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Monday's Annoyances!


Hi there Todd, how are you doing? I finally decided to tell you guys a little story.
So here's something that really ticked me off. There's this guy I currently work with who is what I consider to be a really lazy SOB. Ever since he found out I was going to be promoted, he's had it out for me. He comes in to work 15-20 minutes late on my shifts, doesn't finish his work everyday, and makes a point to either pick fun at me or ignore me throughout the day. Now for the most part I'm not a very vengeful person, but this guy just shouldn't have a job at all. (I work in a restaurant by the way) So I waited for the past couple months to find an excuse to get my boss to fire him. And then a couple weeks ago, he did a no call no show. Bam! I win! He needs to be fired. We're done. Yay.

No, not yay. Apparantly he had never been written up before for any of his offenses. Not once. SO THEY COULDN'T GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!

So now I'm stuck here having to deal with this lazy frickin good for nothing. Rawr.


Hey tOdd!

I am so annoyed with men who seem to be blind to their own nose hair. Eww! It is so gross and annoying to have to talk to a guy who has like 1-inch clumps of hair climbing out all spidery like and everything. Blaaach! How can these guys not notice? Doesn't it bother them? It's SO hard not to stare at just the nose hair...

Please tell all your male fans and friends to CHECK THEIR NOSE HAIRS IN THE MIRROR! If you can see hairs and stuff coming out your nose while looking straight on, CLIP 'EM! Please (?!?) I'm begging here.




Tuesday's Lunch Recipes!

I love green beans. They are at the peak of yumminess in the summer.
Turkish (or Greek) Green Beans
We discovered this dish on a trip to Istanbul. Very cheap, very quick, and they make a great vegetarian entree.
1 lb green beans, cleaned and snapped
2-3 ripe tomatoes, diced
1 onion, diced
1 zucchini, diced
Olive oil
Saute the onion in the oil until soft but not brown.
Add the beans and the tomatoes. Simmer for 10 minutes or until the beans are almost done the way you like them.
Add the zucchini and the salt. Simmer a few minutes more.
Serve hot as a side dish, or with rice as a main course.


My Mom's Green Beans
This was the only vegetable I would cook in college. It was a nice change from Ramen Noodles and Mac'n'Cheese.
1 lb green beans, cleaned and snapped
1-2 cloves of garlic, diced
A few tablespoons (or packets) of soy sauce
Hot pepper flakes to taste
1 scant spoon (or a packet) of sugar
Olive oil or vegetable oil
Saute the garlic and pepper flakes briefly in the oil.
Add the beans and stir-fry until they are almost done. Add a spoonful of water if they aren't cooking properly.
Add the soy sauce. Sprinkle with sugar.
Saute a few minutes more until the sauce is gooey and has soaked into the beans.
Serve hot.
Vote McCain!


Wednesday's Pets!

Hi Todd,

Hope you are well!

Here is my Mathilde, aka Matty. She's almost 4 now--time flies!

Here she is begging for steak and sitting in my husbands jeans.

Don't know what I'd do without her!

Take care!




Thursday's Random Emails!


Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 22:58:39 -0700
Subject: request to upload a video
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

I have opened a my space page and I would like your permission to upload one of your Halloween specials to my page!
I will put your website as a link and what ever I am able to for you to allow me to do this. I love your work and love your Halloween specials!

Heather D
 Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 04:18:08 +0000
 To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
 Subject: CARTOON


To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 15:08:06 -0400
You must have been a very unhappy kid...many of us loved Ma-Ho-Ge.


Subject: Mr. Deng
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:34:34 -0700

I was wondering if you had heard from Mr. Deng at all lately. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on the Olympics. The Chinese have done so well and it is always such a big deal for the host country. I would like to get his view and see some of his pictures.

I hope all is well with him, his wife and new baby. He is a good representative of his country.


*Mr. Deng is currently MIA :-(


To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 11:06:35 -0500
Subject: 100th!

I am the 100th person to signup on your twitter!  I win a prize, correct?



Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:02:26 -0500
Subject: Minnesota State Fair + SF
How's it been?  I hopw Roscoe is doing well after getting his teeth pulled. 
The Minnesota State Fair just started today (8/21) and I can already taste the wicked good food.  I can't wait to go, so my wife and I are heading out with some friends this Saturday.  Sunday evening I fly out to San Jose for a boring quality control conference at a company we sell a bunch of stuff to.  After the 2 day conference, I'm off to San Fran to fly back to Minneapolis.  How long are you in SF?  If you are still in SF on Tuesday andwant to meet for dinner, let me know.
PS.  I attached some recent pictures of my Roscoe and Tobey (aka. "Doodles").


Subject: On/in line
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 04:04:02 -0400

Why do you call it standing on line and not in line? I mean, you are standing in a line. If you were standing on a line you'd be standing on someone's shoulders.

 Subject: Songs about Flash
 Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 18:03:22 -0600
 I wrote song about learning AS3 and put it on YouTube:
 and also one about preloaders:
 I hope you like them. There are 6 total so far... All the rest with
 lyrics can be found at
www.designminstrel.com. I will be singing one
 of them at FlashForward closing ceremonies.



Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 16:02:04 -0600
Subject: Friday Boss From Hell

I write this on a rainy Saturday morning in Denver, minding the shop by myself AGAIN, waiting for my bosses to grace me with their presence and trying to get wet dog smell out of the store. Allow me to back up for a minute.
I started work at a doggy daycare two years ago. I was fresh out of college with a music degree and a dance background, which means I needed a day job between gigs and going on auditions. I thought working with dogs would beat waiting tables or bartending like most of my peers. I'd always volunteered with animals, loved dogs, and was attracted to the promise of a flexible schedule. Soon after my bosses opened a second location, and had me split my time between the two. I liked the work. I still do, and most of my co-workers. My bosses, on the other hand, are leeching my will to live.
Let's call them "Dina and Bobb". Yes, he spells his name with two Bs. They are a couple, not married, and they own the business together. I've learned never to go into business with a significant other. Hearing about their relationship issues takes up about 20% of my work week. Dina is your stereotypical botox-pumping, reality tv-obsessed cougar type. Hearing about her lifestyle eats up another 15% of my time. She wears yoga gear everywhere. She leaves work to get acupuncture. She's a vegetarian who constantly preaches the value of what goes into her body, yet proudly displays her fake boobs like tandem jell-o molds.
Excuse me a moment while I deal with a very nice potential vendor, a meeting that Bobb conveniently isn't here for. Way to make a first impression, boss.
Now I have to handle a store credit that Dina messed up because she can't use a computer.
I'll continue. Dina is the mastermind of the doggy day care which, to her credit, is a good facility. Bobb's input seems limited to having a powerful attorney for a father, and doing whatever Dina tells him to. We have a very nice staff, all of whom make do with a lousy salary and no benefits because we enjoy the animals. Most of the staff aside from management barely sees them. Bobb us usually hiding out at the dog boutique downtown, where I am today, while Dina is known as the lady who occasionally comes back and yells at people without knowing their names.
Pardon me, I have to get Bobb's rain-soaked copies of GQ and Men's Vogue form the mailman.
Anyway, Dina and Bobb have managed to run a doggy daycare without ever having to go back with the dogs or the employees. The three managers, including myself, have to juggle front desk and supervising the others, with appearances by Dina when she tells us how poor a job we're doing. They keep a bare bones staff to cut payroll costs, meaning that anyone having a sick day or an emergency is a huge crisis. Dina tried to convince me to reschedule my honeymoon, which I'd requested the time off over a year in advance, because it was inconvenient for her to cover the days I'd be gone. Of course, I fallen in love and planned a wedding just to inconvenience her. Same story with my friend's memorial service.
Dina has found a way to micromanage and keep her distance all at once. She bought an expensive camera system for both her businesses, so she can watch one from the other. She'll sit in her private office on the phone with Bobb, calling him about every hour. Most of the calls aren't business related. Most of them involve nagging, mocking, or right out arguments. All of them are very loud. After she's done with the phone she'll leave for a few hours, then call back in a panic about something she forgot to do. Calling in our payroll, for example. At the end of the day she'll come back to pick up her dogs.
Oh, the dogs. Bobb and Dina have 7 between them. Most of them are horribly behaved. Dina's especially are known for incessant barking, peeing on the floor(adult dogs, mind you), snatching food and treats from customer's dogs, and biting. Her Lhasa Apso bit a client's tiny chihuahua on the nose and took out a chunk of skin. Guess who had to handle that incident. Our former mail carrier was bitten twice by Bella the Maltese. The managers are responsible for making sure her dogs are taken out, cleaning up the daily accidents, and making sure they don't scar anyone for life. This is all to the detriment of our pets, well trained and friendly shop dogs. How does a woman who can't control her animals run a dog care facility? Leaving it to her employees, that's how. We do better when she's not around. Her last vacation was bliss, once we got her to stop calling.
She also makes us listen to ambient techno all day, every day. It's sandpaper for my musical senses.
Bobb is on the opposite end of the bad boss curve. He is so astoundingly lazy that he makes slacking look exhausting. He will go to walk his dogs and be gone for two hours. Where does he go? Yesterday we had a grooming appointment scheduled for ten. I do the grooming while he watches the store. Then I get to go home, in theory. Bobb didn't arrive unto 11:25, at which point he left to walk his dogs. Then he went to get Starbucks. If anyone ever wondered how Starbucks stays afloat, it's because every one must have their own Bobb getting coffee 12 times a day as an excuse to leave their workplace. After Starbucks Bobb spend another 15 minutes in the bathroom. At last he was ready to work, and the 10:00 appointment was started at 12:15.

Yesterday was a good day, the kind where he shows up. Today is one of the bad days. On days when I'm on call or helping out, he'll take off and leave me to work long after I'm needed. He has no idea how to work with our retail software or keep track of inventory. Neither does Dina. She ruined our computer system by downloading a virus. She was looking for a way to hack into Citysearch to erase a bad user review. Who ever would have guessed hacking sites might have viruses?
Right now I'm channeling Dante from Clerks: I'm not even supposed to be here today!

As I said, I like the job. Life is good with a great husband, two sweet puppies, regular music, dance and modeling gigs. Everything is a breeze until I have to steel myself for another day of Dina squawking at me over the phone because her partner isn't where he's supposed to be. I could go on, but I have to put away a box of dog treats Bobb left on the floor for  me to trip over. He's supposed to be here by now, so I'll have a few hours to kill before I can leave.

Anyone need a waitress or bartender?


Send in some goodies! Annoyances! Pets! Stuff! Whatever you have hanging around in your head!~


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