March 24 2010

Wednesday’s Pet is Here!

Hey! Here’s the first Wednesday’s Pets for the new homepage! If you want to see your pet here send it to


Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 12:25:49 +0200
Subject: pet pictures!
From: Sarah

This is Artemis, whose personality is much bigger than her 8-pound body. She is now 10 months old (these pictures were taken about 2 months ago), and she likes to chase her mouse-on-a-stick, get scritches on her head, and play with her street-cat friends down the block. She hates being brushed. She is extremely needy, extremely attention-seeking, self-centered, social, and adorable. Everyone in the neighborhood knows who she is and thinks she is “something else,” for better and for worse.

PS Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the Hunt, but unfortunately she cannot hunt for her life. She’s pathetic at it. We love her anyhow. 🙂



rn says:

That is one cute kitty you have there Sarah.

weeze says:

suck it fake weeze – just go away!

the REAL weeze says:


OT Police says:

Weeze, this is what everyone here wants you to do. First thing, grow up. That is very important. To me, you come off as a total retard. Second get a girlfriend. The relationship you’ll have with that special someone will result in you spending time not wasting away here. Third on the agenda is to get a job. Start contributing and stop being a wart on society’s ass.

alfredo says:

how much for the cat?

Anonymous says:

Very cute kitty, if you love it so much you should keep it indoors.

Anonymous says:

Artemis is a gorgeous kitty. Watch out for her outside though…..

dude says:

weeze, grow up, get a life. everyone is getting tired of your crap. either make intelligent comments or dont make any at all. ok?

nerdy dude says:


Farmer says:

Aw. She is a Turkish Van (breed of cat) We have one too.

Sarah says:

Thanks, everyone, for the compliments about Artemis. I’ll be sure to tell her that she’s famous and has a lot of fans, which I’m sure she will think is perfectly natural, of course. 🙂

About letting her outside: I realize it is controversial and that the danger of her being run over by a car is great. All I can say is that I did not make the decision lightly. I gave it a lot of thought, discussed it with my vet and with knowledgable cat owners in my neighborhood, and made what I think is the best decision for us and our lifestyle. She LOVES going outside– begs for it and goes crazy when she’s inside for more than a few hours — is fully vaccinated, and actually looks both ways before crossing the street. Believe me, if I ever feel that her reflexes have slowed or that she’s getting into fights with other cats, I’ll start keeping her home whether she likes it or not. Yes, I worry, but she’s SUCH a happy cat the way things are, I feel I’m making the right decision for our “family” at this point.

Farmer– I looked up Turkish Vans, and you might be right that she has some of that in her. But she’s definitely a mixed-breed (with a lot of street-cat ancestry), and her fur isn’t long enough for her to be a pure Turkish Van. Interesting idea, though.

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