked for the person in charge of managing the food and stuff and explained yourself. They would of easily got another pitcher with a fresh batch of water. Done and done.

Guest says:

TATM – You should have heard the things your mentor said about you behind your back.

1. You both share some guilt. If he isn’t really your friend he shouldn’t pretend he is. If he is a friend he shouldn’t be shit-talking you. You shouldn’t be walking about with one of those goddamn ear phones like you are at mission control. Unless you are taking orders at McDonalds, use a normal cell phone and when you go out to walk the dog in that concrete jungle of yours, leave the phone at home. It isn’t going to kill you to go ten minutes without it and I’m sure your little dog would be happy to not have to text you when he needs to drop some baked goods. To make yourself feel better slash your friend’s tires and stomp the shit out of your hands-free social pariah device.

2. Let this be a lesson to you. When at a party, stop being a wallflower and when eating a cookie, close the mouth completely until the upper lip meets the lower lip. You are in New York. The cookie crumb was the cleanest thing in that pitcher. You could probably drink rainwater filtered through a homeless man’s ass crack and be better off than what you would get from your faucet.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

TATM – You should have heard the things your mentor said about you behind your back.

He wouldn’t be my mentor if he did that dumb shit. Oh yeah and the statement you made about “slashing your friend’s tires and stomping the shit out of Todd’s hands-free device” is a real mature way of handling the situation with Todd’s fake friend. You are a real class act. Please sit down and shut the fuck up, you anonymous turd.

Guest says:

He didn’t choose to be your mentor. You just followed him around like a lost little puppy dog. The man was never so happy as the day you left.

You want mature go hang out at an old folks home. This is OddTodd. Mature has no place in these parts, douchebag.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

You don’t know NOTHING about me. You think you are so big with your soul crushing sarcasm. I do not follow this man around wherever he goes. I go to him for guidance. You know nothing so piss off!

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

Also I represent my mentor. If the man didn’t want me around he would of said so, and not lie to me behind my back. You sir have no honor what-so-ever.

Americans such as yourself are all the same. You talk down to anyone who doesn’t act like you or play by your rules. You act as if your way of life is the only way to live. You are all loud mouth blowhards who talk ever louder when something doesn’t agree with you.


Truth About Todd's Morals says:

Another important life lesson is not to worry what other people think you. You guest represent what is wrong with the Internet today – namely comment boards such as this. So please, continue to throw you shit at me because in the end it’s nothing but nonsense.

Guest says:

Interesting tantrum. For someone who isn’t worried about what people “think you”, you seem to make a lot of posts filled with rage.

I never said I was an American or gave my nationality anywhere. You obviously have a strong prejudice against Americans. Does your mentor know you are a hate-filled xenophobe? Did he teach you this? Maybe your mentor is also your cell mate? You also assume that I am a man. How do you know this? Do you think women are too stupid to use a computer? Do you think women should be in the kitchen cooking all day? What kind of mentor teaches someone to be an angry xenophobic misogynist that spends his day filling message boards with his hate speech?

I would also have you know that I do not suffer from any sort of hallucination where I would be holding debate with “things” nor would I hear “things” talk back in disagreement. The whole idea that I talk ever louder at inanimate objects is just ludicrous.

Crumbles says:

Started to read this whole TATM thread but it got really really boring and uninteresting annnnnWHAM

JT says:

LOL!!! OMG, todd, you’re like George Costanza and Larry David in one shot.(I know, I know… George is based on Larry). Both of those situations are so “Curb Your Enthusiasm!!”

I have days / weeks like that as well…I think a lot of people do…in both situations, honesty may be the best policy …but depending on the people involved, maybe not.

If your friend on the phone is a close friend, you may want to say “hey, the other day after we talked, I was walking Roscoe and couldn’t hang my phone up right away and I heard you say….”….depending on what was said, you may just wanna make a joke of it, if possible.

As for the cookie/water thing, yeah, next time just say “Oh dude, don’t drink out of that one. I think I saw something floating in there”.

Of course, I always think of the perfect thing to do long after the event’s over but I tell myself that next time I’m in a similar situation, I’ll be upfront, right away.

Sometimes being human is uncomfortable…and funny!!

