June 24 2013

We're moving to California! (What?!?) Yup! All sorts of happy sad nervous anxious excited psyched ..etc :-( o_O :-) and stuff… Hi west coasters!

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We're moving to California! (What?!?) Yup! All sorts of happy sad nervous anxious excited psyched ..etc :-( o_O :-) and stuff... Hi west coasters!


Mr. E says:

Good luck with your new life in L.A.

Goats says:

Are you serious???? April 1 was like, a couple of months ago…..BOO!!!!!!!!! California, specifically LA, SUCKS! Don’t do it!

dave says:

why are you moving?

goats is right and la does suck. but there are lots of other excellent places in california.

Mr. E says:

Todd, is a big shot Screenwriter now. And all the big wigs will be in L.A.

Anny says:

Welcome to Cali, Todd + Fam.

The Book Closes says:

Looks like the story of Odd Todd (Todd Rosenburg) is coming to a close. Over a decade of memories…

I salute you sir.

Book Mark says:

What is he… DEAD?!?!? No, you moron, this is called a “new chapter” in his life.

I’m guessing you’re one of the idiots who thought that when the Mayan calendar ended last year, you thought it meant The End Of The World. Instead of time to buy a new Mayan Calendar.

Maybe with Hot Mayan Babes in various states of undress….

The Book Closes says:

It’s called a joke. Lighten up.

Book Mark says:

Sorry- you need to say “LOL” when you’re attempting to be funny in order to let the rest of us know you’re not an idiot.

Now, about those Mayan Babes…

The Next Chapter says:


Reality says:

The only thing that’s better is Todd and he’s awesome!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

Donny says:

This means road stories! Road toons is a pipe dream at this point. but i’ll settle for some detailed stories like the honey moon doldrums.

West Side says:

Stay on the West Side of LA. You can find some good places near the beach communities too.

KOOOL says:

I do not know why But I hate that your going to LA Mabey it is because you are nere by in New York city. I feel like my best friend is moving a way.

Stanford Bookstore says:

NO!! Move to the SF Bay Area! Better weather. way way better weather and 1/10th the smog.

Agent 34-24-34 says:

YAY. You know where to find us. L.A. is awesome, it just takes some time to adjust. But there’s clinics for that everywhere.

Former Angelino says:

You still have to build up a thick skin to live in LA like you do in NYC. There are a lot of things you’ll have to ignore to be happy. for example. The smog, urban decay, crazy peeps, homeless, cons and local politics that never get anything done, the news that all too easily describes horrible things humans do to each other every day, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic and yes more traffic.

Wang Wei says:

@Former Angelino: Good advice.

Nicol says:

As a former Cali resident, I offer my blessing. Now where is #9 already!!!!

Krankor says:

I can’t help but think about the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer moved to LA to be in “the business”. Quite a few parallels here, Todd.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

“It’s L.A. Jerry… NOBODY leaves.”

-from the finale.

King Mep says:

I hope your move to L.A. doesn’t change your personality Todd.

Martian Games says:

sweet! hit me up when you hit the ocean – would be great to collaborate on another game! 😀

jtt says:

Welcome to L.A. OT and Mrs OT!!
Can’t wait to see your pics and comments about L.A.

You or the Mrs must’ve gotten a good opportunity for you to move cross-country. Congrats and bestest vibes!!


Justin says:

Actually, Odd Todd has been dead for years. Died with the last Laid Off cartoon. Remember when he made fun of Cali in one of his toons? Better times.

P.S. Cali sucks.

R.I.P. says:

Odd Todd – born 2001; died 2004.

Justin says:

LOL basically =)

Jimmy Cleveland says:

Reminds me of when Laverne and Shirley moved to LA. They got canceled soon after. Hope it works out for you better than them. I still think it’s not right that the Dodgers left Brooklyn – so much history lost – but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you landed a series or something and we’ll see your blue robe wearing toon self on TV. Still laugh my butt off when I watch those cartoons. Stay gold Poneyboy.

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