May 12 2010

Wednesday’s Pets are Here!

Attached are some pics of my “children” — Latte, the choc lab (a rescue dog) drinking a Starbucks Latte and Macy (queen of the castle) in the bathroom sink. Aren’t pets the best?



This is Rudi. She was a Christmas gift for my five year old daughter Julie. Julie hinted at wanting a cat but mom is allergic so we decided to go with a small dog instead. We already have two big dogs and this little gal moved in and took over. They answer to her now. It’s kind of pathetic watching her lead the charge into the back yard after a rabbit with two 80 pound dogs following her lead.


Hey todder!!!! You are awesome, love your work. And so does my cat, miss doily meow meow…..

This would be her, watching tv. I had to do a lil cropping as to not send you proof that i do in fact smoke the wacky tobaccy.

More to come…..just not on my work computer….

BTW-I’m from boston and just got my water back. First thing i did during the ‘boil water’ order was boil for doil….as well as our other roommate Gabby the litter-trained bunny.

If only I could figure out how to get pics off my blasted iphone…

somerville, ma


the REAL weeze says:


T$ says:

Cute animals today!!! 🙂

frank rizzo says:

that dog owner is RETARDED. CAFFEINE CAN KILL DOGS. Espresso,even residue is high in caffeine. Why take the chance?

what a dumb ass.

JV says:

Yah! Wed pets! Love them!

Frank, no need to be all fussy in your comment. I think a simple “Caffeine can kill dogs” would suffice, without the insults.

frank rizzo says:

Insults make it better, understand?

KelBel says:

Holy poopers I feel a lil famous for making it onto….well, really Miss Doily is famous…what a great thing to notice on a friday afternoon!!!

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