September 17 2013

What a dick

from Instagram
What a dick


Wang Wei says:

Someone was bored.

Silly Sally says:

Well I guess the arrest me red was not enough to compensate for buying a bland set of wheels. Nice touch, that’ll get him noticed. But really, why buy a bland car and then have to pay extra for a color like that. Just buy the decent set of wheels.

Jack says:

I don’t get it. Someone help me out here.

I see a red car with an “8” carved into the window dirt.
Am I missing something? Who’s a dick? The owner? The “artist” who wrote in the dirt? Is that Todd’s ugly red car? It’s not the car he got busted on the traffic cam in.

Kevin Chan says:

Someone may be getting back at this guy. Possibly cut someone off.

Archibald says:

So, If you see a dick image interpreted by these lines. What does that say about you?

Kevin Chan says:

Are you implying that you’re better than me? Todd sees a dick. With that said does that mean he’s messed up in the head? It’s a stupid intragram photo. Relax.

Fritz says:

I don’t get it either, Jack. Hey, hip people! Clue me in!

Archibald says:

With that kind of attitude everyone will be better than you.

potato says:

Weiners on stuff…. wangs….
Weiners on stuff…. wangs….

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