August 04 2010

Wednesday’s Random Promos, Emails and Pets!

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 02:36:36 -0400
Subject: Yo! Are you still watching Breaking Bad? Should I continue past season 2, or quit while I’m ahead?

The first season and a couple of episodes from season 2 (that concluded the Tuco arc) rocked. But now I’m finding myself seriously pissed off at Walt Sr. I won’t spoil anything, but he does some real dickish things in season 2. At first I could get behind the whole “average joe beats the system and fools all the cops” schtick, but I really can’t identify with Walt anymore. He’s not just flawed, he’s twisted, dare I say, evil. And I don’t buy the whole “I’m doing this because I’m too proud to accept charity” schtick anymore.

So, does it get better in season 3, or should I turn off the TV, and step outside a little more often?

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:15:37 -0400
Subject: FW: Astrochics banner

Todd, I enjoy visiting your site and was wondering if you could post my banner. The address is

Thanks and best wishes,

Subject: Helloo
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 01:08:11 +0100

My name is Lewis D and I make cartoons just like yourself now this is going to sound so weird it’s unbelievable, and if I was to read this yes it would go straight into the trash but please just read this all and at least consider it, now first I’m 13 my birthday is 22th October 1996 I live in the united kingdom Portsmouth I have been making cartoon on flash for nearly 3 years now and really like doing them, now I want to become a famous cartoon animator/manager you know like the person that runs it, and I’m just looking for some advice as you have done so well for yourself, just like some guide lines and where do you start what do I have to think of and stuff like that, I’m currently working on a flash document at the moment witch I hope to make popular but don’t know where to start, please help me thank you.

From Lewis.:)
Ay you! Couple of my friends just launched some stuff!
So I’m linking them on up here to show!

One is a ‘funny ass’ video featured on Funny or Die today!
Click here to watch Arts & Crafts! Coolio! Exclusive feature today!

And another is a brand spanking sparkly new cartoon company!
Check it on out! Dikkers Cartoon Company! Great stuff! Ages 3-300!

Watch and see! For your daily clickage-ing!

Subject: balls story
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 13:45:39 -0400

Hi Todd,
One time i was all ready for the big night. my girlfriend and i were ready to finally have sex. i had great music and i prepared the room with candles and flowers. As soon as she came over we started making out. now this was her parents house but she had her own little room/apartment. so then we began to undress each other and then she started sucking on my jewels. she was sucking pretty hard that they started to get numb. All of a sudden, her father bursts in and catches us. she grabs her clothes and screams, “you sick perv, y did you make me suck your dick!” the father was really mad. she left the room and the father had a little talk with me. He pinned me on the wall like legit pinned me with some bar thing. he got his wife and they started hitting me in my balls. it hurt like hell! finally the wife came over with a brick and slammed my jewels together. i almost passed out. they untied me and kicked my one more time. the father even yelled out, ” i hope you will never be able to reproduce ever!”

>>More ‘Balls’ stories here

And MORE today! Emails, pets, balls story too!


Hey there! Just thought I’d show off me and my boyfriends children. Our rascal puppy is about 8 ‘onths old. Her name is Ripley. She gets beat up by the kitties. It’s pretty funny. Mustascha is the black and white cat. She’s about 7 years old and has half a mustache… Hence the name. The all black kitty is Gypsie. She is about a year old. Anywho, enjoy! -Randi from New Mexico



Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:13:34 +0200

I just wanted to thank You for all links to my site from Yours.
If anything I can do to You, just send me e-mail.

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 13:29:21 -0400
Subject: New Date My Mom Review

Gosh, I don’t know what could’ve compelled me to do another Date My Mom episode.



I figured you’d moved on to a corner office or died or became a youth ministry leader or something. I had NO idea that THE Odd Todd continues on. Wow. Memories! Must fill my (diswasher-faded, thanks Cafe Press!) Coff-ay mug tomorrow in tribute. Seriously, hope all is going wellish for you.


Thought you would want to know… :-p


NashvilleBill says:


MemphisMinnie says:


JV says:

Cute pets!

The balls story was believable up until the mom and dad hit him in the balls, especially with a brick. Really OT!?! Don’t you think this might be promoting the ridiculousness (i.e., weeze and the likes of them)that creeps onto your site? Don’t let this stuff take over–please!! Your site is too good for that!

Optional says:

it wasn’t THAT believable – he was preparing the room and “when his girlfriend came over” they started making out, but it was her room in her parents’ house? Eh.

Brick Shithouse says:

And who has a brick just sitting around in their house?

Besides me, I mean.

Goats says:

Cory is a f’ing liar….I want to hit him in the balls!

Cory's Balls says:

Hey, just cause the big guy is a fucking liar, don’t take it out on us. You should see the shrimp that he makes us hang out with.

Z says:

You will publish anything if you will publish that email about the brick balls.

Anonymous says:

Yes. Terrible.

Anonymous says:

Where has that cock sucker Mr. Deng been ?

Jackass says:

Cory is a liar…It was their son who was sucking his balls

Cory's Balls says:

Actually, I was bouncing off of his girl’s dad’s chin repeatedly. What was going on up there?

Cory's Butt says:

You should see what he did to me after he was finished with you. Ouch.

Cory's Nutsack says:

Who got hit in the face with more balls- Mickey Mantle? Or Rock Hudson?

Cory's Girl's Dad's Brick says:

Or was it the balls beating ME up?

J says:

Epic run-on sentence, Lewis. I believe you used exactly one period. Two if you count the unnecessary one after your name.

Anonymous says:

Sounds like Lewis is off his meds again.

Cory's Balls says:

Maybe someone needs to smack Lewis on the head with a brick.

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