The real weeze says:

Firrrst myyyy bitchessssssss πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Jim M says:

“Also take not heed unto all words that are spoken; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee:” Ecclesiastes 7:21

This problem has been around for quite awhile. In other words the Bible recommends that you should have hung up rather than listen in.

And it’s better to be healthy than look good but sometimes stuff just happens. The moment has passed … let it go.

Anonymous says:

Keep your Christian comments to yourself.

Allah Akbar says:

What an idiot infidel dog. Ecclesiastes is in the Old Testement, which is a Holy Book for Muslims and Jews as well as Christians.

For defaming us Muslims, Allah has decreed that you should be beheaded and your head put on a pole outside the gates of Mecca and your body left in the desert to be eaten by vultures and jackals.

Have a nice day! Allah Akbar!

A/G says:

From a Christians stand point, Amen! This isn’t a bible board or a church board don’t get all preachy dude.

Krankor says:

People say stupid things that they don’t mean without thinking. Ignore it.

Rina says:

First of all its either “should have” or “should’ve” “Should of” just isn’t right!! I see this waay too often.

Secondly If I were you and I heard my friend make a semi-rude comment about me that I wasn’t supposed to hear, I would hang up and think about whether it’s really worth getting upset about. If not then I’ll forget it happened. If so I’d find another time to talk to said friend and find out what the deal is.

Third, if this was a catered party, I’d tell one of the staff that some food landed in one of the pitchers and to get a new one. If this was a party at a friend’s place I personally would’ve mentioned what happened if it were me. Or I’d just go wash the pitcher and re-fill it myself.

Anonymous says:

Piss off Rina. How often do you make spelling or grammar errors when writing documents.

A/G says:

You’re going to be fighting an uphill battle if you start policing the grammar at the O.T. website.

the REAL REAL weeze says:


Stoner McDope says:

Wait… they have phones that you can walk around outside with? Whoa… when did THIS happen?

I’m thinking of a few dope dealers that could really use this technology.

Miss Manner's Titties says:

Easy solution to all your social etiquette
dilemmas. Grab the cookie-drool-infested pitcher of water from Situation #2, and sneak up behind the jokey backstabber from Situation #1 and dump it on his head while screaming “SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT ME MOTHERFUCKER!”

Win-win. And you’re in ggod company; Princess Diana was known to have done this several times while greeting certain guests at Buckingham Palace.

You’re welcome.

Anonymous says:

awesome. just awesome

Some Guy says:

Todd were you raised in a barn?

Anonymous says:

Although I love OT, I think he is being a little hypocritical with the cookie crumb in the pitcher because he is a TOTAL germaphobe and would have freaked out if he found out he drank someone else’s cookie crumb.

Hairy Beast says:

Hey Todd, did you call your friend to discuss the new Old Spice?

I kid…I kid!

Always stop the oblivious consumer of potentially foul goods. You’ll look like a hero every time.

BTW-seen any good movies? I think Black Swan is out video by now. I live for your reviews, Todd. They’re the best on the interwebs!

Tips on the way, I promise!

Ginger Campaign says:

Wish you all the best Todd. You’re a super guy.


Guest says:

Go get a yeast infection Ginger

Ginger Campaign says:

Alright did. Thank you for your concern citizen. πŸ™‚

Guest says:

English must not be your first language and I made a request. I didn’t express a concern.

Ginger says:

Don’t worry Mr. Guest. I was just fucking with you. I don’t orders from male losers such as yourself.

Guest says:

Get back to me when you can write at least one complete sentence in your response.

Vote for Ginger….to head back to 7th grade English class.

Ginger says:

I can see that you have anger issues Guest. You are mistaken as I can write complete sentences. If you believe that your hatred will stop me leading our great country, then I’m sorry to say that is a huge error on your part Guest. Get back to me when you know how to treat women properly.

Rina says:

I try not to too much Anonymous person. Sure I make spelling errors but I try to correct them. Considering the internet is a breeding ground for extreme grammar freaks I try to avoid people calling me out on my mistakes. Does that make me a hypocrite? perhaps. Seriously though,in all fairness I would’ve let the mix up of your and you’re slide should I see it but I felt should of, should not be used in a sentence.

Anonymous says:

Okay, granted. Thank you for explaining yourself. I myself do screw up on my grammar, but when I do see the error(s), I will correct whenever I can. Whenever I get emotional, things slip up. I’m only human. Speaking of grammar freaks Rina, have you ever read any comments on YouTube nowadays? Oh god – it’s terrible!

