August 16 2011

Voted on Next What’s Happening (Photos Won)! And Happy Birthday to My Mom!

Hey! Howdy! Hi! Hey! I have to head to a breakfast thing and this afternoon is a BIRTHDAY lunch for my Mom!

So I’ll do up the next What’s Happening later today when I get back from doing the runaround!

Please VOTE for what’s next What’s Happening (pick 2):

Next What’s Happening

What should the next What’s Happening be?
(Multiple Choice! Pick Top 2)

New Movay Review (I’d have to go to the movies today)
Roscoe’s Swimming Lesson (went here)
Pictures for the Week (including the dealio w/ this one)
My Issue with Umbrellas (I’m mad at them)
Post an Old ‘Disgusting’ Stories (I used to write disgusting stories. My first website.)
Draw on the Thing Day, please


Amy says:

Roscoe story please!!!

Max says:

The one that you teased years ago but never told about when you kissed a girl and she started crying

Tanyay says:

I want to hear about umbrellas since I kind of hate them and find them useless.

Nicol says:

How about a story about the ficticious number 9 cartoon?

Zen Man says:

Number 9. I yeah remember that one.

Todd I think it would be fun to include your girlfriend in your next freelance project.

earp says:

New cartoon about you and your girlfriend

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