January 18 2014

Venice Homeless March situation..

from Instagram
Venice Homeless March situation..


Sh!tForBra!ns says:

WHY is that one guy behind the word “Bill” wearing a guitar on his head?

Really says:

I want a “BILL OF RIGHTS” for the taxpayers. I want the have the right to reduce my taxable income to offset the taxes that homeless are not paying.
If a homeless guy or girl or family is sleeping on a park bench I want to be able to get a credit on my taxes. If a homeless guy distributes food in a park I want a credit the next time I eat at a restaurant and a credit of municipal tax from the park. If a homeless family is living in a car I want a credit the next time I have to register my vehicle or the next time the county I live in votes to ad a penny to the gas tax for road repairs.

"President" Obama says:

As long as I’M in charge, motherfucker, you HAVE no rights. Just remember that. I can trample all over your silly little Constitution all I want and you’ll be so scared of being called a “racist” that you won’t do a fucking thing… until it’s too late.

Just try me.

dfghj says:

You guys are assholes. I hope you become homeless so I can mock you!

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