JV says:

Situation 1: I’d confront this friend. You don’t have to be a dick, but just say you’d like to talk to them about it. It’s not your fault that he did not hang up, and then proceeded to say something rude about you.

Situation 2: That’s gross, but I probably would’ve done the same. So can’t help you there.

Rina says:

No problem, yes we are all only human and make plenty of mistakes,which comes with the territory of not being perfect. YouTube and Livejournal are by far the worst places for people to eat you alive when you make any kind of grammar or spelling mistakes when making a comment. It’s pretty brutal!

Anonymous says:

Don’t forget the comments from people nerd raging.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

1. If I want to rage about how Americans act, that is my business.

2. Where in this conversation did “women”. Don’t put words in my mouth and most importantly don’t paint a picture that isn’t there. Did I say that women are stupid? No.

3. I am not crazy. To be perfectly clear Guest, you misunderstood. What I was referring to was having “people” talk behind your back. Yes, I going to turn around and have a long conversation with my lamp. Maybe if I’m lucky the Toaster will join in. God you are so fucked in the head if you think I do this.

Clearly Guest you are a waste of space.

Allah Akbar says:

This whole “conversation” between “Truth About Todd’s Morals” and “Guest” got old and boring days ago. You are about as interesting as the camel dung I stepped in this morning exiting my tent.

Your petty little arguments mean nothing anyway as you will both die painful deaths because you are infidel dogs. Which is still more merciful than being bored to death as you are attempting to do to us here.

Enjoy your day, infidels, as it may be your last. Allah Akbar!

Guest says:

1. If you want to put your prejudice and hypocrisy on display don’t act all surprised when someone says something about it.

2. You are the one making assumptions and painting pictures that aren’t there. I was merely questioning if your assumption that my gender is male was due to your hatred of women.

3. I don’t recall any mention of you being crazy. To be perfectly clear, I did not misunderstand. We use the right words in the right places to form sentences. You said “…talk ever louder when something doesn’t agree with you”. If you were referring to people you would have said “someone”, not “something”.

Sam says:

these boards have gotten alot more angry recently, chill people

MsM says:

Yes, put up the drawing thing so people can get their anger out drawing wieners and meatballs.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

Okay. I’ve calmed down. Getting back to the point at hand, why are we ever arguing anyway?

Guest says:

We weren’t arguing. We were discussing where on the doll your mentor touched you.

HUH!!!? says:

What is “bkccfdc”?

MP3Daddy says:

Isn’t there the possibility that your friend will see this and know you are talking about him?

Anonymous says:

Hi! I think you are all great!

Concerned Pervert says:

Great, see what you knuckleheads have done now?!?!?

It’s “Return of the Draw Weiners And Ball On The Thing?!?!?!?


Linux Larry says:

Guest, you think that Concerned Pervert is person behind all this “Vote for Ginger” stuff? While it’s fun to see this person get owned, I do have to say that crap such as this will never stop. The retards wil be back on the “Drawing Board”. You can bet on it.

Truth About Todd's Morals says:

I’m done dealing with you Guest.

Ryaidon says:

Alrighty then seems to me some of us got a bit off track. Ironically, in every segment designed for posts there always seems to be people arguing or debating about crude behavior making crude responses to one another trying to showcase that the other is wrong in some shape or form yet in doing so, they replicate the same behavior patterns showing their maturity is no higher then the person they’re debating. So how bout we demonstrate our maturity but not allowing this insignificant feud to continue? Now as for Todd, my advice about the first situation is if whatever was heard was so appalling perhaps it would be best if you discussed this directly with your friend if you deem that it’s relevant. As for the second, I am well aware that embarrassing things happen and sometimes we don’t wish to take responsibility for our actions in fear of judgement, however it’ll be best if you notified someone that the water simply needed to be changed due to foreign substances.

Al A. Akbar says:

And you all can get back to me when you are ready to die a thousand painful deaths for attempting to bore us to death, infidel dogs. My sword is sharp even if my wits aren’t.

Have a nice day! Allah Akbar!!!

Andrew says:

You’re a fag, Truth About Todd’s Morals
Andrew From Canada

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