May 12 2010

Two Phone Realizations

Realization #1

Isn’t it time we stopped answering the phone as if we don’t know who is calling? We see caller-ID. We know who it is…

I mean with certain close friends I’ll answer the phone acknowledging that I know it’s them. But for the most part I answer the phone as if it’s still a mystery caller.

Like I can see on the called ID that’s it’s totally Joe Schmo but I’ll answer the phone like, ‘Hello?’ and then Joe Schmo will be like, ‘Hey man! It’s Joe Schmo! Whatchoo know?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Oh hey! Joe Schmo!’ As if it’s some kind of new info?

I think it’s time to flip the switch on our phone call answering techniques to say hello to the person who is calling right off the bat. It’s not like top secret information. I’m not being ‘fancy’ with caller-ID. It’s just the reality now. Next time Joe Schmo calls me I’m gonna answer the phone with, ‘Hi Joe Schmo!’ (and then I’ll tell Joe Schmo that I’m on the other line and can’t talk– and then I won’t call Joe Schmo back because he’s kind of a dick. Maybe I should just screen it actually..)

Realization #2!

Video phone is the big belly flop of new technology, right? I mean I haven’t worked in an office lately so maybe it’s common with business and stuff– but in terms of Skyping from home it seems like the communication shift just doesn’t stick. Everyone I know who tries video phone is impressed and wowed– and they do it for a couple weeks. Then it’s done.

Except for maybe sex skype or some family occasion stuff etc– it seems nobody wants to have their phone conversations evolve to be video phone conversations full-time. Why would I want to see the person I’m talking to for no reason? Why would they want to see me? Why be annoyed fiddling with a camera? Why make things more awkward?

At first I thought maybe this was a generational thing. Like in ten years or whatever kids will be all about video phone calls through the TV or their phones or whatever. But I think it’s simply not happening. There’s no big upside to video phone– unless someone is doing a presentation, or taking their top off, or has a dog that wants to say hello — or all three.

ok bye!


Martin says:

Totally true tOdd. I’m not gonna put pants on just to make a phone call. Pshhh! Come on!

the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:

Small penis?

Truth abou Weeze says:

The Weeze? 100%

Yellowdog says:

Maybe on realization #1. I still like saying hello. But knowing who it is makes me say hello differently. If it’s a good friend or loved one, it’s a pleasant, fun hello. If it’s a business contact or something, the hello is more businesslike.

R N says:

Realization #1: I simply don’t answer the phone. I’ll remember your suggestion tOdd. For a certain friend, I won’t answer my cell when I see his number on my call display. Most of the time he is an annoying douche.

Realization #2: We have the technology, but honestly I don’t see the point of video calls. If it was a sex phone chat then yes, business would be good, but other than that why would you want to see my crusty morning face when you call?

Crumbles says:

I think that …… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Crumbles says:


Anonymous says:

Though the young people today are pretty into this thing called Chat Roulette.

whynot says:

video presentation of dog while topless…who doesn’t do that?
I use google video chat all the time with a friend in Canada since it costs money to call him, but not to video chat.

wooze says:


Speaking of Technology says:

Hey, Todd.

How about an Android app for your site? Anything in the works? Am I way late in the game suggesting this? Do you need someone else to create it?

Just wondering. Simple RSS would do it.

Odd Todd says:

Anyone who wants to do anything for me gets a free t-shirt and a coffay mug!

Yah, I like the idea of doing stuff for Android. I poked around Droid when I was in LA and I thought it was siiiccckk…. maybe my iphone look stupid in some ways.

momo says:

Totally agree with the first point. For a while now, that’s what I’ve been doing most of the time. I think it makes a lot of sense (and saves valuable seconds of time! 😉

Nita says:

I totally agree with you on the Caller ID thing. Unless it is some anonymous or unknown number, and then just don’t answer.

As far as video phone aka Skype, I think for folks international it is awesome. Also my husband used to travel for work and our son loved being able to see Daddy. I will probably use it a few times for my son to talk to his friends too – kids really get a kick out of being able to see the person on the other end. As far as adults, it’s because we are always multitasking and who wants to watch an empty screen because we’re off doing laundry or something equally as lame.

Nicol says:

The only caution I have about answering the phone using name of the person is perhaps it is not that person calling you. Maybe it’s their wife or their kid who is using the phone. When my mom home phone number show up, I never know if it’s my sister, neice, or nephew calling. It could be akward if it’s your boy/girlfriend’s number and you answer the phone saying something “sexy”, but in reality their friend is using the phone to call you.

Lono says:

Skype is cool – what’s up with the hater’s – u lazy bastid’s should shower up once in a while!

Seriously tho – bummed I’m the only one who likes the vid-call – just seems a little more personal to me…

The Mist says:

Skype is cool – what’s up with the hater’s – u lazy bastid’s should shower up once in a while!

People who refuse to use Skype or other similiar services are individuals who don’t shower? Brilliant.

MsM says:

I have seen myself on the monitor when I hooked up my webcam on another computer. I didn’t like it. Why would I send that to anyone via video?

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