May 16 2010

Two Product Recommendations

Ok there’s a couple things I like alot lately so I figure I’d promote em! Just for the hell of it! Not paid ads! (unfortunately!)
#1 Pac Man Oven Mitt
I got this oven mitt as sort of a joke a while ago. I figured I’d get it and it’d be the “funny thing” I have in my kitchen (I have to have something funny in every single room or else I get insecure.) But this thing turned out to be a great oven mitt! It’s made out of some sort of super “space age” plastic that blocks the heat totally! Better than my cloth oven mitt! Plus, you can go all wocka wocka wocka weee weee weee weeee wocka wocka wocka wocka wocka wocka weee weee weee weeee wocka wocka wocka while you wait for your Pillsbury cookies to bake up!

If you want one you can get one here!

#2 Opera Browser

I’ve had issues with browsers for years. IE sucks now and is annoying. Even though it’s the “most popular”— in reality, it’s the Zune of browsers. Plus, I have a 64bit computer and it’s extra special stupid with 64bit. So it got itself fired. F-IE.

Yadda, I know Firefox is supposed to be all great and stuff but I think it’s whatevery and too cocky. Firefox thinks it’s sooo cool and rebellious! Ooh! When’s the next version coming, Firefox?! Let me know so I can make sure I get my pants down in time! Gimme a break. Maybe in version 10 you’ll figure out how to get your stupid browser to remember my passwords? And cut the shit with the slowness and freezings? Plus, secretly ‘Firefox’ is a lame name. Fire…Fox?

Blah blah, I’ve used the “Flock” browser as my default for a couple years– but it’s a dumb dumb browser and recently increasingly buggy. Long story etc. Plus using ‘Flock’ is embarrassing when people come over. I think they think I’m trying to be ‘edgy’ with my funky browser like a geeked out douche.

But the other day, I took down the Opera browser (out of sheer desperation mixed with procrastination). I hesitated on the install because I remember Opera from back in the day when it served banners in your face and was all sad and stupid– thinking people would pay to have the banners removed or something.

Shockingly, turns out that it friggin rocks now! (For alot of reasons. I won’t bore you with them all). But all annoying things with the others are gone with Opera. I seriously think Opera is the best browser. It definitely seems faster. (And don’t sell me on Safari. It sucks. You know it sucks.)

If you hate your browser try Opera!


R N says:

While studying Web Design back in 2007, I was experimenting with different browsers. I tried Opera, it was OK. Are you saying that Opera has really improved since then? Hmmm. I never heard of Flock. I guess you were trying to be cool.

Angry German Kid says:

THIS is what I think about your friggin brower. See how well it worked for me…

Duh! says:

Yeah, Firefox sucks now. Bloated and buggy. Safari is a total joke and IE is just a disaster. Opera for the Win! Oh, and it’s the only browser that passes the ACID2 and ACID3 browser test. So yeah, it’s pretty damn good. Download and forget about the rest… for now.

Sarahhhh says:

Yo!! Crome googles browser is awesome and sleek. Super non annoying and extra extra fast. Try it Todd! The search Bar is the actual place you type in urls so it knows everything … Like an Url address you might want.

Johan says:

I’m running Safari, Firefox and IE. They all get the job done. Although if I was surfin the net 24/7 I might have a more nuanced view…

Justin says:

Zune of browsers? Bite your fingers Todd. You can say what you want about I.E. but Zune has gone about and beyond AWESOME with their Zune HD.

Krankor says:

Chrome is also pretty good. I tried it out of curiosity for a while – clean, simple, works good.

I went back to IE just because it seemed comfortable, but I was VERY impressed with Chrome.


frank rizzo says:


and FF 4 will be nice.

Crumbles says:

Started to read all the boring comments about browswersszszszzzzzzzzz WHAM

Good thing my Pac-Man Oven Mitt broke my fall or I coulda got hurt bad. How’s that for a plug?

Nicol says:

Sounds like the Opera recommendation is tied in with an annoyance.

Nicol says:

I gotta get that oven mitt. That thing is freakin’ cool.

Crumbles says:

Cool, AND can save yourrzzzzz WHAM

R N says:

Crumbles is welcome to the cast of OT characters.

MsM says:

I like the dog oven mitt.
I tried Opera on your recommendation Todd, and I liked the clean look, but when I tried to print a shipping label from Paypal, it apparently isn’t supporting Opera, so I had to go back to my crashy Firefox.

LJ says:

I used to like IE, but then a friend put Firefox on my system and I’ve rarely looked back. My new smart phone comes with Opera and is much easier to use (on the phone) than IE. I’m having struggles with both, but I’m also putting it down to my ignorance of a new phone.

Job Hunting says:

I haven’t had any issues with FireFox. I’ve been using that browser since 2006. No problems. Safari is just weird on a Windows based PC.

Anonymous says:

Agree with you – both IE and FireFox are slow and buggy. But I’ve been pretty happy with Chrome, and I’m no Google fanboy. It loads fast, the UI stays out of the way, and it’s by far the fastest browser I’ve tried overall. Also does avery good job with memory consumption. Crashes do occur, but rarely.

Dave says:

Chrome is the most stable, fastest, bestest browser I’ve used so far. And Google will rule the world one day so we might as well get used to it!

Michael says:

But Google won’t rule China. Someone has to keep that country in check.

the REAL weeze says:


MsM says:

I contacted Paypal about it not printing shipping labels in Opera. The “Customer Service” dude never heard of Opera.

Goats says:

That awesome oven mitt is on its way to me. does roscoe attack it? I am certain my dog max will….and maybe my turtle as well.

The Guy With The Thing In The Place says:

I love Opera! Glad to see you’re endorsing it. 🙂

Mr Bill says:

Opera? Sure, unless you need to actually acomplish something on the web… like access your bank account, pay a bill, print a label from fedex, shop, etc. Firefox FTW.

Chrome did not impress me early on but I need to give it another shot I guess… but I am very happy with Firefox on Win7 x64. I only use IE for windows update now.

Anonymous says:

Another rep for chrome.

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