October 05 2011

Mov-ay Review for Drive!

Hey! My website was all hacked and had some weird thing with redirecting to some weird shady search page or something so they’re still working on fixing it up. Not sure how they got in and stuff but they made things a little screwy. Thanks to Spida Design (my webguys) for making with the fixings. And fixings my twitter box…

In the meantime, here’s a review for Drive. I can’t get onto my Mov-ay Review page to update it but I gave it this and if you click THIS it’ll take you to the review and stuff.

More mov-ay reviews here. Or discuss on the Mov-ay Message Board! Starring Dante Bean, Noyeser, Smirk and others!

Good vibes to ya totally!


FIRST! says:

People hacking websites like this are weaksauce.

Anonymous says:

That sucks! I hope you get some hacker armour.

Anonymous says:

Probably the Chinese!

Anonymous says:

Anthony Weiner said he got hacked, too. If I start seeing pics of Todd’s weiner, I’m not gonna be happy.

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